Bod Pod What is the BodPod?

The BodPod is an advanced piece of equipment used to accurately & easily measure your body composition. This is explained as body fat percentage – the proportion of your body that is fat, compared with fat free mass.

The BodPod is an incredibly accurate & reliable method of body composition measurement due to its advanced technology - replacing the tape measure and callipers or water displacement tanks previously used in research.

The BodPod uses an air displacement method to measure body volume and, from that, calculates body fat. It measures all the fat in the body (both inside and outside) which sets it apart from less direct techniques of body composition measurement.

Massey University has the only two BodPods in New Zealand, one located on the Manawatu campus and the other on the Albany campus.

Who should have a measurement done?

The BodPod is open to anyone and everyone but is commonly used for:

• Giving you an indication of how healthy your body is
• Athletes who would like to track the effects of training on your body over time
• Tracking changes in fat and non-fat mass over time if trying to either reduce or increase your size

Our service

To get your body composition measured you can book a 30 minute appointment with one of our team

First visit price:  $120
Follow up:   $100 Corporate/ group discounts available

If you are interested in having your body composition measured:
Tel: 09 414 0800 Ext. 43650


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