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Student blogs from 2016

Want to know what these tracks were really like for the students?  Read on.

2015 Student blogs

You can find out what our 2015 Agriculture and Environment program was like and see more photos by checking out blogs from some of our students.

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Internship field work.jpg We asked past students to tell us what they got out of the programme, personally and professionally.  As you’ll see, the NE&I will impact you far beyond your six weeks here in New Zealand.

Agriculture and Environment

Communication and Marketing

Disaster Risk and Emergency Management

Quotes from Students

Kenny Nguyen.jpg Kenny Nguyen
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Agriculture and Environment 2016

By having an expedition alongside an internship, it gave me more of an incentive to be able to immerse myself in another culture whilst gaining international work experience.  New Zealand is an agricultural powerhouse and being in the College of Agriculture and Consumer Economic Sciences means that the program fit directly into my curriculum and therefore I qualified for school credit back at my home institution.

This was a very unique experience as Kate from Gourmet Direct allowed us to gain hands-on experience and generate a marketing plan as well as implement promotions to help Gourmet Direct increase their customer base and grow into a much larger business.

Kels Cypser.jpg Kelsi Cypser
Iowa State University
Communication and Marketing 2016

I narrowed my choice down to the summer option and it just so happened that this specific program offered a study abroad course AND a marketing internship. It was the perfect opportunity for me with everything I wanted.

This internship placement is a once in a lifetime opportunity. I hope to gain as much marketing experience as possible to bring back to America with me.

Amanda White.jpg Amanda White
Miami University
Communication and Marketing 2016

The structure of the National Expedition and Internship is a unique “best of both worlds,” in that I saw that I would be able to both travel throughout New Zealand and get to know one city very well. I wanted a vibrant internship experience and time abroad, which Massey was able to provide through this program.

The tour environment on our expedition has been phenomenal.  We made random stops along the way at the most incredible little towns or natural wonders, and so many moments on the tour were standout experiences.

Nicole Jones.jpg Nicole Jones
Western Illinois University
Disaster Risk and Emergency Management 2016

I learned about running emergency management offices from the very top of the civil defence office in Wellington all the way down to communities with less than 50 people. The various kinds of areas in New Zealand give an experience that make it so that I am better prepared in any area I choose to work in throughout the U.S. The most standout experience has been my interaction with
the various professionals in the field. They are very open to questions and genuinely want you to learn about what they do, how they do it, and why they do it.

The Ministry of Health has been awesome. They have sent me to different offices and they even sent me out on a day trip to another region to ensure that I got the most out of my experience. Their commitment to learning has given me much more knowledge than a classroom would.

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