Administrative and Support Services

Office of Academic Assurance


2005 Meredith MacKenzie, BBS, BA

Academic Strategy Manager

2016 Jennifer Scott, BSc(Hons) Windsor, MBA Walden, DBA Walden

Academic Information Systems Analyst

2004 Jia Yi Lu, GDipInfSci, BE Jilin, BInfSci(Hons), MInfSc

Academic Governance Team

Senior Consultant

2003 Belinda Chainey, PGDipMusStud, MA Auck.


2017 Justine Jenkins, MA Auck.

2015 Deb Just, BEdTchg, PGDipEd

2016 Katryn Kelly

2006 Jenny Loveday, BA, PGDipBusAdmin

1984 Leanne Robinson, GradDipBusStuds

1987 Ruth Turner

Curriculum Management Team

Senior Consultants

2015 Philip Bronn, BA(Hons), MA

2000 Pat Hickson, PGDipBusAdmin, MA

Qualification Lifecycle Team

Senior Consultant

1991 Fiona Coote, GradDipBusStuds, DipArts


2011 Sue Bell, BA, BA(Hons)

Commercial Operations

Manawatū Campus

General Manager

2005 Denis Jenkins

Sport and Rugby Institute

Operations Coordinator

2013 Andrew Berry

Gymnasium Manager

2005 James Amon


Operations Manager/Executive Chef

2006 Sean Kereama

Customer Services Manager

2002 Frances Healy

Wellington Hospitality

Operations Coordinator

2016 Jeremy Hanna

Office of Development and Alumni Relations

Foundation and Alumni Director

2009 Mitch Murdoch, BA Well.

Alumni Relations Manager

2015 Cassie Rowe, BC, PGDipBusAdmin

Administration and Shop Manager

2003 Karen Greer

Alumni Relations Assistant

2017 Chelsea Roberts, BBus/BIHM AUT

Data and Multimedia Technician

2001 Kerry Shippam, DipBus, DipSciTech

Applications Support Analyst

2002 Susan Young, BBS

Fundraising Coordinator

2009 Ann Rutledge, DipBusStud, BBS

Development Executive

2016 Kelly Weaver, BBS(Hons), BA

Development Managers

2016 Kylie Gibbard, BBS

2016 Deborah Dalliessi, DipIntMktng, PGCertHSc AUT

2016 Liesl Nunns, BA(Hons), MAWell., DPhilOxf.

Trust Manager

2016 Peter Halligan, BSc(Hons) Cant.

Facilities Management

National Facilities Director

2016 Murray Foreman

Auckland Campus

Facilities Services Manager - Auckland

Appointment pending

Operations Manager

2011 John Shimwell

Building Services Manager

2008 Jeffrey Ashkettle

Projects Manager

2017 Janet Flint

Manawatū Campus

Facilities Services Manager - Manawatū

2017 Wallace Brady

Operations and Security Manager

2011 Kerry-Lee Probert, BSW, MMgt, PGDipBusAdmin

Grounds Manager

2006 Gary Mack, HNC, FInstG(Dip)

Projects and Contracts Manager

2011 Scott Pearce

Utilities Manager Electrical

1993 Rick Budd, LCG, HNC(Elec)

Utilities Manager Mechanical

2001 Sean Lynch, BE(Mech) Auck., MIPENZ (Building Services & Civil), CPEng

Building Maintenance and Contracts Manager

2004 David Webb, NZCE(Civil)

Engineering Manager Building Automation Systems

2008 Richard Jackson, BE

Campus Health and Safety Advisor

2013 Rhea Hazners

National Timetable Manager

1989 Debra Ward

Space and Property Manager

Appointment pending

Wellington Campus

Facilities Services Manager - Wellington (Acting)

2017 Peter Wray

Projects Manager

2003 Barry Jackson


Chief Financial Officer

2013 Carolyn Dimond, BA(Hons), FCCA, ACA

National Capital Manager & Insurance

1995 Murray Adams, GradDipBusStuds

Financial Reporting

2016 Amy Cheung, BCA, CA

2015 Rehan Shahid, CA

Financial Services

2011 Richard Cronin, BBS, CA

2016 Dylan Roberts, BA, BBS

2005 David Zhou, GradDipBusStuds, BBS, PGDipProfAcc, CA

2017 Azeem Mohammed, GradDipInfoSci, PGDipInfoSys, MCom, MMgt, CPA

Financial Operations

1993 Ellen McCarten

2015 Helen O'Connor

2017 Cathy Webb

Information Technology Services

Chief Information Officer - (Acting)

