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Closing date: to be announced

THERE IS NO APPLICATION FORM. This Scholarship is awarded by the University to the top 5% of students completing an undergraduate degree in each of the University's five Colleges.

The purpose of the Massey Scholarship is to acknowledge the achievement of the University's top undergraduate students, and to encourage their transition to postgraduate degrees.

Tenure and Value
1.The Scholarship entitles recipients to graduate with the title "Massey Scholar".

2.The scholarship also entitles recipients to a fees remission for full-time or part-time postgraduate study in any College of Massey University to a maximum of 120 credits, provided that the value of the fees remission shall not exceed $4000.

3.To qualify for the tuition fees payment scholars must be enrolled at Massey University in any one year for at least 30 credits in papers at 700 level or above.

4.The fees remission is valid for three years and may be:
deferred for the period of one full calendar year before undertaking the course of study, or for the period of one full calendar year at any time during the course of study;
taken up for the purpose of full time study;
taken up for the purpose of part time study;
NOTE: A request for deferral for a period longer than 1 year would be considered by the Scholarships Committee based on written application. Recipients must provide information as to why a longer deferral is being sought.

To be eligible for the award of a Massey Scholarship the student must have qualified to graduate in an undergraduate degree or in a joint programme for two undergraduate degrees at Massey University of which a minimum of two thirds of the degree for which the student is being nominated as a Massey Scholar has been completed at Massey University. This must be the first undergraduate degree completed at Massey University or any other tertiary institution.

Massey University students who undertake an international exchange programme will be exempted from this requirement.

Massey Scholarships shall be awarded to the leading students in the Colleges at the rate of one scholarship to every twenty, or part thereof, students who graduated at Massey University in an undergraduate degree as listed in the graduation handbooks in the year of the award.

Selection Process
Massey Scholarships are awarded by the University Scholarships Committee on the advice of the Colleges. No application is required.


1.A Massey Scholarship may be held with any other scholarship that permits this, in terms of the University Regulations.

2.No person may be awarded more than one Massey Scholarship within or across Colleges. Joint degree programme students may be eligible for the award in one degree while not qualifying in another. Joint programme students who are academically eligible for the award in both degrees will be nominated by the College in which they have attained the higher GPA.

3.The offer of the fees remission must be accepted, accepted but deferred, or declined before 1 March of the academic year for which the award was made.

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