Horizons Regional Council Sustainable Land Use Scholarships - Yr1 & Yr2 students

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Closing date: 13/04/2018   

Where there are sufficient suitable applications, Horizons Regional Council will provide up to five Horizons Regional Council Sustainable Land Use Scholarships up to a maximum value of $2000 each, for the duration of one year.
Recipients of the scholarship may be offered paid holiday employment at Horizons Regional Council following the successful completion of their study. Such employment would be based in Palmerston North and would run from November to February of the year the scholarship is awarded.

All scholarship applicants must read these guidelines in their entirety before applying for the scholarship. By signing and submitting these guidelines along with their scholarship application, applicants are confirming that they have read and understood these guidelines. The declaration is attached to the application form.

1. Purpose of Scholarship:
Horizons Regional Council provides the scholarships to encourage students who are interested in a career in an environmental field, to undertake study in soil science and farm management as part of their undergraduate degree. Applicants are expected to have a solid interest in environmental management, soil, and land use mapping. The scholarships are considered to be a good entry point for year three and postgraduate Horizons Regional Council Sustainable Land Use Advanced Scholarships.

2. Tertiary Provider:
Scholarships are available to students studying full-time at Massey University Palmerston North.

3. Criteria (Required Papers):
Students applying for scholarship must meet all of the following criteria:

? Enrolled full-time at Massey University Palmerston North, and
? Must be enrolled in, or have successfully completed:

? For year one students:
189.151 Soil Properties and Processes.

? For year two students:
189.151 Soil Properties and Processes, and, two or more of the following:
189.251 Soil Fertility and Fertilisers, or
189.252 Land Soil and Water, or
119.258 Agricultural Systems

Applicants should note that the requirements for third year scholarship require that they are studying or have successfully completed the above 200-level papers.

4. Application:
Scholarship applicants are required to submit an application containing:

- Scholarship application form.
- Verified copies of their high school academic records, and, where available, verified academic transcripts of tertiary study completed to date.
- A brief CV outlining relevant work experience, qualifications, and interests.
- A minimum of two referees who can be contacted by Horizons Regional Council to provide information on the students’ likelihood of academic and work based success in this area.
- A short (up to 300-words) statement about why they deserve to receive the scholarship and what interests them about soils and land use.
- Signed scholarship guidelines.

Completed applications should be marked ‘confidential’ and sent to:
Group Secretary
Environmental Management
Horizons Regional Council
Private Bag 11025
Manawatu Mail Centre
Palmerston North 4442

5. Selection of Scholarship Recipients:
Scholarship recipients will be selected by a panel of Horizons Regional Council representatives, including but not limited to staff from Environmental Management and Research Teams.
Scholarship applicants whose applications are short-listed may be interviewed by the selection panel.

6. Timing:
Applications for the 2018 scholarships will open on 1 January 2018, and will close on 13 April 2018.

7. Payment of Scholarship:
Scholarship payment will be made to successful applicants in two equal instalments by direct debit to students nominated bank accounts. 50% of the scholarship value will be paid to scholarship recipients by 31 May in the year they receive the scholarship, and the final 50% paid to scholarship recipients by 30 September in the year they receive the scholarship, providing that the student has provided Horizons with evidence of successful completion of their first semester ‘required papers’ (as defined above).

8. Value and Tenure of Scholarship:
The value of each scholarship is a maximum of $2000.00. Each scholarship is available for one year only

9. Scholarship Regulations:
a. The scholarship shall be known as the Horizons Regional Council Sustainable Land Use Initiative (SLUI) Scholarship.

b. Scholarship is available to year one and two students meeting the criteria listed above, or students continuing to study but who do not meet the criteria for SLUI Advanced

c. The scholarship will be administered by Horizons Regional Council in conjunction with Massey University Palmerston North.

d. There will be up to five recipients of the scholarship each year. Where there are not enough suitable applicants, Horizons Regional Council reserves the right to award more or less than five scholarships, or to not award any scholarship.

e. Horizons Regional Council reserves the right to change the value of each scholarship awarded, prior to awarding the scholarship. The value of a scholarship will not be changed once the scholarship is awarded.

f. Receipt of scholarship in students’ first or second year of study, in no way guarantees receipt of scholarship in subsequent years of study. Similarly, receipt of the year one and two scholarship, does not guarantee receipt of the year three and postgraduate scholarships (SLUI Advanced).

g. Holiday employment at Horizons Regional Council is conditional on scholarship recipients meeting other Horizons Regional Council employment criteria including meeting the requirements within the pre-employment health declaration, and declaration of criminal convictions, charges pending, and serious traffic offences.

h. Scholarship recipients will agree to media and publicity responsibilities as required.

i. Scholarships will only be awarded to NZ citizens or NZ permanent residents.

j. Only candidates undertaking full-time study in the year the scholarship is awarded are eligible for scholarship.

k. Each scholarship is available for one year’s study only. Candidates may reapply for scholarship in subsequent years, however successful award is not guaranteed.

l. Scholarship recipients, who, without good reason, withdraw from full-time study or fail to successfully complete required papers, may be required to reimburse all or part of the scholarships value to Horizons Regional Council. This clause is subject to appeal to Horizons Regional Council.

m. Successful completion of papers refers to a passing grade (C) or better. Restricted passes, which prevent the student from enrolling in subsequent papers required by the scholarship, will not constitute successful completion.

n. Applicants are required to sign and submit these guidelines with their scholarship application. Scholarship applications that do not contain all the requirements listed in clause four of these guidelines will not be accepted.

o. Horizons Regional Council reserves the right to make changes to these guidelines.

p. These guidelines are written and effective as of January 2018.

10. Privacy of Personal Applicant Information:
Personal information on scholarship applicants is collected under the Privacy Act 1993, and remains property of Horizons Regional Council. Such information will be used to assess the candidates’ suitability for scholarship, and for purposes listed in the above scholarship guidelines.
Information on successful and unsuccessful scholarship applicants will be held and stored in a confidential, secure manner, in line with the requirements of the Privacy Act 1993.
Personal information of scholarship recipients may be disclosed to external parties for the purposes of media statements, Horizons Regional Council publicity, and scholarship promotion.
Under the Privacy Act 1993, candidates are entitled to request to access, copy, and/or request changes to personal information.

For the regulations, privacy information and declaration, copy of the eligibility criteria (this must be signed and returned) and application form, please visit
http://www.horizons.govt.nz/ (then about-us - people-and-careers - scholarships)

Applications close 13 April 2018.

Application cannot be accepted before 13/01/2018.

Download an application form Download an application form

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