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Dr Stefan Harjes

Postdoctoral Fellow in Biophysics

School of Fundamental Sciences

Research Outputs


Kvach, MV., Barzak, FM., Harjes, S., Schares, HAM., Jameson, GB., Ayoub, AM., . . . Harjes, E. (2019). Inhibiting APOBEC3 Activity with Single-Stranded DNA Containing 2′-Deoxyzebularine Analogues. Biochemistry. 58(5), 391-400
[Journal article]Authored by: Filichev, V., Harjes, E., Harjes, S., Jameson, G., Kvach, M.
Harjes, S., Jameson, GB., Filichev, VV., Edwards, PJB., & Harjes, E. (2017). NMR-based method of small changes reveals how DNA mutator APOBEC3A interacts with its single-stranded DNA substrate. Nucleic Acids Research. 45(9), 5602-5613
[Journal article]Authored by: Edwards, P., Filichev, V., Harjes, E., Harjes, S., Jameson, G.
Harjes, S., Solomon, WC., Li, M., Chen, KM., Harjes, E., Harris, RS., . . . Matsuo, H. (2013). Impact of H216 on the DNA binding and catalytic activities of the HIV restriction factor APOBEC3G. Journal of Virology. 87(12), 7008-7014
[Journal article]Authored by: Harjes, E., Harjes, S.
Harjes, E., Harjes, S., Wohlgemuth, S., Müller, KH., Krieger, E., Herrmann, C., . . . Bayer, P. (2006). GTP-Ras Disrupts the Intramolecular Complex of C1 and RA Domains of Nore1. Structure. 14(5), 881-888
[Journal article]Authored by: Harjes, E., Harjes, S.
Harjes, S., Bayer, P., & Scheidig, AJ. (2005). The crystal structure of human PAPS synthetase 1 reveals asymmetry in substrate binding. Journal of Molecular Biology. 347(3), 623-635
[Journal article]Authored by: Harjes, S.
Zerbst-Boroffka, I., Kamaltynow, RM., Harjes, S., Kinne-Saffran, E., & Gross, J. (2005). TMAO and other organic osmolytes in the muscles of amphipods (Crustacea) from shallow and deep water of Lake Baikal. Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology - A Molecular and Integrative Physiology. 142(1), 58-64
[Journal article]Authored by: Harjes, S.
Harjes, S., Scheidig, A., & Bayer, P. (2004). Expression, purification and crystallization of human 3′- phosphoadenosine-5′-phosphosulfate synthetase 1. Acta Crystallographica Section D: Biological Crystallography. 60(2), 350-352
[Journal article]Authored by: Harjes, S.
Bayer, P., & Harjes, S. (2001). TonB - A mediator of iron uptake in bacteria. Trends in Biochemical Sciences. 26(8), 472
[Journal article]Authored by: Harjes, S.


Sattlegger, E., Harjes, E., Jameson, G., Tu, J., Burr, N., Loo, T., . . . Norris, G. (2018). Deciphering intramolecular interactions in Yih1, a negative regulator of the protein kinase Gcn2.. Poster session presented at the meeting of Translational Control Meeting,Cold Spring Harbor, NY, USA
[Conference Poster]Authored by: Edwards, P., Harjes, E., Harjes, S., Jameson, G., Norris, G., Sattlegger, E.
Harjes, E., Harjes, S., Filichev, V., Jameson, GB., & Edwards, P.(2016, October). How DNA mutating enzymes interact with their DNA substrates. .
[Conference]Authored by: Edwards, P., Filichev, V., Harjes, E., Harjes, S., Jameson, G.
Filichev, V., Jameson, G., Kvach, M., Harjes, S., Barzak, F., Harki, D., . . . Harjes, E. (2017). Modulating APOBEC deaminase activity with ssDNA containing zebularine. , 7th Cambridge Symposium on Nucleic Acids Chemistry and Biology
[Conference Abstract]Authored by: Filichev, V., Harjes, E., Harjes, S., Jameson, G., Kvach, M.

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