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Prof Marewa Glover PhD

Professor in Public Health

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Associate Professor Glover's current research includes a trial of a community-based intervention to reduce diabetes and cardiovascular risk among Māori and Pacific people. She is a named investigator on the A Better Start National Science Challenge. Her previous work addressing obesity included the Aunties trial which tested if community health workers could deliver key messages to pregnant Māori women who smoked, including nutrition advice. She has also been a co-investigator on a feasibility study of an exercise programme for pregnant Māori women who smoked; and a RCT of use of exercise to enhance smoking cessation outcomes. All of the smoking cessation interventions Marewa has designed included the need to prevent post-cessation weight gain.


Vaping (using an electronic cigarette) is a relatively new phenomenon. Associate Professor Marewa Glover is involved in a current survey of New Zealand vapers. She participates at a global level in the ongoing debate and resulting social injustice that is blocking smokers switching from smoking tobacco (still the biggest killer locally) to vaping nicotine which is estimated to be 95% safer.

Reducing Smoking in Pregnancy

Trying to get recognition of the need to help pregnant women stop smoking while pregnant remains a priority. Over a third of Māori and many other Indigenous women smoke while pregnant. Associate Professor Glover and her colleague Dr Anette Kira continue to work on this, and collaborate with other researchers around the world, to test innovative maternal cessation interventions such as incentives and 'Aunties'.

End Smoking NZ

Associate Professor Glover is Chair of End Smoking NZ a non-funded charitable group advocating for innovative approaches that will speed reduction of smoking. End Smoking NZ have been the pre-eminent, if only group, advocating a harm reduction approach to reducing death and disease from smoking tobacco. End Smoking have in the past advocated for harm-reduced Snus as an alternative to smoking, and currently are advocating for vaping and other emerging alternatives to smoking products that can contribute to the Smokefree2025 target.

Associate Professor Glover’s research addresses major public health threats for Māori: smoking, obesity and insufficient physical activity. Marewa has worked in Tobacco Control for 23 years across policy, health promotion and advocacy and research. She is an internationally recognised authority on electronic cigarettes and their use. Other health priorities Marewa has studied include how to support Māori women to reinstitute breastfeeding, Māori attitudes towards infertility and AHR technology and interpersonal violence. Marewa specialises in kaupapa Māori health research methodology and inductive qualitative analysis methods. Her focus is applied research i.e. she develops pragmatic interventions for Māori and Pacific communities.

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Contact details

  • Ph: (09) 213 6059
    Location: A3.16, Quad A
    Campus: Albany


  • PhD - University of Auckland (2000)

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Maori Health, Tobacco Control, Smoking Cessation, Obesity, Electronic Cigarettes & Vaping, Kaupapa Maori Health Research, Qualitative Research

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Current Projects

Project Title: NSC - Obesity (A better Start (UOAX1511) National Science Challenge)

Date Range: 2016 - 2019

Funding Body: University of Auckland

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  • Dec 2014 - - End Smoking NZ

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