Massey Foundation Grants 2017

The Massey Foundation Grants have been established by the students of Massey University. These Grants are intended to help advance study at Massey University in any programme at either undergraduate or postgraduate level. Mode of study (internal, extramural, full time, part time), location of study (Albany, Wellington or Manawatu) and year of study will have no bearing on the consideration of an application.

The Massey Foundation Grants can be used to support travel costs (e.g. conference, field trip, study abroad), technology or books associated with academic study at Massey.

The Massey Foundation Grants are available for the advancement of a student's education during the course of their programme of study at Massey University.

The Massey Foundation Grants Scheme -  2017

The Massey Foundation Grant shall have a value of up to a maximum of $5,000 per annum and will be awarded as funds permit.

The Grant is open to part-time or full-time students of Massey University who are enrolled internally or extramurally, at any of the Massey University campuses.

Selection shall be based on evidence of furthering education excellence at Massey University. Due to health and safety restrictions, the Grants cannot be made available to fund research equipment to be used in Massey University laboratories. Applications must be supported by a a referral from supervisor, HOD or other academic mentor who is familiar with the applicant's study and circumstances.

The Grant shall be awarded by the Massey University Foundation in conjunction with the Student Levy Committee.

Conditions of the Award
The Massey University Foundation may refrain from recommending an award at any time.
An award may be held in concurrent years.

The payment will be made in one installment.

Application forms are available to Download , Massey Contact at each campus or email: Applicants must scan their completed application with all relevant material evidence attached and submit as a single PDF file to the email address provided

Closing Date
Applications close Sunday 3 September 2017

Recipients of the Grant

Chaz McManus – New NZ Grant

"I'm a hardworking, committed kiwi student with one goal, which is to work in the toy industry creating toys that improve the quality of children's play. The Grant helped me take the next step towards achieving my career dream and I’m extremely grateful for that. I am currently enrolled in a Master of Design investigating the hybridisation between digital media and physical play objects. I am specifically looking at how these 'phygital' play-objects can promote a healthier form of play in regards to what children learn or benefit from through play.

I find this new genre of play experiences fascinating and a lot of my research time is spent testing play objects, verifying theories through discussions with industry professionals and doing drawings that then get 3D printed for examination. My stance regarding this new genre of play is the need for these existing objects to be more balanced between their two parts (physical and digital), so the core focus of my project is the criteria required to create balanced 'phygital' play objects.

The grant allowed me to purchase research equipment, such as electronic and traditional play objects, for testing. I plan to donate these play objects to a children’s charity at the end of my research project so they can be enjoyed as they were intended to be.
The grant also removed a tonne of financial pressure and allowed me to keep my current employment to just three days a week so I could spend the remainder of my time fully focused on my study.

Once I’ve finished my master’s degree I see myself working in the toy industry designing mechanisms to improve the quality of children’s play. My personal goal is to design and build a set of toys that accompany a children’s book that I intend to write and illustrate myself.
Thank you to the Massey Foundation for believing in my vision and giving me the step up I needed."

Janelle Smith

Picture of Janelle Smith "The new NZ grant allowed me to attend Maynooth University in Ireland for three months during their fall semester in 2016. It was a wonderful experience. I loved being so close to Dublin while living in a small, close knit town like Maynooth. I enjoyed attending a University that was very humanities-focused, and because it is both a seminary and a regular university there was an interesting mix of religion and academia.

One of the biggest things I took away from my studies was how rich and complicated the history of Ireland is, and how, while studying in New Zealand, I took my knowledge of our history for granted. It was almost like I was starting from scratch again and without any context. However, this pushed me to really focus and learn quickly. The Irish history of suffering, revolution and fight is incredibly interesting and inspiring.

One of the highlights of my time over there was travelling to other parts of Europe during the university breaks. This was only made possible by the New NZ Grant and without it I wouldn’t have been able to leave Ireland.

I travelled to England twice and I also went to Barcelona. Taking a break from the Irish weather was nice! Seeing Gaudi's park and buildings was an incredible experience and walking the streets of Barcelona, especially at night, was beautiful. The last place I travelled to was Prague which was by far my favourite. The position the Czech government took during WWII meant that almost all of their historical buildings are intact and I felt immensely privileged to have seen them.

I am very grateful to have received the New NZ Grant from the Massey Foundation. It relieved financial pressure during the semester which meant I could fully focus on what I was learning and do the fun stuff like explore Dublin with the new friends I made and travel outside Ireland. It enhanced my overall experience so much, eliminated my stress about money and allowed me to fully immerse myself in the Irish culture which was a huge blessing. Also, I got to pay my mum back the money she lent me before I left to help out with flights and travel insurance.

The experience reinforced my passion for sociology and I’m looking forward to undertaking my postgraduate studies at Massey with the fantastic lecturers and being on campus once again – just visiting the campus after my time away felt like I was back home."

Shanti Kala Adhikari

Recipient of a $5,000 grant, 2015

Picture of Shanti Kala Adhikari “During my final year of my PhD study in Palmerston North the devastating Nepal earthquake struck my home, leaving extensive damage to our family houses and critically injuring my mother-in-law. The financial support I was receiving from my parents, in-laws and family suddenly stopped because my family lost their capacity to fund me. My husband immediately returned to Nepal to support our families so I alone took the responsibility of our two school-aged children in NZ bearing all expenses while continuing my study. My mother-in-law spent three months in hospital before passing away so it took a long time for my husband to return to NZ. This unforeseen financial situation was very difficult and I was forced to manage the household expenses, including the children’s school costs, with a loan.

The bursary supported me immensely during this critical situation and allowed me to support my family so I could complete my PhD thesis successfully and on time. It was not only a financial support for me but also an emotional and moral support too. I successfully finished by PhD study and graduated earlier this year. My PhD thesis made recommendations to the Nepal government on how better to support communities to find reliable, affordable and clean energy supplies for cooking. In light of the devastating earthquake, these recommendations will further assist improving energy supply to many affected rural households. Now, my hope is to return to Nepal with my family to contribute to the rebuilding programmes and provide a service to my community.”

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