2005 J. Alistair James, DipSocSc, BA Well., BSc Well., MBA Well.

Departmental Administrator

2010 Rebecca Zentveld

Auckland Campus

Auckland Service Manager

2003 Barbie Yerkovich, NZDipComm OpenPoly., NZIM OpenPoly.

Senior Analyst

2000 Sri Nagappan, BE, MBA, MCSE, AACS

Level 1 Support Analysts

1998 Pravin Kumar, NZCE

2000 Karen Lowe, BInfSci

2005 Arno Vacher

Information Commons IT Assistants

2007 Muhammad Irvan, BA

2010 Jie (Billy) Zhang, BSC Unitec, PGDipInf

Video Communications Facilitator

2012 Gary Jonker, DipSciTech

Systems Engineer (Networking)

2001 Ravi Hettarachchi, ACS, NCC

Manawatū Campus

Associate Director, Planning and Transformation

Appointment Pending

Applications Development Manager

2016 Antony Bishop, BSc Cant., DipSc

Junior Developers

2015 Gihan Hewaralalage

2015 James Nicholls

Junior Web Developer

2017 Lisa Miller, BICT UCOL

Senior Analyst Programmer

1998 Philippe Limsowtin, BSc

Software Development Practice Lead

2004 Simon Hardman, BSc

SharePoint Developers

2004 Andrew Hartnell

2012 Norman Russ, BInfSc

Web Developers

2017 Thurston Cummins

2015 Asif Javed

Financial Analyst

1991 Bill Littlejohn

License Agreement Specialist

2004 Darrin Gosper

Interactive Technologies Manager

1997 Sue Tait, BAgriSc(Hons), MAgriSc

Technical Lead - Interactive Technologies

2014 Simon Thorpe, NZIM OpenPoly.

2015 Yousuf Baig, PGDipSc

Senior Technical Lead - Interactive Technologies

2010 Howard Nicholson, NZCS, CIT(NZ), GDipSci

Technical Project Manager

2006 Graeme Fox, BSc, PGDipTchg, PGDipMgmt

Project and Portfolio Manager - (Acting)

2014 Mike Hoy

Project Manager and Infrastructure Solutions Coordinator

2001 Andrew Vile

Project Managers

2012 Kim Finlayson, BBS

2007 Sharon Mildon, DipBus, BA

2006 Diane Rozmus, BInfSc

2014 Jill Short

2006 Leonard Smit, NDipTech VUT

Project and Portfolio Planning Analyst

2014 Sue Lawrence

Technical Project Manager

2009 Paul Charsley, BSc, MSc

Business Analyst Manager

2007 Jeremy Crowley, BSc Bath

Senior Business Analysts

2012 Niki Heywood, NCBC AUT

2011 Dan Simmons, BTech

Business Analyst

2008 Samantha Bleakley, BAppIS, PGDipBusAdmin

Quality Assurance Manager

2004 Josie Griffin

Change Analyst

Appointment Pending

Test Analysts

2015 Jarod Carruthers, ISTQB, ANZTB

2016 Sassan Nikoo, BInfSc, CTFL (ISTQB ANZTB)

Senior Software Test Analyst

2000 Rachel Adams, BBS, CTFL-AT (ISTQB ANZTB)

Test Automation Specialist

2014 Jeff Wilson

Data Management Specialist

2014 Sarah Ellison, BInfSc(Hons)

Associate Director Business Systems Support

2013 Harry Faas

Applications Support Manager

2017 Mark Skinner

Applications Support Analysts

1980 Caroline Cockburn

2017 Margo Lawrence

2003 Edwin Mok, BInfSc

2001 Cheng Fung Pun, BInfSc

2004 Kevin Simmons, BSc

1997 Stephen Tate, BSc

2010 Michael Vallance

Junior Systems Engineer (Technical Applications)

2013 Ewen Johnston, BBS

Senior Systems Engineers (Technical Applications)

2007 Francois Herbert, NZCE, ESTA, ACSA

2001 Michael Ward, BTech CSE

Systems Engineers (Technical Applications)

