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The Diploma in Adult Education - DipAdultEd

Part I

These regulations are to be read in conjunction with all other Statutes and Regulations of the University including the General Regulations for Undergraduate Degrees, Undergraduate Diplomas, Undergraduate Certificates, Graduate Diplomas and Graduate Certificates.

Part II

Course Regulations

1. Admission to the diploma shall be subject to the approval of the Academic Board.

2. Candidates for entry to the Diploma in Adult Education shall:

(a) hold appropriate qualifications and/or experience in the occupation or discipline area in which they teach adult learners;

(b) be currently engaged in adult or tertiary education or training, or have access to adult learners and organisations in order to fulfil the practical requirements of the programme.

Course of Study

3. The course of study of every candidate shall consist of one compulsory zero credit teaching experience paper (273.200) and 240 credits (16 papers) at 100-, 200- and 300-level chosen from those listed in the Schedules to these Regulations. The following requirements must be fulfilled:

(a) Not more than 150 credits (10 papers) shall be at the 100-level.

(b) At least 90 credits (6 papers) at 100-level and at least 90 credits (6 papers) at 200-level shall be completed from Schedule One, including 273.183 Adult Education Practicum.

(c) The remaining 60 credits (4 papers) may be selected from Schedules One or Two.

4. The Academic Board may in such exceptional cases as it thinks fit approve a personal course of study that does not conform to the foregoing Regulations.

5. Candidates who have been awarded the Certificate in Adult Education may cross-credit up to 45 100-level credits to the Diploma in Adult Education course. A candidate who wishes to credit more than 45 credits will be required to surrender the Certificate before the credits will be granted.

6. Candidates must provide evidence of completing at least 400 hours of satisfactory adult or tertiary teaching experience this will be credited as 273.200 once provided. Teaching experience hours that have already been completed as part of a prior Certificate in Adult Education do not need to be repeated in a candidate's Diploma in Adult Education course.

Transition Provisions

7. A candidate who has been enrolled in the Advanced Diploma in Tertiary Teaching under Wellington Polytechnic Academic Board Regulations may be able to complete their studies under those Regulations or choose to complete under the Massey University Diploma in Adult Education Regulations.

Schedule One

Compulsory Papers

Credits Requirements
273.183 Adult Education Practicum 15 P at least 30 100-level credits from Schedule One; R 187.183
273.200 Adult or Tertiary Teaching Experience 0

Elective Papers

Credits Requirements
269.332 Māori Issues in Education 15 R 182.332
273.180 Introduction to Adult Learning and Teaching 15 R 187.180
273.181 Adult Teaching Strategies 15 R 187.181
273.182 Training Skills for the Workplace 15 R 187.182
273.186 Course Planning and Assessment for Adult Learning 15 R 187.186
273.189 Interpersonal Skills in Adult Learning 15 R 187.189
273.190 Academic Skills for Adult Learning and Teaching 15 R 187.190
273.206 Adult Learning 15 R 187.278
273.270 Teaching Adults 15 P any 100-level paper; R 187.270
273.274 Curriculum Development for Adult Learning 15 R 187.274
273.276 Assessment in Adult Learning Contexts 15 R 187.276
273.281 New Ideas in Adult Teaching 15 R 187.281
273.282 Teaching Young Adults 15 R 187.279
273.293 Negotiated Adult Learning Project I 15 R 187.293
273.370 Professional Development and Practice in Adult Education 15 P Any 200-level paper; R 187.370
273.371 Advanced Studies in Adult Learning 15 R 187.371
273.372 Advanced Studies in Adult Teaching 15 R 187.372
273.373 Adult Learning and Teaching Project 15 R 187.373
273.376 Culture, Society and Adult Education 15 R 187.376
273.388 Negotiated Adult Learning Project II 15 R 187.388
273.395 Policy and Issues in Adult Education 15 R 187.395
273.398 Historical Perspectives on Post-Compulsory Education and Training 15 R 187.398
Additional Papers

Such other papers as may be approved by the Academic Board.

Schedule Two

Papers listed for other bachelor degrees.

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