Valuing Human Resources project group


The focus of this group is considering people as valuable human resources (HR) in the knowledge economy, and mentoring research students in this trajectory. The mismatch of the rhetoric of people being the most valuable organisational assets with actual treatment in organisations is well documented.  The project trajectory involves investigating the development of meaningful cost effective HR measures that have strategic significance in adding value to organisational goal delivery and achievement.  Specific research questions include:

  • How can (HR) practices offer maximum leverage of the human capital pool through knowledge sharing (KS)?
  • What is the effect of organisational culture as a mediator of HRM practice and KS?
  • What models of human capital (HC) and knowledge management (KM) can be developed and tested empirically with respect to KS?

Currently the group is working on the writing up of both quantitative and qualitiative studies on the perceptions of professional employees towards how their work is valued and that is with registered nurses (RNs).  This work is based on the results of a national survey that we undertook as phase three of the project.  This builds on the earlier phases of VHR that have been completed and published.


  • Deirdre Therese Farr

    Deirdre Therese Farr

    Supernumerary Assistant Lecturer - School of Management

    I am a lecturer and PhD candidate in the School of Management. Teaching HRM compliments my PhD research aimed at exploring ‘employee voice’ and participation in Employment Relations and Occupational Health and Safety.  

    This follows three years of balancing part-time research with full-time work as a Health and Safety Analyst in the forestry industry. My research journey started in 2009 with work on two projects focusing on employer behaviours and attitudes to: collective bargaining, and legislative changes. My most recent research collaboration involves testing the ‘Good Employer’ concept developed in my Masters Thesis.

  • Barry Foster

    Barry Foster

    Lecturer - School of Management

  • Dr Kerri-Ann Hughes

    Dr Kerri-Ann Hughes

    Lecturer - School of Nursing

  • Dr Inga Hunter

    Dr Inga Hunter

    Senior Lecturer - School of Management

    I came to Massey University from clinical medical practice in Ireland, Australia and New Zealand, completed a Master of Philosophy in Information Systems, and joined the then Department of Information Systems as a lecturer in 1999. I am now employed as a senior lecturer in the School of Management. I work part-time for Massey University and part time in clinical medical practice as a senior medical officer at Palmerston North Hospital. My research interests include health informatics, especially electronic medical records, decision support systems, privacy and confidentiality, mobile technology and smart sensor technologies in health, and now disaster e-health.

  • Dr Jeffrey Kennedy

    Dr Jeffrey Kennedy

    Senior Lecturer - School of Management

  • Myles Stilwell

    Myles Stilwell

    Lecturer - School of Management

  • Beth Tootell

    Beth Tootell

    Lecturer - School of Management

  • Associate Professor Paul Toulson

    Associate Professor Paul Toulson

    Associate Professor - School of Management

    I am a reasonably senior academic staff member in the College of Business at the Manawatu Campus.  I live in Palmerston with my wife, Kaye, and currently our son Tim is staying with us until June next year when he is panning to return overseas.  I play the jazz saxaphone, enjoy gardeinbg and keep fit by going to the gym regularly.  I enjoy Massey work and have seen a lot of changes over the past few years.

  • Dr Alexei Tretiakov

    Dr Alexei Tretiakov

    Senior Lecturer - School of Management

Research Assistant

  • Lyn McCurdy
    B.Sc (Newcastle, Aust.; Grad Dip Ed, Newcastle, Aust.) 

    From working in her parents’ SME to National Sales Manager for Sandoz Pharmaceuticals in Australia, Lyn has a genuine understanding and empathy for what it takes to run a successful business.

    Since moving to New Zealand in 1995, Lyn has been co-owner of start-up enterprises, worked in economic development, tertiary education and private consulting. She holds tertiary qualifications in science and education and is currently completing her Master of Business Studies at Massey University researching strategic HR decisions in Maori Enterprise. Next step-PhD!

    Supervisor: A/Prof Paul Toulson

International MEMBERS

  • Dr. Jan Lockett-Kay

  • Dr. Hayati Abdul Jalal - University of Technology Mara, Perak, Malaysia

  • Dr. Salman Iqbal - UCP Pakistan
    PhD completed at Massey University in 2015
    Supervisors: A/Prof Paul Toulson, A/Prof David Tweed
    Thesis: Employees' perceptions of human resource management practices and knowledge sharing behaviour 

    "The information age heralds the idea that the most important source of competitive advantage is knowledge. Most of the knowledge management (KM) literature has discussed the antecedents of employees'' knowledge-sharing. Future research is required to explore how these employees'' knowledge sharing activities provide benefits to organisations and employees in terms of improved capability. To address this research gap in the literature, Mr Iqbal first examined the causative relationships between specific human resource management (HRM) practices and employee'' knowledge sharing and second, the outcomes of knowledge sharing in terms of improved individual capability in workplaces. The findings could be beneficial for researchers, practitioners, and those interested in organisational structure in the knowledge context" 

  • Associate Professor Delio Castaneda - Pontifical Universidad, Javeriana, Columbia

Publications & Projects


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Initial enquiries regarding this group can be directed to Associate Professor Paul Toulson.

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