Career profiles

In addition to the Why Japanese YouTube clips also profiled elsewhere in this website, we have a bank of written career profiles. The most recent (accessible through the JSANZ website, are those of 60 New Zealanders who have learned Japanese and are now involved in interesting jobs.

If you know of graduates who you think would be ideal to include in this bank, contact Naomi Collins with the details.

The purpose of the profiles is to show prospective students of Japanese that the range of career options for those with Japanese language in their kete is extensive.

Older profiles

We also have a collection of older profiles. In the early days of Sffjle, scholarship recipients were required to provide written profiles of former Japanese language students who had gone on to use their Japanese after completing their studies.

This was to provide examples of career paths, so teachers could better respond to their students’ questions about the value of learning Japanese. Many of these are now out of date, but they still serve to show current students that the range of jobs that Japanese language graduates move into is broad.

Download the profile PDF documents below.

2010 profiles

Jason Allen (288 KB) (Profiled by Rachel Smith)

Joseph Rush (66 KB) (Profiled by Yukie Okie)

Sarah Todd (109 KB) (Profiled by Jacqueline Yoshioka Braid)

Timothy Coleman (165 KB) (Profiled by Adora Kuo)

2009 profiles

Don Franklin (105 KB) (Profiled by Jenni Pulman)

Jamie Watterson (58 KB) (Profiled by Fiona Boodee)

Sung Ju Hwan (1,466 KB) (Profiled by Myung-suk Kim)

Trudi Wigg (68 KB) (Profiled by Ashley McRae)

Kieran Roche (159 KB) (Profiled by Amanda Chisnall)

Matthew Birch (56 KB) (Profiled by Lindi Newth)

Paul Murray (69 KB) (Profiled by Naomi Ishihara)

John Waddell (105 KB) (Profiled by Stephanie Gollan)

Josh Sellens and Ben Reid (99 KB) (Profiled by Jennifer Arai)

Mat Harding (61 KB) (Profiled by Lindi Newth)

2008 profiles

Andrea Humm (72 KB) (Profiled by Adele Montgomery)

Laurel McDonald (84 KB) (Profiled by Kendra Taurua)

Emma Trail (160 KB) (Profiled by Hiromi Horsley)

2007 profiles

Leah Nanai (56 KB) (Self profiled)

Maureen Heffernan (120 KB) (Profiled by Nancy Earth)

Mike Simms (136 KB) (Profiled by Rupert Atkinson)

Tim Stocks (77 KB) (Profiled by Julie Gordon)

Jason Brown (63 KB) (Profiled by Jason Renau)

Channelle Carnie (190 KB) (Profiled by Megan Van)

Natalie Broadhead (75 KB) (Profiled by William Flavell)

2006 profiles

Fiona Dalton (54 KB) (Profiled by Elizabeth Wood)

Anna Sime (79 KB) (Profiled by Amelia Whiting)

2005 profiles

Alice Holmes (74 KB) (Profiled by Adam Burden)

Elin King (72 KB) (Profiled by Kaori Fumoto)

Marina Limantseva (64 KB) (Profiled by Angela Clouston)

Mark Hamilton (54 KB) (Profiled by Renee Farrant)

Kerstin Meinecke (66 KB) (Profiled by Megumi Chiba)

James Murfitt (163 KB) (Self profiled)

Nyssa Poffley (73 KB) (Self profiled)

Tom Schumacher (54 KB) (Profiled by Angela Clouston)

Angela Zheung (66 KB) (Profiled by Fiona Howat)

Don Wallis (63 KB) (Profiled by Angela Clouston)

2004 profiles

Nadia Brown (64 KB) (Self profiled)

Kerri Dann (60 KB) (Profiled by Shiori Akehi)

Paul Huggins (57 KB) (Profiled by Christina Huggins)

Karen Jackson (90 KB) (Profiled by Kerri Dann)

Michelle Miles (73 KB) (Profiled by Lorina Quill)

Michael Sissons (58 KB) (Profiled by Mel Dempsey)

Anneliese Simpson (64 KB) (Profiled by Shingo Suematsu)

Maria Thomson (67 KB) (Profiled by Crystal May-Whitcombe)

Sarah Walker (58 KB) (Profiled by Michelle Lodge)

2003 profiles

Moana Hazeldine (72 KB) (Profiled by Jessica Andrews)

Kimberley Swan (68 KB) (Profiled by Matt Crosby)

Morgan Wilson Dilks (68 KB) (Profiled by Taeko Kiminami)

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