2005 Patrick Rynhart, BSc(Hons), PhD

SharePoint Farm Administrator

2008 Ivan Hemrich, BAppIS UCOL

2013 Aron Howarth

Technical Database Administrator Practice Lead

2010 Shane Scott

Security Manager

2008 Peter Hamilton

Systems Engineers - Security

2010 Kelly Hayes

2009 Haiyang Lu, BEEng Southeast Uni, MTech

Infrastructure Support Manager

2012 Schalk Engelbrecht, NDip P.Elizabeth, MCSA, MCSE, MCTP

Business Continuity and Facilities Manager

1994 Jonathan Godfrey, BSc

Data Storage Engineers

2011 Ian Briggs

1999 Dean Richards, BSc

Infrastructure Development Engineer

2010 Diego Circelli


1990 Ashby Howitt

Senior Systems Engineers

2001 Guy Defryn, MCSE, MCSA, VCP, CCNA, NPP

1980 Glen Eustace, BSc

Support Analyst - Infrastructure

1998 Hans van der Horst, BEng Amst.

Systems Engineers

2014 Daniel Kempthorne

2014 Timothy Matthews

2005 Jamie Munn, BICT, CCS, CACU

Technical Lead (Monitoring and Insights)

2013 Darren Joyce

Network and Unified Communications Manager

2011 Richard Greaney, BInfSc

Administrator - IT Communications Services

2000 Sonia Hampton

Network Engineers

2009 Brian Mabey

2001 Iresha Siriwardena, MSc Otago

2006 Wei (Jack) Su

Systems Engineer - Telephony

2010 Ivan van der Merwe, BCom J'Burg

Telecommunications Administrator

1990 Fay McCracken

Associate Director Service Delivery

2013 Mareen Watts

Training Manager

2014 Stuart Edmunds


2013 Mark Sacks

Information and Communications Specialist

Appointment Pending

Administrator - ICT Services

1991 Jenny Fennessy

Software Build Manager

2011 Marko Blagojevic, BSc Auck.

Software Delivery Developers

1995 John Hayward, AdvCert CPIT, BSc Cant., PGDip Otago

2012 Theang Ly, BSc, MCSA, MCTS

2006 Adam Mackres

2014 Daniel Rezner, BInfSc

2007 Hamish Ward, AdvDip UCOL

Senior Analysts

2015 John Cookson

2016 Scott Wallace, MCSA

Support Service Manager

2013 Jane Johnston

Service Desk Support Coordinator

2013 Leah Wolf

ITSM Administrator

2015 Eddie Fraser-Hoskin

Level 1 Service Desk Analysts

2012 Kath Anderson

2013 Hayden Bond

2015 Alex Edmonds

2013 Steven Gaw

2014 Cameron Joule

2016 Cameron Lansdell

2016 Darren Lyon

2014 Samuel Spencer

2017 Daniel Yang

Level 1 Support Analysts

2008 Tony Chesterman, BInfSc

2005 John Henry

2009 Rob McLaren

2015 Phil Robertston

2012 Navdeep Singh

Information Commons IT Assistants

2014 Ashley McGrillen, BAppSci

2015 Jeff Phillips

Video Communications Facilitator

1999 Colin Leong, BAppIS UCOL

Wellington Campus

Wellington Service Manager

2009 Kevin Reynolds

Level 1 Support Analysts

2007 Xian Chen, BCA

2001 Gareth Gowan, DipTchg, BFA

1988 Chris Harris, NZCE

2016 Dan Pasco

1999 Rick Smith

2012 King Toha, MCom, HDSE

Information Commons IT Assistant

2015 Hardeep Gill

Systems Engineer (Networking)

1993 Gordon Clarke

International Relations Office

Director International Relations

2012 Michael O'Shaughnessy, BA Well., MIR Well., CTEFLA

Executive Assistant to the Director International Relations (Acting)

2004 Kerrie Simonsen

Manager Operations

1992 Jacqueline Koenders, GradDipBusStuds

Manager Student Mobility

2012 Gregory Huff, BA WMU, MA MSU

Manager International Project Development

1994 Bruce Graham, DipTchg, BEd

Senior Advisor International Relations

2015 Angela Drake, BAWell., LLBWell.


University Librarian

1992 Linda Palmer, BA, DipLibr Well., MMgmt, ALIANZA

Associate University Librarian (Client Services)

2005 Heather Lamond, BA Cant., MLIS Well., MEd, ALIANZA

Associate University Librarian (Technology and Resources)

