Mandelbrot and fractals: the geometry of chaos

30 May 2017 7:00 PM
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Albany campus

Mandelbrot and fractals: the geometry of chaos

Distinguished Professor Gaven Martin

30 May 2017

Fractals and fractal structures are ubiquitous in nature where small scale symmetries are repeated at ever larger scales or large scale symmetries repeated at ever finer detail. We can see this in snowflakes and in the Mandelbrot set.

The remarkable fractal Lorenz Butterfly (the butterfly effect) arising from simple models of weather predictions shows fractal structures naturally arising in chaotic systems.

The mathematical concept is difficult to define formally even for mathematicians, but key features can be understood with little mathematical background. We will discuss these, along with the notion of fractional dimensions (a measure of the scaling properties of an object) and emergent structures in dynamical systems


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