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Chinese lead on climate change as US support melts
China is trying to develop a more positive image as a leader in environmental issues, including in Antarctica and the Polar regions, says Dr Marc...
Geographer honoured for farm and forestry research
The study of this country's farming and forestry industries, and of the development of geography as a university subject in New Zealand, are themes...
Planning students offer hope for people and planet
Developing affordable housing and finding solutions for conservation and hazard planning are among the special interests of four top students from...
Opinion: Fish can’t die twice - flawed water report
Our Freshwater Report 2017 from the Ministry for the Environment definitely shows an improvement in honesty on their water chapter in the recent...
Create1world empowering youth artists and activists
With so many humanitarian, economic, military and ecological crises facing the world it can get depressing, especially if you are a young person with...
Opinion: Value of humanities should not be underestimated - scientist
Successive governments have taken the view that education is about generating a short-term profit. For years, tertiary education policy has sought to...
PhD found inside volcanic flows
Have you ever looked inside a volcanic avalanche of hot rock and gas, and lived to tell the tale? No one ever has - until now.
Rutherford scholarship to protect endangered species
Massey University researcher Jessica Hiscox has been awarded a three-year Rutherford Memorial PhD Scholarship to investigate the relationships...
To fly or not to fly?
While some of our native birds are masters of the sky, others - like the kiwi - remain earthbound. While we know the physical qualities that cause...
How we think about science can make a difference
If, as Barack Obama says, the greatest threat to future generations is climate change, then environmental policies to combat it need an outpouring of...

Sustainability events

The following are upcoming sustainability-related events at Massey. If nothing is displayed there are no upcoming events.

Sustainability memberships

Australasian Campuses Towards Sustainability

Massey University is a member of Australasian Campuses Towards Sustainability (ACTS). In addition to the publically available information from their website all Massey staff have access to the member only area by registering on the website using their Massey email address. Webinars hosted by ACTS are available for Massey staff to join.

New Zealand Green Building Council

The New Zealand Green Building Council work in partnership with their membership organisations, a group of progressive businesses from all aspects of the building and property industry, with an aim to accelerate the development and adoption of market-based green building practices. As a member of the New Zealand Green Building Council, Massey staff and students enjoy a number of benefits.

Sustainable Business Council

Massey University is a Strategic Partner Member of the Sustainability Business Council (SBC). We are working with the SBC and other organisations to  help develop leadership in sustainable practices and education in the tertiary sector.

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