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Closing date: 18/12/2017   

August 2017
This document replaces all previous versions
The Trust which funds the scholarship was established by Mrs Yvonne A M
Smith for the advancement of the education of women graduates who wish
to embark upon Masters or Doctoral studies with preference being given to
the subject areas of political studies, economics, business and law.
Preference will also be given to applicants who demonstrate potential for
leadership and potential to make a significant contribution to New Zealand.
1. The applicant must be either a New Zealand citizen or permanently resident in
New Zealand. The tertiary institution to be studied at may be situated overseas.
2. The applicant should demonstrate the likelihood the qualification being sought
will be of benefit to New Zealand.
3. It is to be acknowledged that the Yvonne A M Smith Charitable Trust ("Trust")
collects personal information about the applicant to evaluate the application for
the scholarship. The recipient of the information is the Trust and the information
will be held by the Trust. Failure to provide the necessary information by the date
stated in the application form may result in an application for the scholarship
being declined. Each applicant has the right of access to, and correction of, the
information held in accordance with the provisions of the Privacy Act 1993. The
applicant agrees that her photograph and the content of her application may be
used as promotional material for the Trust.
4. Usually one scholarship is awarded annually to a student who is enrolled or
intends to enrol in a course of full time study for a Masters or Doctorate degree.
5. The scholarship shall be for one year, unless the trustee, for any reason which it
deems sufficient, determines that the scholarship shall be for such shorter or
longer period as it may specify.
6. The period of tenure of the scholarship shall commence on the date stipulated by
the trustee but normally on the date on which the successful applicant begins
her full time programme of study.
7. The amount of the scholarship is up to $60,000, adjusted as the trustee thinks
fit to take account of inflation, the nature of the course of study to be
undertaken, the attainment of other monetary awards and such other factors as
the trustee considers relevant to the particular scholarship. The successful
applicant is required to keep the trustee informed of the progress of any other
scholarship applications and provide the trustees with details of any other grants
awarded. The amount of the scholarship will be varied if the total funding
exceeds the estimated cost of study.
August 2017
This document replaces all previous versions
8. Payment of the scholarship shall be made at such time and in such manner as
shall be determined by the trustee. At least 25% of the scholarship will be paid
at the beginning of the academic year upon receipt of confirmation of enrolment
and details of full funding. The balance will be paid by way of periodic payments
over the duration of the programme of study.
9. The scholarship may be held in conjunction with any other scholarship bursary or
award unless the conditions of the other award preclude it.
10. The successful applicant will be required to forward to the trustee three monthly
reports from the date of commencement of the programme of study, detailing
progress to date and evidencing the applicant's continuation of the contemplated
11. The successful applicant will be required to keep the Trust advised of her current
contact details on an ongoing basis as part of the scholarship alumnae.
12. The trustee may, at its discretion, relax or modify the application of any of these
regulations in special circumstances or in order to avoid hardship to any scholar
or candidate for a scholarship.
13. A short list of applicants will be selected for an interview. Applicants must be
available for an interview during February. Short listed applicants are expected
to make their own way to Auckland for an interview but a domestic airfare for
travel from an applicant's usual place of residence or study south of Taupo will
be refunded by the Trust on production of a valid receipt.
14. The trustee is under no obligation to make an award if in any year there is no
candidate in the trustee's opinion of sufficient merit.
15. The trustee reserves the right to at any time rescind, vary or add to these
16. Applications must be completed by the applicant on the prescribed application
form and submitted to the trustee:
Yvonne A M Smith Charitable Trust Limited
C/- Fortune Manning
P O Box 4139
Attention: W A Duncan
Phone: 915 2425 / Fax: 915 2402
August 2017
This document replaces all previous versions
1. Applicants should take note of the requirements for the Scholarship set out in
regulations. In particular:
(a) Applicants should wish to embark on Masters or Doctoral studies, either in
New Zealand or overseas.
(b) Preference is given to the subject areas of Political Studies, Economics,
Business and Law.
(c) Preference will also be given to applicants who demonstrate potential for
leadership as well as potential to make a significant contribution to New
2. Referees should be made aware of the particular requirements for the granting
of the Scholarship as listed above so that any reference is tailored to those
requirements. This may not be the case in respect of a reference in generic form.
3. Applicants should not rely on a photograph in a passport – aimed at evidencing
residency – to comply with the request for a separate photograph.
4. The deadline for receipt of applications will be notified each year. Additional time
may be given on request for the receipt of a reference or examination results.
5. The Applicant's personal statement must be restricted to 350 words.

: Applications MUST be on the latest version of the application form Apply

Application cannot be accepted before 18/09/2017.

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