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Room 809, SST, Turitea
Ph: 84649

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Research Interests

Thermophysics, Engineering in Internal Combustion Engines, Remote sensing, Alternative Fuels, Applied Mathematics


21st Century Citizenship, Resource Development and Management

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Field of Research Codes
Applied Mathematics (010200):
Automotive Combustion and Fuel Engineering (incl. Alternative/Renewable Fuels) (090201): Automotive Engineering (090200): Automotive Mechatronics (090203): Engineering (090000):
Mathematical Sciences (010000):
Optical Physics (020500): Optical Physics not elsewhere classified (020599): Physical Sciences (020000)

Research Projects

Completed Projects

Project Title: Investigations into Applications of RFID & robotic technology in laundry sorting at rest homes

Radio-frequency identification (RFID) and mechatronic technology has been applied to a laundry sorting system which can potentially be used by rest homes in the future to reduce the labour intensity of care givers, to increase the efficiency of laundry sorting, and to reduce the chance of missing garments. A type of small commercial RFID laundry tag, suitable for the laundry sorting conditions of a rest home, has been selected. These laundry tags have undergone endurance testing under actual washing and drying conditions with typical commercial laundry chemical products used in rest homes, and a laboratory conveyor belt was built for identifying and sorting tests of the tags. To overcome a major challenge of the limitations of their antenna and signal receiving systems in the proposed intelligent laundry sorting application, a strategy to coordinate the orientations of the tags, range of their antenna, and the amplification of signal receiving units has been investigated, and several antenna formats have been designed to improve the identification rate at different conveyor belt delivery speeds. A prototype laundry sorting system has been built, which consists of a complete tag detecting and identifying unit, the "brain", and a mechanical sorting implement unit, the "muscles".
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Date Range: 2009 - 2010

Funding Body: Massey University

Project Team:

Research Outputs


Davies, CE., & Davies, RYG. (2008). Cooling of spherical particles in a vertical airlift conveyor. Asia-Pacific Journal of Chemical Engineering. 3(1), 24-29
[Journal article]Authored by: Davies, C., Davies, R.

Davies, RYG. (1988). The Revision for the k - ε Turbulence Model and its Calculation Results. Chinese Journal of Engineering Thermophysics. 9, 3
[Journal article]Authored by: Davies, R.


Davies, RYG. (2015). Biodiesel for aviation use in New Zealand. , ATRS 2015 Conference Singapore
[Conference Abstract]Authored by: Davies, R.
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Davies, RYG.(1992, August). Methanol ignition problems in a Diesel Engine. Proceedings of the Symposium on Functional Material and Energy Source Science for Young Scientists. (pp. 209 - 212).
[Conference]Authored by: Davies, R.

Davies, RYG.(1991). The Characteristics and Utilisation of the N-D atomiser. .
[Conference]Authored by: Davies, R.

Davies, RYG.(1990). A new design concept of residual oil atomiser and its application. .
[Conference]Authored by: Davies, R.

Davies, RYG.(1989). Coal-water slurry combustion in a gas turbine combustor. .
[Conference]Authored by: Davies, R.

Davies, RYG.(1988, September). The future of coal water slurry applications in China. .
[Conference]Authored by: Davies, R.

Davies, RYG.(1987, September). A Study of coal water slurry in Gas Turbine Combustor. .
[Conference]Authored by: Davies, R.

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