1982 John Charles, MA Camb., MALib Sheff.

Auckland Campus

Campus Librarian

2003 Amanda Cooper, MA Auck., MMgt, DipLibr Well., ALIANZA

Head of Lending and Document Supply

2008 Rohini Subbian, BSc B'thiar., BLIS Annam., MLIS Madurai-K., ALIANZA


2011 Annabel Bailey, BA Cant., DipLib Well.

Head of Information and Learning Services

2007 Jane Clark, MSc Auck., MSc Lond.


2012 Fiona Diesch, BA Essex, PGDipLIS Well., ALIANZA

2011 Vanessa (Ness) Gibson, BA Auck., MLIS Well.

2015 Cuiying Mu, BA Xi'an, MLIS, Well.

2016 Elizabeth Sturrock, BSc Auck., GradDipTchg

Kaiwhakarato Pārongo Rangahau Māori

2016 Jacqueline Snee, BLIS, OpenPoly.

Manawatū Campus

Business Manager

2016 Arvind Kumar, BSc(Hons) Delhi, CA India


University Archivist

2006 Louis Changuion, PGDipMuseumSc Pret., PGDipArcRec Well., MA Pret.

Collection Services

Collection Manager

1980 Jo-Ann Cowie, MA Auck., DipLibr Well.

Collections Project Manager

1992 Anne Hall, BA(Hons), DipNZLS

Special Collections Librarian

2017 Pauline Knuckey, BA(Hons)Otago, BA Cant., MA, PGDipLib Well., PGDipBusAdmin


1983 Helen Cahill, NZLS Cert

2016 Kathryn Hill, BA, Cant., MLIS Well.

1983 Carol Johnson, BSc, MA Waik., DipLibr Well.

2001 Michael Kozyniak, BA, DipLibr Well.

1991 Tian Shi Li, DipEd Shanghai, NZLS Cert

1980 Norah Mosen, MA, NZLS Cert

Digital Services

Digital Services Manager

2006 Tim Darlington, BA Cant., DipLIS Well.


2007 Amanda Curnow, BA(Hons) Otago, MLIS Well.

2015 Natalie Dewson, BA, MIS Well., PGDipBusAdmin

2006 Julia Harvey, BSc New Mexico, MIS Indiana

1986 Russell Hewitt, BA Auck., BInfSc, DipLibr Well.

1992 Jennie Woodfield, MA, MLIS Wisc., ALIANZA

Distance and Document Supply Service

Head of Section

2016 Christine Harris, BApplScLIS


1986 Joanne Wood, BA, NZLS Cert

Information and Research Services

Head of Section

2016 Cherie Shum, BAppSciLIS, ALIANZA


2016 Lyndall Holstein, BA Macq., PGCertEnvironEd Macq.

2017 Carla Jeffrey, BSc, MLIS, LIANZA

2015 Kim Baxter, BA, MA, MLIS Well.

2007 Katherine Chisholm, BA(Hons) Well., MLIS Well.

2006 Chris Good, BA(Hons) Otago, MA, DipLIS Well.

2002 Brenda Johnson, BA, NZLS Cert, DipILS OpenPoly.

1979 Nicola McCarthy, BA, DipNZLS

2004 Barbara Rainier, BSc Rhodesia, HDipLib Rhodes

2013 Anne Rām, BSc(Hons) Otago, PGDipECE, DipILS OpenPoly.

2013 Lorraine Tremain, MA Cant., DipNZLS Well.

2005 Joanna Wenman, BA, NZLS Cert

2001 Noelene White, BA, DipLibr Well.

Kaihautu Māori (Māori Services Manager)

2004 Sheeanda Field, DipTchg, BEd, MLIS Well.

Kaiwhakarato Pārongo Rangahau Māori

2014 Ria Waikerepuru, BDesArt Te Wanaga o Raukawa, PGDipMusStud

Lending Services

Head of Section

2005 Leigh Bryant, NZLS Cert


1986 Janet Darvill, NZLS Cert

Planning and Quality Librarian

2008 Alison Wallbutton, BSc Well., PGDipBusAdmin, MLIS Well.

Wellington Campus

Campus Librarian

2014 Ursula Clarke, BA(Hons) Birm.

Client Services Manager

2015 Hyekyung Chun, BSc Kyung Hee, MA Bond, MLIS Well.


2007 Craig Cherrie, DipSc, BSc, DipNZLS Well., MLSc Hawaii

2012 James Duncan, BA Cant., MLIS Well.

2011 Lauren Deacon, BA Well.

1981 Paul Orsman, BA(Hons) Well., DipLibr Well.

1996 Elizabeth Smith, BA Cant., DipLibr Well.

Massey University Worldwide

General Manager

2015 Rob Stevens, BSc Well., MPubPol Well.

Business Development and Operations Manager

2007 Rebecca Argyle, BSc, LLB Well.

International Marketing Manager

2013 Rachel O'Connor

Marketing and Events Executive

2016 Zavana Keenam

Team Administrator

2016 Maria Ruhnayat

National Centre for Teaching and Learning

Director National Centre of Teaching, Learning

2005 Duncan O'Hara, BA, PGDipBusAdmin, MMgt


2005 Geraldine Gulbransen

Teaching Consultant

2009 Andrew Jamieson, DipTchg, BEd, PGDipEd

Student Survey and Evaluation Unit

Student Survey and Evaluation Manager

2003 Malcolm Rees, DipQA, MPhil

Student Evaluation Coordinator

2005 Ema Alter, CPMST Law Grenoble, LésLEA Rennes, MLEA Sorbonne Nouvelle

Survey Data Analyst

2008 Judith Naylor, MSc York(UK)

Educational Technology Unit

Educational Technology Manager (Acting)

