Institute of Food, Nutrition and Human Health 

The Institute of Food, Nutrition and Human Health (IFNHH) is a leading provider of knowledge for food and health innovation in New Zealand. IFNHH offers integrated research and education across the entire food and health value chain.

We are celebrating 50 years of food technology in 2014.

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Food science and technology

Food Tech

The Food Science and Technology Division specialises in all aspects of food manufacture to satisfy the needs of the world’s population. Our graduates are in high demand, as they develop theoretical and practical knowledge that enables them to work in the international food industry. Our courses are taught in New Zealand and abroad.

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Human nutrition and dietetics


Human nutrition encompasses all interactions between nutrients and the human body. By studying how individual food components are digested, absorbed, metabolised and utilised, we can understand their effects on genes, cells, organs and the whole person. Deliberate manipulation of these interactions can improve health.

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Environmental health and life sciences

Health Sciences

Health promotion is becoming increasingly important, with an increased focus on wellness and disease prevention combined with knowledge and understanding of the contribution the natural environment may make to community health. Environmental factors (natural and mechanical) have a major impact on human health and wellbeing. Our research focuses on detection, examination and determination of the risk these environmental factors pose to human health.

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Human physiology


Human physiology studies the normal functions of the human body, including its organ systems. From foetal development to geriatric diseases, physiology is at the core of the biological sciences. By learning how the body works normally, scientists can then identify what is abnormal and work to find ways to improve health, longevity, and wellbeing.

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Research collaborators

In New Zealand's thriving scientific communities, the Institute of Food, Nutrition and Human Health works closely with other institutes, universities and research centres to produce valuable scientific research. By working together, we foster scientific progression and take advantage of the different skills and backgrounds of diverse research institutions.

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Food Innovation Network

Food Innovation.jpg

Massey University is part of the New Zealand Food Innovation Network.


The Institute of Food, Nutrition and Human Health has a red-line food pilot plant, FoodPILOT, to initiate and support greater research and development. 

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