The Tertiary Education Union (TEU) Crozier Scholarship

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Closing date: to be announced

Once you apply, the University and your named referees are contacted to provide relevant information. You must allow both the Scholarships Office and your referees time to complete these actions before the closing date. The University Scholarships Office cannot guarantee an immediate response to these requests.

The Association of University Staff (AUS) set up this scholarship in honour of Rob Crozier upon his retirement from the AUS. The scholarship has been established for the support and encouragement of postgraduate research into aspects of university (or higher) education and issues of union involvement therein, and including issues relating to the health and well-being of staff and students.

The purpose of the scholarship is to provide funds for individuals to undertake research towards a Honours, Masters or Doctoral degree and who are undertaking research or scholarly enquiry for a research project, thesis or dissertation at a New Zealand or overseas university or research institution in the following fields:

"the history, management, organization, economics, economic and social impact, sociology, pedagogy, and international relations of New Zealand universities/higher education, including comparative studies with other countries or kinds of education
"the health and well-being, careers and career choices and issues of recruitment and retention of staff and students
"issues to do with ethnicity, gender and/or other socio-economic factors affecting staff and students.

A scholarship may be awarded, in exceptional circumstances, to a candidate enrolled in a post-graduate diploma, but only if the diploma includes a substantive research project.

Applicants will be New Zealand citizens or permanent residents who have resided in New Zealand for at least three years immediately preceding the year of selection.
Applicants will have completed the requirements for a Bachelors degree or equivalent in a field appropriate to their intended study, at a New Zealand university.

The scholarship is available for one year in the first instance but extensions may be granted for up to three years according to the course of study. Payments will be made six-monthly and dependent on a positive and satisfactory report on progress from the institution at which they are studying. Unsatisfactory progress may lead to termination of the award.

It is intended that, subject to availability of finance, there will be one scholarship awarded at any one time.

The scholarships will be $5,000 per annum and may be used in any way that helps the scholar to meet the purposes of the award.

The scholarship is tenable with other scholarships, but account will be taken of the aggregate circumstances of the scholar and of the desirability of using available funds to best advantage. Candidates will be required to make clear in their application, their position in light of this stipulation.

Candidates must complete an application using the Universities NZ on-line scholarships application website:

The closing date by which applications must be COMPLETE, with references included, and submitted through the on-line website is 1 October.

The on-line application form will request and applicants must provide:

(a)proof of NZ citizenship or permanent residency.
(b)an outline of the research project, including its relevance to the scholarship's purpose and the candidate's future career.
(c)evidence of other awards, achievements, and practical experience, relevant to the scholarship;
(d)the names of two persons who the candidate has asked to provide references on their behalf - these references should inlude their assessments of the candidate's achievements, potential, and suitability for the award;
(e)any other evidence that the candidate judges relevant to the application.

A copy of the candidate's academic transcript can be provided by the candidate's university as part of the on-line application process.

Research proposals and arrangements will often be still in development so details included in the initial application may be tentative. Because of the significance of the research project to the selection for the scholarship, candidates may wish to alter or add to their research proposal. This can be done as a supplement to the application, which must reach the NZVCC Office by 31 January if it is to be taken into consideration.

In considering the award the selection Board shall take into account the:

"the quality of the applicants academic record and achievements to date
"the quality and relevance of the proposed project to New Zealand's universities and /or institutes of higher education
"project's possible outcomes and benefits to the AUS, members of the AUS and to universities, students and the wider community
"ability and previous experience in the chosen field, particularly as it relates to successful completion of the project within the allocated timetable and proposed subsequent career

In deciding between candidates of equal merit the committee may, at its discretion, give preference to a candidate who has close personal links with the Association of University Staff (eg. as a current or previous member, family/whanau membership of the AUS, current or previous member of the AUS staff or some other significant link).

In the event that no application of sufficient quality is received, the committee may decline to make any award at that time.

Scholarship Board
The Board will consist of:

Convenor of the NZVCC Scholarships Committee or nominee
General Secretary, Association of University Staff
The Academic Vice-President, Association of University Staff
With power to co-opt additional members if necessary

The scholarships will be administered by the New Zealand Vice-Chancellors' Committee, Wellington, which will be responsible for publicising the availability of the scholarships, receiving applications, assisting the Scholarship's Board in the selection process, advising candidates of the results, arranging for payments, and reporting annually on the outcomes.

Intellectual Property and Outcomes
Every attempt will be made to communicate the results of the research to the membership of the AUS and to apply the information gained to the benefit of AUS members, AUS as an organisation and to universities, students and the wider community.

The ownership of intellectual property arising from the research or scholarly activities supported by the scholarship would normally reside with the scholar and/or with the institution providing facilities for and/or supervising the award holder. The scholar will however agree that the AUS should be granted access to the information obtained and the conclusions drawn by the scholars while in pursuit of the scholarship, for the purposes of fair dealing by the AUS, without any further payment being required.

It is a condition of the scholarship that any report, thesis, dissertation of other publication(s) arising from the scholarship or from work undertaken during the tenure of the scholarship, should clearly acknowledge the scholarship by name and the assistance provided therefrom.

Power to Vary
The NZVCC may make such rules and regulations as it shall from time to time think fit governing the scholarships and may vary or revoke any rules and regulations and may deviate at the discretion of the NZVCC from strict adherence to any requirements relating to the scholarships according to the exigencies of the circumstances, provided always that such changes shall be consistent with the general purposes of the bequest.

Applications are available from:

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