1993 Andrew Rowatt, DipBisComp CIT

Stream Support Consultant

2004 Jon Hills, DipBus UCOL, DipMngt NZIM, BAppIS UCOL

Stream Support Consultant

2004 Eric Liu, BInfSc, PGCertArts

Multimedia Developers

1996 Matt Alexander

2000 Quentin Roper, BA Well.

2017 Kate Reddington

Online Course Builders

2016 Mark Downey

2016 Angela Denes

2017 Liza Haarhoff

2017 Aseni Warnakula

Student Success and Engagement Unit

Coordinator Student Success

2009 Andrea Mackay, BBS(Hons)

Student Engagement Advisor

2015 Anna Rogers

Centres for Teaching and Learning (including Disabilities)

Auckland Campus

ESOL Learning Consultant

2005 Martin McMorrow, DipTEFLA, BA(Hons) Oxf., MA Thames V.

Postgraduate/Distance Learning Consultant

2007 Lilia Sevillano, BA, GradDipArts, MA, DA De la Salle

Postgraduate Learning Consultant

2005 Vanessa van der Ham, BA(Hons), HDipEd UNISA, MA Natal

Pasifika Learning Adviser

2013 Seluvaia Paea, GradDipBusStuds, BA USP, GradDipTchg TIOE

Teaching Consultants

2011 Dave Snell, DipTchg, BA(Hons) Auck.

2011 Jane Terrell, CertTEFL, DipTchg, BA, MEdAdmin Auck.

Student Adviser Disability

2011 Gerard Chow, BHSc, BEng(Hons) NUS, PGDipEd NIE

Student Success Adviser

2015 Debora Lee, DipHDipEd S.Aust., MA Otago, MMED S.Aust.

Educational Developer

2016 Nicola Dunham

Manawatū Campus

Learning Consultants

2013 Julia Tanner, BA(Hons), MA, PhD

2010 Katherine Lyons, BA(Hons), MA

2016 Cherie Todd-Williamson, BSocSc(Hons) Waik., MA Waik., PhD Waik.

Educational Developers

2008 Fleur Connor-Douglas, CTEFLA, DELTA, MA

2017 Rahna Carusi, BA New Orleans, MA Boston Coll., PhD Georgia State

Learning Advisor - Pasifika

2010 Sunlou Liuvaie, DipTchg, BA, MA

Disability Student Adviser

2004 Philip Godfrey, BSc(Hons)

Alternate Format Co-ordinator

2005 Kevin Murrow, BA

Wellington Campus

Educational Developer (COCA)

2012 Greg Gilbert, BA Car., MA C'dia, PhD Well.

Teaching and Online Consultant

2004 John Milne, BSc Otago, MSc Otago, MSc H-W, MBA Aberd.

Inclusive Education Advisor (Disability)

