Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility Group


The main objective of the Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) group is to foster and facilitate exchange of knowledge, debate and consultancy between academics and practitioners from both the private and public sectors.

In an environment of constant growth, strained resources and an increasingly connected world, the concept of corporate social responsibility is becoming increasingly important to building a sustainable future, but also to business' competitive viability. Research in this area can be used to encourage, justify and promote sustainable and socially responsible business practices.

More information about Sustainability @ Massey can be found at this website.

Sustainability and CSR research group

  • Dr Ralph Bathurst

    Dr Ralph Bathurst

    Senior Lecturer - School of Management

    Dr Ralph Bathurst is a leadership scholar focusing on the arts of leadership and the aesthetics of organisations.  He has published in Leadership, Journal of Management Inquiry, International Journal of Arts Management, ephemera: theory & politics in organization and Philosophy of Management. He maintains an interest in arts organisations and their sustainability, focusing on how the arts can influence business practice.  

  • Associate Professor Margaret Brunton

    Associate Professor Margaret Brunton

    Associate Professor - School of Communication, Journalism and Marketing

    Margaret Brunton's research focuses on the role of communication in facilitating a sustainable health sector.  Prior to entering academia, Margaret worked as an RN in clinical and management roles in the public and private health sector, caring for various cultural groups in a clinical setting. Subsequent research interests include the influence of the health reforms on practice, the provision of services, and the multicultural workplace in the health sector.  Research focuses not only on the communication practice of health professionals within public health organisations, but also on those the system is designed to serve.

  • Associate Professor Gabriel Eweje

    Associate Professor Gabriel Eweje

    Associate Professor - School of Management

    Gabriel Eweje is Associate Professor in Business and Sustainability. He is also Director of the CSR and Sustainability Research Group– a multidisciplinary team of researchers from Massey Business School. He is the Editor-in-Chief, Corporate Governance – An International Journal of Business in Society, and Associate Editor, Business Ethics: A European Review. Gabriel background is mostly in teaching, research and consultancy in Social Issues in Management. His research interest lies around the issues of business ethics, corporate social responsibility and sustainability related disciplines. He has also published his work in international academic journals and presented his research findings at international conferences.


  • Dr Jeffrey Kennedy

    Dr Jeffrey Kennedy

    Senior Lecturer - School of Management

  • Dr Nitha Palakshappa

    Dr Nitha Palakshappa

    Associate Head of School, School of Communication, Journalism and Marketing - School of Communication, Journalism and Marketing

    Dr Nitha Palakshappa is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Communication, Journalism and Marketing at Massey University.  Before coming to Massey she was at the University of Waikato.  Nitha currently lectures in the field of Marketing Strategy and Management.

  • Prof David Pauleen

    Prof David Pauleen

    Professor in Technology Management - School of Management

    David J. Pauleen (PhD) is an associate professor in the School of Management, Massey University, Albany, New Zealand. Current research issues interests include emerging work practices, personal knowledge management, cross-cultural information and knowledge management, virtual team leadership, dynamics, communication and technology, and more recently, the role of  wisdom in management. His work has appeared in such journals as the Journal of Management Information Systems, Sloan Management Review, Journal of Business Ethics,  Journal of Knowledge Management, and the Journal of Information Technology. He is also (co-) editor of four books, most recently A Handbook of Practical Wisdom (2013).

  • Dr Aymen Sajjad

    Dr Aymen Sajjad

    Lecturer - School of Management

  • Associate Professor David Tappin

    Associate Professor David Tappin

    Associate Professor - School of Management

    As an academic in the School of Management I teach HR/ER and project management, and supervise postgraduate students.  I am also with the Healthy Work Group - a research team interested in addressing psychosocial risks in work.  I have been at Massey University since 2011.  Before this I was a self-employed consultant and a researcher with Scion (a Crown Research Institute).

  • Dr Lili Zhao

    Dr Lili Zhao

    Academic Administrator - School of Management

Other members (PhD Students)

Mr. Kaz Kobayashi

"The title for my PhD thesis is "Corporate Approach to Human Sustainability: Workforce Wellbeing in Japanese Companies". I am examining corporate initiatives under such topics as work-life balance, long work hours, flexible working, gender equality and diversity, and investigating how those initiatives can be better aligned with business strategy, social responsibility, and sustainability in globally competitive economy and ageing society."


Mr Shobod Nath

"My PhD research title is “Embedding Synergistic Sustainability into Global Supply Chains: Investigating Apparel SME Suppliers of Bangladesh”. This study primarily intends to explore the reasons behind the current CSR and sustainability practices adopted by Bangladeshi export-oriented apparel SME suppliers, and how do they embed synergistic sustainability into their core business decisions as globally responsible local entities."

Ms Sitong Chen

"My research topic is: Sustaining Cross-cultural Leadership: New Zealand and Chinese Business Partnerships. I am studying how Chinese and New Zealand companies establish and sustain business partnerships in New Zealand.  With the rise of investment in New Zealand from China, it is a timely study that will assist companies manage their cultural partnerships.  My study will help identify factors that will ensure these partnerships become firmly established and flourish over time."

Publications and projects

Recent Academic Publications

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Funding & Initiatives

Seminars & Workshops


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