Scholarships have the power to change lives.

With the cost of living rising every year, many talented students face financial barriers to attending university and achieving their best. The Massey Foundation aims to ensure that deserving students have every opportunity to gain a world-class education at Massey, regardless of their financial circumstances.

The financial support provided by scholarships and bursaries can make a huge difference in the lives of individuals and their families. Yet, the affirmation of receiving a scholarship and the encouragement this brings can be even more powerful.

Making a difference to students’ lives

Each year, the Foundation distributes about half a million dollars in scholarships to Massey students. The stories below highlight the difference scholarships make to students’ lives.

We are very grateful for the support of everyone who has established or donated to a scholarship fund. Thank you so much for helping these students reach their potential. 

If you would like to support students by donating to a scholarship fund, please visit our support a fund page.

Rachel Eden – Massey University Undergraduate Scholarship

"Receiving the Massey University Undergraduate Scholarship was a great help towards covering additional costs during my third year in the Bachelor of Veterinary Science programme. The practical nature of my degree means there are several costs associated with it in addition to the course fees, such as travel and accommodation at placements, specialist equipment and appropriate wet weather gear for rural practice.

The scholarship was immensely helpful in allowing me to meet these extra expenses so I could concentrate on learning and maintaining my high grades.

Thank you to the Massey alumni who contribute to the scholarship fund in order to make this scholarship possible. I’m looking forward to completing my degree in 2018 and getting a job as a veterinarian at a mixed practice clinic."

Janelle Smith – New New Zealand Grant

“The new NZ grant allowed me to attend Maynooth University in Ireland for three months during their fall semester. It was a wonderful experience. One of the biggest things I took away from my studies was how rich and complicated the history of Ireland is. My lack of context pushed me to really focus during my classes and learn quickly. The Irish history of suffering, revolution and fight is incredibly interesting and inspiring.

One of the highlights of my time over there was travelling to other parts of Europe during the university breaks. This was only made possible by the New NZ Grant and without it I wouldn’t have been able to leave Ireland.

I am very grateful to have received the New NZ Grant from the Massey Foundation. It enhanced my overall experience so much, eliminated my stress about money and allowed me to fully immerse myself in the Irish culture which was a huge blessing.”

Krunoslav Bojanic – Joan Berry Postgraduate Scholarship

“Before I received the scholarships I worked long hours, I was constantly tired and stressed, and I worried my research would suffer as a result.

After I received the scholarships my life was so much better! I stopped working and fully dedicated myself to my PhD on an emerging species of Campylobacter, one of the most prevalent and acute gastrointestinal illnesses in the developed world. The scholarships made such a big difference; I can’t thank the Foundation’s donors enough”.

Manu Lange - Ken and Elizabeth Powell Bursary

“I was fortunate enough to receive the Ken and Elizabeth Powell Bursary two years in a row while completing my engineering degrees. My passion for mechatronics and machine intelligence seems to mirror that of the Powells who left a bequest to Massey to support students involved in the advancement of technology. I’m immensely grateful for the K&E Powell Bursary as it allowed me to quit my part-time job so I could dedicate more time to my studies and to the engineering projects I am passionate about. The bursary is also helping me service my student loan, allowing me to pay it off quicker so I can head overseas to complete my PhD and not get stung with interest. I’d love to undertake a PhD in robotics engineering before returning to New Zealand to work. My hope is to one day introduce ground-breaking technologies in the field of machine intelligence to New Zealand’s engineering industry.”

Chaz McManus – New New Zealand Grant

“I’m a hardworking, committed kiwi student with one goal, which is to work in the toy industry creating toys that improve the quality of children’s play. The new New Zealand Grant helped me take the next step towards achieving my career dream and I’m extremely grateful for that. I am currently enrolled in a Master of Design investigating the hybridisation between digital media and physical play objects.

The grant allowed me to purchase research equipment, such as electronic and traditional play objects for testing. It also removed a tonne of financial pressure and allowed me to keep my current employment to just three days a week so I could spend the remainder of my time fully focused on my study.

Thank you to the Massey Foundation for believing in my vision and giving me the step up I needed.”

Saga Lameko – Peter Collett Extramural Bursary

“I was born in Samoa and came to New Zealand as a three-year-old. My parents were never in a position financially to pay for higher education so after finishing high school I entered the workforce to help my parents with the bills.

In 2010 my mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer. My husband and I decided that I would quit my job to take care of my mother. During those final three months of her life I spent a lot of time with my mother and I came to understand that mum was a very intelligent woman but, like our family growing up, her family’s poverty also prevented her from going further in education. I questioned why, after arriving in New Zealand, did she not seek opportunities for further education and her answer broke my heart. She said “because no one ever told me I could”.

After mum passed away and after 15 years of marriage I finally had a long-awaited and prayed-for baby. I did not return to work, instead opting to be a stay-at-home mum as well as caring for my aged father who has Alzheimer’s. Among all this, I decided I will start my journey of gaining a university education so I enrolled in a Bachelor of Communication with Massey.

It has not been easy living in Auckland on one income. Some weeks we are only living off bread and eggs but we are getting through. Studying part-time extramurally with Massey allows me to fulfil all of my responsibilities as a wife, a mother, a carer, a volunteer co-leader at my church’s women’s society and a student.

