Martina Daskova

Massey University aviation PhD student Martina Daskova PhD Aviation student
International student - Slovakia

Studying aviation psychology is a dream Massey is making real.

The Massey School of Aviation provides the best place for my research with its high standard of education and aviation industry experts who are easy to approach and always provide me the best help of every kind.

I’m looking at language switching in aviation and communication issues. English is the official language of aviation but air-ground communication is not restricted to English. This potentially creates a bilingual air traffic environment with simultaneous use of English and a language of the particular country. Pilots who don’t understand the local language may not receive information they need and their situational awareness and safety may be adversely affected.

There is also a gap in existing knowledge on the effects of language alternation on the situational awareness of bilinguals. Some countries are considering changing their bilingual air-ground communications to monolingual.

I’m from Slovakia and am bilingual. New Zealand as an English-speaking country is a neutral environment for my research as language also relates to culture. I can approach the problem without any research bias. I appreciate the pastoral care available at Massey and the environment around the university is beautiful.

I also like the multicultural environment and having friends from all around the world. When I arrived everything was ready for me and my colleagues helped me to feel at home. I’ve received support with statistics; help with a computer programme I need for my research (PsychoPy); feedback on my presentations; and suggestions for data gathering, funds and scholarships.

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