2011 Penny Hay, BMus Well.

Pasifika Consultant

2016 Moe Nanai, GradDipTchg, BA

Learning Consultant

2016 Tariq Habibyar

People and Organisational Development

Assistant Vice-Chancellor People and Organisational Development

2008 Alan Davis, CertIndRel Well., LLB Cant., MBA Well.

Executive Assistant

1997 Coralie Weller

Manager Remuneration and Reporting

2014 Lynn McDougal

Manager Staff Recruitment

2012 Nigel Barker, CertAdultEd, BBS, GradIFE

Human Resources Advisors

2000 Mark McDonald, BBS

2005 Stuart McKie, BA Well.

2001 Kylie Morgans, BBS

2012 Peter Nilsen, BBS, GCNZIA BOPPoly.

2004 Melissa Signal, GradDipBusStuds

2008 Preeti Mathew Verma, BA India, PGDipBusAdmin

2001 Kathryn Tulitt, BBS

Manager Employment Relations

2011 Fiona McMorran, DipIndRel, BA/LLB

Senior Employment Relations Advisor

2016 Lauren Williams, BBS

Manager HR Services

2008 Lynette Jolly, BBS, PGDipBusAdmin

Team Leader Payroll

2011 Patricia Watson

HRIS System Administrator

2011 Geraldine Richardson, BSc Otago

Director Health Safety & Wellbeing

2017 Wendi Croft, BSc, CRSP

Manager Capability Development

2013 Angela Robertson, DipTTchg, BEd, MEdAdmin, PhD

HR/Capability Advisor

2014 Jo Swift, BSc Otago, PGDipMgmt, PGDipTourism

Director Risk and Assurance

2007 Jodie Banner, BA

Director Information and Records Management

2008 Cecily Fung, BA(Hons), PGCert Manc.Met., MIIM

Learning and User Adoption Consultant

2013 Hine Bishara, DipIntTech Natcoll

Professional and Continuing Education

National Director

1993 Andrea Flavel, MA, DipTESL Well.

Associate Directors and Managers

2012 Elizabeth Tully, BA(Hons) Cant., GradDipMgmt Cant., PhD

2015 Joy Hotter, DipBusComp AUT, CertBus AUT, BA AUT, BBus AUT, PGDipBusAdmin

2002 Harry Verhagen, MAppSci W.Syd., PGTESOL Aust.Cath.

Personal Assistant to the Director

1999 Kokila Patel, BA Well.

Auckland Campus

Academic and Programme Co-ordinators

2014 Mark Kaneko, BA(Hons) Glam., MA AUT, MBA Auck.

2003 Pamela Resnick, BA Auck., PGDipSLT Waik., MTESOLLeadership, CTEFL

2014 Emily Saavedra, BA Auck., MProfStudsLT Auck., CTESOL Trinity

2013 Rosie Wallis, MA Auck., MA Waik., PGDipSLT Waik., CCTEFLA Waik.

Senior English Language Teachers

2016 Laura Hopkins, MProfStudsLT Auck., RSA/UCLES DELTA Kings College London, RSA-CTEFLA, St Giles College London, BA(Hons) Brighton