When I first started my study, my laptop was on the verge of dying. I worried about it crashing as there was no extra money to pay for a new one. A friend of mine encouraged me to look into scholarships and I was so surprised and grateful to receive the Peter Collett bursary. My laptop died not long after this and I used the remaining money for textbooks. The bursary was an enormous help and took the pressure off my family to find this extra money.

After I graduate I want to inspire Pasifika adults to take up the opportunities available to them in Aotearoa to get an education. When my mother said those words, “no one ever told me I could”, I was determined to be the first to show other Pasifika adults that they can too. Education is the key to opportunities, not just for their children but also for the parents who bring their families here for a brighter future. And what greater inspiration is there for children to get an education than to see their parents doing it first.”

Nicole Jackson – Massey University Undergraduate Scholarship

“Growing up in Hastings, my family owned a lifestyle block where we always had a menagerie of animals. That began my passion for animals and the reason why I decided to pursue a career in veterinary science at Massey in Palmerston North.

Receiving the Massey Undergraduate Scholarship last year was a huge blessing. The scholarship money was incredibly helpful in reducing the financial burden associated with placements, textbooks and living costs. It also took a bit of the pressure off, meaning that I didn't have to work during the semester, leaving me more time to study and enjoy the degree.

I plan to track large/production animals in my final year and I also have a particular interest in surgery so would look to specialise in this area at some stage in my career. In ten years’ time I would love to be a practicing rural veterinarian, travelling to see my patients who will be based all around the world.”

Jasmine Knowles – Hugh MacDiarmid Bursary

“Honestly, this scholarship made such a difference to my final year. It took the financial stress away so that I could focus on my degree. There is no way I could have got a job and still performed to the level I wanted at university. I had my heart set on getting the Dux award for veterinary science and this scholarship, in essence, helped me to do just that! I’m now working in my dream job as an Aquaculture Veterinarian in Tasmania. I love working in this industry as there is always so much innovation and research to get involved with. Thank you to the family of Hugh MacDiarmid and the Massey Foundation for giving me the step up I needed to reach my full potential as a veterinarian.”

Michelle Leech – Peter Collett Extramural Bursary

“I'm currently based in Australia with my husband and three young boys studying part-time towards a conjoint Bachelor of Business (Property Valuation) and Bachelor of Science (Geography). Originally from South Africa, education was very important in our household and I always knew I wanted to go to university.

However, when my dad was forced to retire our family went through very difficult times financially and I ended up completing high school by distance while working in real estate and running a small manufacturing business. When the recession hit us hard, my Kiwi husband and I decided to move to New Zealand, with our seven-month old son, to go dairy farming. I felt a bit lost starting over in a new country with a new baby so didn't pursue university study right away.

In 2015 my husband was offered a job on a farm in Australia so our family of five moved over the ditch. However, eight months later, and having already started my extramural study with Massey, half the business closed and my husband was made redundant. After living in a tent for a few weeks with our three boys, my husband was fortunately offered another job. Though, it has meant a pay cut and financially things are very tight.

Despite the uncertainty and challenges, I was determined to keep studying because I've already waited so long and I feel like it is the only way to give our children a good, stable future. I also wanted to set an example to them of being committed to your goals. Without the bursary, this wouldn't have been possible. It helped me buy my textbooks for the year, paid for my overseas exam fees, bought a cheap laptop to study wherever we happened to be and it helped towards my internet costs for the year.

Studying with Massey has meant that even though 2016 was extremely challenging on many levels, I was still able to continue studying and achieve my best. I was really surprised and happy to make the Massey Business School’s Dean's List for 2016. Thank you to the Massey Foundation and the Peter Collett Extramural Bursary for providing this huge assistance to me at a difficult time.”

Shanti Adhikari – New New Zealand Grant

“During my final year of my PhD study in Palmerston North the devastating Nepal earthquake struck my home, leaving extensive damage to our family houses and critically injuring my mother-in-law. The financial support I was receiving from my parents, in-laws and family suddenly stopped because my family lost their capacity to fund me. My husband immediately returned to Nepal to support our families so I alone took the responsibility of our two school-aged children in NZ. The new New Zealand bursary supported me immensely during this critical situation and allowed me to support my family so I could complete my PhD thesis successfully and on time. It was not only a financial support for me but also an emotional and moral support too.

Simon Jones - Massey University Undergraduate Scholarship

"Managing my finances while studying Music was always going to be an issue. I received the Massey Undergraduate Scholarship in my second year of study and it meant I didn't need to worry as much about funding it. I worked part time in my first year of study and juggling school and work wasn't easy. This scholarship allowed me to be more selective about the type of work I undertook in my second year. Because of this freedom I only worked in ways that would further my career - specifically teaching and performing music. I also worked a lot less and this meant I could spend more time focusing on my studies.

Because of this freedom I took a very challenging year of courses - all the core requirements for my guitar performance degree, the continuation of my second instrument vocal papers and also a 2nd year classical theory course - in which I had not done the previous full year of study. I feel that my year was very successful and attribute the scholarship to helping me achieve these results. I wish to thank everyone who made it possible.".

Sam Tennent - David Levene Foundation Bursary, J McLennan Bursary

"Embarking on study with a young child was daunting but I knew it was what I needed to do to ensure I provide my son and myself with the best opportunities in our future. I took a chance at applying for a scholarship and found myself in a better position financially after receiving it. Simple every day costs and equipment required for my degree were much easier to obtain, stress was minimised, and there were many other benefits all round. A BIG thanks to the Massey University Foundation from myself and my son, any little bit helps in a big way!"

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