Fees free study in 2018

From 2018, the Government’s tertiary education fees free scheme means first-time learners of any age will be eligible for a year’s free study.

Those who have previously undertaken study for less than 60 credits and New Zealanders living overseas are also eligible.

So what are you waiting for? Apply now through the normal process and we look forward to welcoming you to one of our four campuses – Auckland, Manawatū, Wellington or Distance – for 2018.

Frequently asked questions

How do I find out if I’m eligible?
You can check your eligibility at FeesFree.govt.nz with your National Student Number. If you’ve enrolled at Massey University, you can find your number on our student homepage. Alternatively, visit FeesFree.govt.nz to find out how you can get your number.

What does the scheme cover?
The scheme covers one year’s study, which is usually 120 credits or eight undergraduate courses (each course is generally 15 credits), up to the value of $12,000. This study can be spread over more than one year, meaning, for example, you could study 60 credits in 2018 and a further 60 credits in 2019.

The fees free policy for tertiary education will pay tuition fees and associated mandatory fees and compulsory student services fees.

Is there an age limit?
Great news, there are no age requirements or restrictions.

Will I be eligible if I am studying from overseas?
Yes, you can take advantage of Massey University’s programme of distance education and qualify for this scheme, as long as you are a New Zealand citizen.

Will I be eligible for fees free if I’m enrolled in a secondary school while completing a tertiary education course?
No. A range of other support is available for school students who wish to begin tertiary study before they finish school. The good news is tertiary study undertaken while enrolled in a secondary school will not count against your future eligibility for fees free tertiary education.

Do I need to let Massey know I’m eligible for the scheme when enrolling?
No, you don’t need to contact us. However, as part of the enrolment process, we will ask you how you intend to pay for your study. We are working to provide a “fees free” option. In the meantime, please chose the “personal funds” option. 

Already enrolled for 2018?

What do I do if I am eligible for the scheme, but have already enrolled in study for 2018 at Massey University?
If you are eligible, relax and we’ll do the hard work to sort your fees behind the scenes. If you check your statement of account, available from the fees and finance tab of your student homepage, you will see compulsory tuition or non-tuition fees do not appear.

If you believe you are eligible for the scheme and your statement does not reflect this please contact us.

What do I do if I find I am eligible for fees free, but I have already taken out a student loan for my fees for 2018?
StudyLink advises that you should do the following:

  • Log in to your MyStudyLink account and change the ‘Pay fees’ field in your loan application to ‘No’ (Note: don’t cancel your loan application completely if you will still need other support from the loan like the living costs and course-related costs)
  • If you were only taking out a loan to pay your fees, and your fees are less than or equal to $12,000, you may choose to cancel your loan application. Call StudyLink on 0800 88 99 00 to talk about cancelling your application.

Applied for a scholarship for 2018?

What do I do if I’ve have accepted the offer of an undergraduate scholarship?
The impact of the fees free scheme is dependent on the type of scholarship you have been awarded. Some scholarships provide money that can be used at the discretion of the awardee. Examples of these types of scholarships provided by Massey University, include:

  • Vice-Chancellor’s Excellence Scholarship
  • High Achievers with Distinction Scholarship (Arts or Academic)
  • High Achievers Scholarship (Arts or Academic)
  • Academy of Sport Scholarship
  • Vice-Chancellor’s Innovation and Academic Excellence Scholarship
  • Accommodation Scholarship

For recipients of these scholarships, we have good news: regardless of your eligibility for the fees free scheme, there is no change to your scholarship offer. The information provided in your letter of offer remains the same and you are able to use your scholarship for study and living costs, at your discretion.

Other scholarships cover the costs of student fees. For recipients of this kind of scholarship, we are currently working to resolve this issue to ensure the best outcome for students. We will be in touch very shortly to advise you as to the changes we have made.

I have applied for a scholarship, but I have not had an offer yet. Does this mean that the scholarship is no longer available?
Massey University is working to update all scholarships impacted by the fees free scheme and ensure the best outcomes for students. We are exploring how scholarships might be applied to other study and living costs, such as second-year fees or accommodation. We will contact all students who have applied for a scholarship as soon as possible to advise on the outcome of their application and any changes made to the scholarship.

More information about the scheme is available at FeesFree.govt.nz. If you have any queries relating to studying at Massey University, please feel free to contact us.

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