2008 Margaret C. Jones, MA Well., PGDipEd Waik., DELTA, CELTA, IDLTM Qld.

2003 Vanessa Manalo, BA Auck., BVA Auck., PGDipLT Auck., MA Auck.

2013 Leonard Sanders, BA(Hons) Well., MA Well., PhD, PGDipSLT

2017 Derick Singh, MA Waik., DipEd Malaysia, AssocDipTESOL Sheff.Hallam, AssocDipTESOL Trinity

2016 Julia Walton, MBA Auck., BEd, DipTEFLA Lond., CertTEFLA Lond., DipTchg, CertTchg, NCALE Auck.

2014 Maggie Wilkinson, BEd Edin., CELTA, DELTA Camb., PGCEd S.Qld., MLT AUT

2015 Samad Zare, BA Shiraz, MA Shiraz, PhD

Senior Tutors

2016 Uzma Bibi, PGCertBank, PGDipInfoTech Quaid-e-Azam, MBA Hailey, MA Punjab, PhD

2016 Gabriela De Tezanos Pinto, MSc (equiv.) Cordoba, PhD Auck.


2017 Joshua Lee, MBiomedEng Germany, BMEng Nanyang, PhD Auck.

2016 Cora Bone, BA, CertTESOL INTESOL, PGDipAppLing

2017 Gillian Cornes, MPLS AUT, GradDipTESOL AUT, BA Cant., DipTchg ChchTC

2016 Lyndal Bruce, GradDipAdultEdTESOLSyd., GradDipPrimWell., BSocScWaik., CTEFLASyd.

2016 Joanna Crawford, TEFl Certif Lond., BA Auck., PGDipTransStud Auck., PGDipTchng Auck.

2016 Anne Goodfellow, MProfSt Auck., MA Auck., BA Auck., CertTESOL Trinity

2015 Christine Hanley, BA Auck., PGDipELTAuck., DipTchgATTC, TTCATTC

2015 Belinda Hardy, BA Well., LLB Well., MTESOL Auck., CELTA

2016 Andrea Holland, DipEngLing Wisc., BA, Wisc., CELTA LIA, DipTESOL Trinity

2014 Madeleine Matanawa, BA Durh., MA Bath Spa, DELTA Camb., CELTA Camb.

2013 Shonn Matamua, BProdDes Unitec, PGDipEd, CELTA AUT

2017 Breda Matthews, MA Well., MA Greenwich, BEd Lond., DipTESSOL Auck., CertEd Lond.

2015 Faezeh Mehrang, BA Tabriz, MA Tabriz, PhDAuck.

2016 Sailaja Rajaretnam, MA Waik., DipEd Malaysia, AssocDipTESOL SheffHallam, AssocDipTESOL Trinity

2016 Vera Reis, MEdSyd., PGDipTchngCU, PGCertSuperCU, BComNSW

2013 Howard Rickman, BEd(Tchg) Auck., MA Auck., DiplTchg AuckCoE., DiplRecSport AUT, CELTA AuckLangCnt.

2017 Peter Straghan, BAStir., MScBelf.

Manawatū Campus

Academic and Programme Co-Ordinators

1999 Donna Bliss, BA Auck., MA Well., DipTEFLA Cairo, MEd

2010 Hilde Celie, BEd Belgium, BBusMgmt Belgium

2013 Hey Joung Choi

2002 Briar Hamilton, BA Auck., DipTchg CCE, DipSLT

2010 Athena Knight, BA Cant., MAHons Auck., MA Macq.

2013 Danette Whitehouse, JP, CertAdultTchg CIT, DipMgmt NZIM, DipBusStudsWaik., BEd CIT, PGDipBusAdmin, MMgmt

Senior English Language Teachers

2003 Brett Alcock, BA, MPhil, MATESOL Well., DipDrama, NZ Drama School, DipTESOL Lond., CertTESOL Lond.

2013 Susanne Aldrich, BA, PGDipSLT, TESOL IPC, MAppLing

1995 Joanne Grant, BA, DipSLT

2009 Michelle Meneghini, BA Well., MEd W'gong.

2003 Robert O'Connor, BA Well., DipTchg, DipTESL, CertTEFLA, IELTSCertTEFL Camb.

2000 Sharon O'Sullivan, BEd, DipTchg, DipSLT

2007 Hern Teo-Sherrell, BA, MA Iowa State, DipEd, CertTESL Vancouver

2008 Heather Thomas, BA, MappLing Well., MBS, DipSLT, DipBusAdmin, GradDipBusStuds

1996 Helen Thomson, BA, MAppLing Well., PGDipSLT, CertTEFLA Auck.

Senior Tutors

2016 Sandra Accari, BSc(Hons) La Trobe, PGCertTT, PhD La Trobe,

2016 Elana Stalmann, Dip UP S.Af., BCom UP S.Af.

2016 Matt Wilkins, BSc(Hons) Cant., MSc NYU, MSc UBC, PhD


2017 Erin Withers, GradDipTchng(Prim), BA, CertTESOL

English Language Teachers

2013 Lynley Barker, BA, MA Well., DipTESOL Well., CTEFLADominion

2013 Nick Cleland, BAppEcon, PGDipSLT, CertTESOL Trinity

2013 Julie Doyle, BEd, DipTchg, CertTESOL Trinity, GenPrimECE, PGDipAppLing

2001 Jill O'Brien, BEd, PGDipSLT, DipTchg

2013 Cindy Tan, BA, MA, PGDipSLT, CELTA Camb., LGSMD Lond.

Wellington Campus

Academic and Programme Co-Ordinators

2013 Christina Baldarelli, BA Calif., MA Calif.

1971 Masako Crawford, BA Shinshu, BA(Hons) Well., MA, PGDipEd, CertTchgEng Shinshu

2004 Anne-Marie Ngan, DipTESOL Well., TTC

Senior English Language Teacher

1998 Elizabeth Morrison, DipBusStuds, DipTchg, BA Well., PGDipLitEd, MSEd Penn.

English Language Teachers

2009 Shelley Ashley, BA Leeds, MA Well., DipTESOL Lond., CertTESOL Leeds, PGCE Leeds

2009 Eugenia Butler, BA Bucharest, DipTchg Bucharest, MAppLing Waik.

2004 Jane Kitchenman, BA, DipTchg, DipGerman Munich

2009 John Taylor, BMus Well., MA Well., CELTA

2004 Shona Watson, BA Well., PGDipTESL Well.

Project Management Office

Project Manager

2006 Graham Robinson, GradDipSc, BInfSc, BBS

Business Case Advisor

