How to apply for a US Federal loan

There are five steps to apply for financial aid at Massey University. Most of the application can be completed online or submitted via email. Please note the deadlines for applications.

1. Complete an Application for Federal Student Aid

This is based on your prior year tax information. It outlines your eligibility for aid and provides the Department of Education with the financial information to calculate your Expected Family Contribution. Complete the form at the FAFSA website, listing Massey University (G13153) as your school, and indicating the correct level you will be studying at.

FAFSA website

2. Complete entrance counselling

This step provides you with all the relevant information about borrowing and repaying loans, and ensures your understand the undertakings. Students need to complete Stafford and Graduate PLUS entrance counselling the first time they intend borrowing either one of these loans from Massey University.

3. Complete a Stafford Master Promissory Note (MPN)

This outlines the terms and conditions of your loan and is your promise to repay the loan funds. Please read the conditions carefully and decide whether you wish to pay interest whilst you are in school.

4. Complete the Massey University Direct Loan Application Form

This lets us know to look out for the rest of your application materials and provides us with more information about your loan eligibility in the Foreign School context. You will also need to advise us of any grant, aid, or scholarship that you are in the receipt of when you submit your application for aid. 

5. Provide bank account details

We need your New Zealand bank account details so we can transfer funds borrowed for living costs directly into your bank account. Please send us a pre-printed bank deposit slip or other bank printout so we have your up-to-date details on file.

Apply for a PLUS Loan or Private Education Loan

PLUS loans are only available to eligible students/parents in qualifying programmes and require a credit check. Your eligibility will be advised via your Award Letter.  Students who are ineligible for a PLUS Loan may consider a Private Education Loan, which will also require a credit check.

Only request a credit check within 90 days of the first disbursement date or your credit will expire before your loan can disburse. If you do not pass a credit check, you can have your loan co-signed or endorsed by a third party based in the US. We recommend that you take all steps to ensure your credit record is rehabilitated.

Application timeframes

Note: Application timeframes will be strictly managed

Date due

Semester Two 2018 start - 18/19 Award Year

Semester One 2019 start - 18/19 Award Year

Applications open

01 March 2017

5 October 2017

Apply for PLUS/ Private Loan

From 16 May 2017

From 17 December 2017

Complete application requirements

23 May 2017*

20 December 2017

Award letters available

3 June 2017

29 January 2018

Return signed Award Letters

10 June 2017

12 February 2018

Anticipated disbursement date(s)

See 2018 Disbursement Timetable

* Students in the BVSc pre-selection semester will be advised of a separate timetable that applies to them.

Note: Federal Aid regulations stipulate that students new to an enrolled programme must receive 2 disbursements for the first semester of enrolment. The second semester of programme enrolment and beyond, students are considered returning students. Returning students in a full year programme who have not changed enrolled programmes, will receive one disbursement per semester - one in March and one in August.

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