Keeping off the winter weight

Weekly weight management sessions are being held on the Auckland campus from mid-August.

Dietitian Miriam Mullard from the School of Food and Nutrition.

If you struggle to maintain your healthy eating habits and fitness routines over winter, why not stay on track with the help of Massey University’s Nutrition and Dietetic Centre? It is running an eight-week weight management programme on its Auckland campus designed to equip you with smart new skills.

The weekly sessions, beginning mid-August, help people reach a healthy and sustainable weight.

Dietitian Miriam Mullard from Massey’s College of Health says it is not uncommon to gain half a kilo over the winter months. “The biggest concern with seasonal weight gain is that the kilos tend to stay on. The main reasons people put on weight over winter are lack of physical activity and comfort eating. Colder, darker days make it harder for people to exercise outside. That adds up to  more time indoors and more chance of delving into the pantry in search of high energy snacks like cakes, chips and biscuits.”  

She says diet plans need to be sensible and balanced as fad diets don't work and quick fixes won't last.

“Losing weight and keeping it off is more than just thinking about the right food and exercise. It’s also about motivation and mindfulness. Thinking about why we eat, what we eat and how we eat. Mindfulness is about being fully aware in the present moment and accepting ourselves and our experiences as they happen in a non-judgmental way.”

Mrs Mullard says mindless eating is linked to overeating, stress and increased anxiety. “Eighty-one per cent of New Zealanders do other things like reading, texting or working while eating, which has been shown to lead to overeating. Mindfulness trains individuals to notice thoughts, emotions and sensations that would have usually gone unnoticed, leading to a happier and healthier relationship with food.”

During the weight management programme, participants will learn the secrets to weight loss success, including:

- Dietary balance and portion control                               

- Healthy recipes and meal planning

- Mindful eating principles                                           

- Reading food labels

- Overcoming emotional eating                      

- Navigating the shopping aisles

- The importance of exercise

- Smarter eating when dining out

- How to boost your metabolism

Each two-hour session incorporates tailored advice and guidance from the expert team at Massey’s Nutrition and Dietetic Centre.

Programme starts: Tuesday August 15, every Tuesday from 11am – 1pm

Cost: $250 for eight sessions ($200 for Massey staff and students)

If you wish to join, contact Sarah Journeaux:

09 213 6653 extn 43653 or

For more information:

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