2015 Johan Swanepoel, BSc Jo'burg, MBA Stell.

Research and Enterprise

Director Research Operations

Appointment Pending

Deputy Director Research Operations

2009 Caroline Tate, BA, LLB

Group Administration Manager

2001 Wendy Dixon

Personal Assistant/Group Receptionist

2015 Kelly Hargreaves

Research Development Advisor

Team Leader Research Development Advisor

2013 Joanne Innes, PhD

Research Development Advisors

2008 Emma Hughes, MA Manc., PhD

2013 Ross Holland, PhD

Research Development Advisor Māori and Pasifika

2016 Simon Hills, PhD

Research Partnership Development Manager

Appointment pending

Administrator Research and Research Support

2014 Hazel Bruce

Researcher Development Coordinator

2008 Marise Murrie

Researcher Development Administrator

2016 Alexis Boniface

Director Research Ethics

1996 Brian Finch, DipSLT, DipTchg, MA Auck., EdD

Team Leader Research Ethics

2003 Patsy Broad

Ethics Committee Administrators

1994 Miralie Thomas-Vincent

2015 Alice Lindsay

Chair Animal Ethics Committee

2001 Craig Johnson, DipECVA, BVSc Liv., PhD Cant., DVA, MRCA, MRCVS

Chair Genetic Technology Committee

2006 Laryssa Howe, BSc, PhD Pittsburgh

Manager Graduate Research School

2013 Julia Rayner, BSc(Hons) Edin., PhD York

Doctoral Administrators

2005 Janene de Ridder, BBS

2016 Wei-Yann Chua

2016 Alethea Baker

2017 Hannah Tokona

Team Leader Doctoral Admissions

2016 Bridget Campbell

Doctoral Admissions Officers

2016 Neda Ghayouri

2016 Phyllis Yang

Team Leader Contracts

2009 Caroline Tate, BA, LLB

Contract Advisors

2004 Leith Hutton, BBS, LLB

2012 Ursula Nicholls

2016 Larissa Trownson, LLB

Team Leader Scholarships & Post Award

2016 Nicola Burton

Senior Post Award Administrator

2001 Jayne McQueen, BA(Hons)

Post Award Administrators

2014 Jane Algar

2016 Susie Bronlund

Scholarship Administrators

2016 Dianne Attwood

2007 Nicola Carse

Research Strategy and Policy Manager

Appointment pending

Strategy Research Information

2002 Doug Franz, GradDipBusStuds

Research Information Technical Support

2006 Craig Manning, GradDipBusStuds

Enterprise Section

Director Business Development and Commercialisation (Research)

2008 Mark Cleaver, DipBusStuds, BAgr

Commercialisation and Intellectual Property Advisor

2010 Russell Wilson, PhD

Business Development Support

2015 Connor Morriss, LLB, BCom

Strategy and Research

Strategy and Research Manager

2008 Rossana Couto-Mason, BA UnB., MPhil

Senior Business Analyst (Institutional Research)

2012 Kristin Huff, BA CMichigan, MS Minn. State

Statistical Analyst (Institutional Research)

2009 Erika Ramirez Tunjo, BSc Unal., MSc Unal., MFin, PGDipBusAdmin

Senior Planning Analyst

2016 Christopher M. Hansen, BTech(Hons), MBA

Planning Analyst

1994 Manvir Edwards, BSc(Hons) Leeds

Student Administration


1987 Patrick A. Sandbrook, BA(Hons), PhD

Senior Information Analyst

2016 Lee Kendall, BSc(Hons) Warw.

Financial Administrator

2003 Andrew Gordon

Student Administration Service Leader

2004 Trish Orme

Enrolment and Academic Services

Associate Director Academic Services

2002 Jacqui Hofmann, GDipInfSc, BA Well.

Academic Administration Service Leaders

2006 Nina Kibby, BA

1995 Marilyn Palamountain

Student Advice and Information Service Leaders

1993 Alison Gustafson, GradDipBusStuds

2016 Claire Hurley

2017 Rachel Manirakiza, DipCarGuid NMIT, BA Waik., MMS Waik.

Fees and Financial Services Leader

2000 Anne Chant

Assessment and Distribution


Appointment pending

Assessment Services Service Leader

Appointment pending

Student Information

2002 Fraser Rolfe, DipJourn, BA

National Contact Centre


2015 Lisa Slade

Trainer & Knowledge Base

2015 Lyn Humphrey

Team Leaders

2008 Melissa Eveleigh

2015 Rachel Kelly

2005 Lisa Snook

Workforce Planner

2007 Amanda Seymour-East

International Admissions


2006 Diana Kessler

Student Management Systems Support and Development Unit


2008 Sue Pond, BBS, CA NZICA

Senior Business Improvement Analysts

2002 Leigh Chard

1995 Tracy Corbett, BBS

2005 Hayley Murphy, BInfSc

2013 Mark Potten, CIMA, AAT

2014 Phillippa Smith, BBS

1992 Anne Weir, DipTchg, BSc, MBA

Information and Reporting Analyst and Support

2004 Mike Gannaway, BApplInfoSys

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