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Closing dates: 01/03/2018   19/05/2018   


Once you apply, the University and your named referees are contacted to provide relevant information. You must allow both the Scholarships Office and your referees time to complete these actions before the closing date. The University Scholarships Office cannot guarantee an immediate response to these requests.

The object of The Todd Foundation Awards for Excellence, which are to be made annually through the New Zealand universities and New Zealand polytechnics, is to encourage research and achievement which will benefit New Zealand.

The Todd Foundation Awards for Excellence are granted in order that a research project or programme (whether in research or otherwise) is carried out in an approved institution, normally in New Zealand, in a field of study which is likely to be of direct benefit to New Zealand and its people.

The Todd Foundation Awards for Excellence are available in three categories:

·Science and Technology (includes Agriculture and Conservation)
·Engineering and Manufacturing (includes Architecture and Design)
·Business and Commerce

There is no limit on the numbers of applications considered for any of the categories above, and if the Selection Committee deems that no suitable candidate has been identified for a particular category then the number of awards made in other categories will be increased.

Conditions of Eligibility
Every candidate for an award must be a New Zealand citizen, or hold New Zealand Permanent Residency, and must hold a university degree or diploma.

Those currently in their final year of study for such a tertiary qualification are eligible to apply for an award, but any award made would be conditional upon the successful completion of that tertiary qualification.

The number of awards to be awarded in any year shall be determined by the Selection Committee having regard to the income available for the purpose.

No award shall be awarded upon any occasion if the Selection Committee is of the opinion that there is no candidate of sufficient merit offering.

The Selection Committee will invite short-listed candidates for an interview in June of each year. All reasonable travel expenses within New Zealand will be met by The Todd Foundation.

In granting the awards, the Selection Committee shall have regard not only to the professional and academic ability of the candidates, but also to their character and qualities of leadership, and shall look for evidence of their capacity for innovation and ability to strive for excellence.

Selection Committee
Every award shall be made by a Selection Committee constituted as follows:
·the Chairperson of The Todd Foundation or nominee.
·a nominee of The Todd Foundation.
·the Chairperson of Universities New Zealand, or nominee.
·a nominee of the Institutes of Technology and Polytechnics of New Zealand.

The Selection Committee’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into following the selection meeting.

Value of Award
The value of each award, normally between $2,000 & $8,000 per annum shall be decided by the Committee according to an applicant’s proposed budget and the nature of the research project or programme. Assistance for expenses incurred in carrying out and disseminating research, including employment of technical staff, travel, special equipment etc. may be provided.

Every person who wishes to be considered for The Todd Foundation Scholarship in Energy Research shall complete an application using the Universities NZ on-line scholarships application website:

The closing date by which applications must be complete, with references included, and submitted through the on-line website is 1 March in the year that the award is to be taken up.

Research proposals and arrangements will often be still in development and so details included in the initial application may be tentative.

In view of the significance of the research project to the criteria for the scholarship, candidates may wish to alter or add to their research proposal. Any such additional or amended information should be sent to the Scholarships Manager at Universities New Zealand by September 15 for subsequent assessment by the Scholarship Board.

Award winners taking up study overseas may be required to submit a recent medical certificate satisfactory to the Committee.

The term of an award shall be at the discretion of the Selection Committee but shall normally be for one year and not less than three months or more than three years.

Award holders must submit a detailed report to the Selection Committee, through Universities New Zealand, by 1 March in the year after the award was taken up. The report must be written by the research or programme supervisor and must outline the student’s progress. Reports from the students outlining their own achievements after receiving the award are also invited. The student and/or their supervisor may be invited to meet with the Todd Foundation to discuss the progress of the research or programme.

Suspension or Termination
The Selection Committee may at any time suspend or terminate any award, or require the forfeiture of such proportion of the award emolument as the Committee may determine, if it is satisfied that the award holder is not diligently pursuing the research project or programme or has failed to comply with any of the terms and conditions on which the award was granted.

An award shall be terminated and no further payments shall be made if an award holder ceases to pursue the aforesaid research project or programme.

Positions of Emolument
Award holders shall normally be required to devote their whole time during the tenure of the award to their research project or programme but may undertake a limited amount of teaching as the Selection Committee may determine in each case.

Award holders may hold other scholarships, awards or prizes only on such terms and conditions as the Selection Committee shall determine in each case.

Intellectual Property
Proposals that may lead to the development of information or discoveries that may be patented or copyrighted should identify the potential beneficiaries at the commencement of the award.

It would be normal for the ownership of intellectual property to reside with the institution providing facilities for and/or supervising the award holder. In the absence of an identifiable institution the award holder will negotiate a suitable arrangement over the ownership of intellectual property with The Todd Foundation through the Convenor of the Selection Committee.

The Todd Foundation wishes the benefits of all intellectual property to be retained in New Zealand.

Power to Vary Conditions
The Selection Committee may make, amplify, vary or rescind all or any of the conditions or regulations relating to the said awards and the granting and tenure thereof specified in the preceding clauses and add any further or substitute other conditions, provided that no such conditions shall be inconsistent with the general purpose of The Todd Foundation Awards for Excellence.

Full regulations and application forms are available from the NZVCC website:

Application cannot be accepted before 01/12/2017.

Application cannot be accepted before 19/02/2018.

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