Lynda Low

Lynda Low

Graduate Diploma in Business Studies (Marketing)
Graduated in 2012

“What’s important about Massey, is that its defining qualities can by no means be measured...”

“Leaving high school, like many I was faced with a pivotal decision - to move away from, or to stay in Auckland. While moving to a ‘student city’ was attractive in some ways, solely considering the quality of education, it was clear that Auckland had the best universities.

The deciding factor for me was the High Achiever Scholarship I received; it was not purely a financial incentive, but an indication of the Massey’s commitment to, and care for its students. Massey believes in recognising the achievements of its students, from these awards come motivation to achieve more and communicate to employers, initiative and potential.

It is true that Massey does not have the international reputation and recognition that say, the University of Auckland does. I have come to realise however, that what’s important about Massey, is that its defining qualities can by no means be measured. Among these, the ones that stand out are the quality of lectures in terms of the (relatively) small class sizes and intimate lecture styles; the support of lecturers; the social activities; and the many clubs and societies on campus from academic to sports to career and personal development.

At Massey as a smaller university, you have the privilege of getting to know all the students in your degree or majors, and form real friendships with many of them. At Massey we have a more relaxed atmosphere that balance out the inevitable pressure of studies. You are not one in many thousands of faces; your lecturers will come to know you by name and provide you support with coursework, assignments, and so much more.

Along with a fellow student Sheryn Becker, I have recently won an NZICA competition of a viability analysis for Whale Watch Kaikoura; in fact we were convinced by a lecturer to enter the competition. I believe that the reason many Massey students win national and international competitions can be attributed to the quality of teaching we receive, and the amazing support from the lecturers and staff.

A double major in accounting and marketing provided a two-fold benefit: firstly I was able to study both the ‘creative’ and ‘practical’ aspects of business; and secondly it allowed more diverse career options. Although I have chosen accounting as my career path, many employers have commented on the wide range of knowledge and skills that I have gained from double majoring in a non-standard combination. I have secured a position with one of the Big Four accounting firms.

To make the most of your time at Massey, the key is to get involved. The Massey culture presents you with countless opportunities to join and eventually take up leadership positions in student groups. You are provided with opportunities to run events, where you will pick up transferable communication, organisational, and teamwork skills. You are provided opportunities to improve your public speaking, academic and business writing, and interview skills. You are provided opportunities to network, meet and learn from established businesspeople and up-and-comers.

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