Institute of Natural and Mathematical Sciences - Invited Seminars

15 March 2017

Barbara Lee Keyfitz  –  Hyperbolic Conservation Laws: Why the Fuss about  L - 2 Stability? 

Date, time and venue

12 noon, 15 March 2017
MS1.04, Massey University Albany

19 Apr 2017

Philip Brydon (Otago University)  –  The fourth superconducting gap


2 pm, Wed 19 April
CTCP suite, e-centre/Bob Tindall building,  Massey Albany Gate 5 (Oaklands Rd), Oteha Rohe


Superconductivity is a low-temperature phenomenon in the solid state where electricity can flow without resistance. The microscopic building blocks are two-electron "molecules", so-called Cooper pairs. This destabilizes the low-energy electronic states, opening a "gap" in the electron spectrum. The form of the gap reflects the way that the electrons bind into Cooper pairs, and is therefore a critical piece of information in building up a microscopic understanding of the superconductivity. Up to now three types of gap were thought possible: a full gap, or a gap which vanishes at point or line nodes, allowing a classification in terms of angular-momentum eigenstates, the so-called spherical harmonics. We have recently demonstrated that a fourth type of gap exists, which vanishes on a surface. This unique gap structure arises from an additional degree of freedom of the electrons in the Cooper pair due to the atomic orbitals from which the electrons ultimately originate. We expect that this gap structure could arise in certain exotic Uranium-based compounds.

3 May 2017

Wendy Erb (Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey) - Sexy sounds: ecological, energetic, and anthropogenic influences on primate male long calls

Date, time and venue

12 noon - 1 PM, 3 May 2017
AT 1, Massey University Albany

10 May 2017

Emily Parke (Auckland University) 

17 May 2017

John Butcher  

24 May 2017

Greg Runnerstrum (Office of the Assistant Vice-Chancellor External Relations and Development) 

31 May 2017

Peter Cowman

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