Ensuring Project Team Success

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Two powerful seminars for Project Management professionals

Day 1: Stakeholder-led and Agile Project Management

All projects have stakeholders and require some form of stakeholder engagement. It is the engagement that needs managing, not the stakeholders because the right type of engagement varies depending on the types of stakeholders involved and the context of the project.

This course will introduce a stakeholder-centred approach to projects, and explain a range of models that are relevant to different types of projects. You’ll learn how to identify which approach is best to use with which group of stakeholders.

We will also explore how you can integrate behaviours typically used for Agile projects into stakeholder engagement. We discuss what goes wrong when stakeholders are not engaged successfully, and what lessons we can learn from these examples.

All participants will receive an electronic copy of the book Stakeholder-led Project Management: Changing the Way We Manage Projects and two conference papers on Agile behaviours in advance.

Day 2: Developing Strengths-Based Project Teams

Everyone has talents and strengths. Everyone does projects. This training program integrates common project management and strengths-based talent development to help you and your project team learn about and become a high-performing, strengths-based project team.

You’ll learn how to add talent development tools to your existing PM tool kits to maximise the use of your team’s collective talents. You will learn the characteristics of a strengths-based project team starting with each member appreciating their own talents, then appreciating talents of other team members, ultimately developing and focusing their collective strengths toward their projects.

You will learn how people in  various project management roles including the project sponsor and functional managers can help sustain a strengths-based project team culture.  Participants will take the StrengthsFinder assessment before this workshop.

All participants will receive an electronic copy of the book Developing Strengths-Based Project Teams.

Who should attend?

This training is designed for project managers, team members, human resource managers, and other project professionals who find themselves involved in managing projects with stakeholders (in other words, all project professionals). The expectation is participants will already understand the basics of project management.

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Programme facilitator

Tim Kloppenborg

Timothy J. Kloppenborg, PhD, PMP is a Professor Emeritus from Xavier University. Tim has over 100 publications to his name including 12 very successful academic books on various aspects of Project Management.  Tim has worked closely with the authors of over 30 books including Stakeholder-led Project Management: Changing the Way We Manage Projects and Developing Strengths-Based Project Teams.

Tim has worked in manufacturing, construction, and research, as well as being a retired USAF Reserve officer. He has lead thousands of people in consulting, training, and university classes on six continents, many of these assignments dealing with project management and/or strengths-based leadership.

He holds a BS in business from Benedictine College, an MBA from Western Illinois University, and a PhD in Operations Management from the University of Cincinnati. 


Tuesday 9th and Wednesday 10th April 2019

The days will run from 9 a.m. to 4.30 p.m. with meals provided.


Massey University Business School, Albany Campus, Gate 1, Dairy Flat Highway, Quadrangle Building A, Boardroom.


Massey Alumni: Day 1 $750, Day 2 $800, Both days $1,400 (incl. GST)

General Access: Day 1 $1,050, Day 2 $1,120, Both days $1,950 (incl. GST)

Please note:

This course has a minimum number requirement, so please book early to ensure the course is not cancelled. If you are booking travel or accommodation, please check with the Massey Executive Development first that the course is taking place.


E-mail: ExecDev@massey.ac.nz
Phone: Steven (09) 213-6883

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