Animal Behaviour Service

From choosing the right pet, to owning a well-behaved one, Massey University Veterinary Teaching Hospital’s Animal Behaviour Service can help you create a strong bond with your pet that will last a lifetime.

Our qualified behaviour veterinarian, Rachael Stratton and behaviour nurse Julie Dalton make a unique, dedicated team.

Our services

  • Behaviour problems in cats, dogs, horses and birds - diagnosis and treatment
  • Early education and training for puppies
  • Advice on adding a pet to your family. From choosing a new pet, to harmonious introductions with existing pets, babies, children and adults.
  • Dog training (at any age). Choose from Day Training (we train your dog for you), or One-on-One Training (where we train you to train your dog).
  • Care and training of your new kitten (Kitten Kindy).
  • Courses for dogs that don’t interact well with other dogs (Reactive Rover course).

Early education and training

Want to turn your puppy into an obedient, delightful dog? Need help preventing or resolving disruptive bad habits? 

Our dedicated staff use welfare-friendly, science-based training methods and use positive reinforcement to give the best result for you and your pet. One-on-one training sessions and day training are also available for any age of dog.

Puppy Pre-school 7-14 weeks old

This five week course covers socialisation, communication, puppy care, avoiding problems and basic commands.

Puppy Intermediate 3-7 months old

This four-week course further develops the basic training skills and teaches appropriate greeting and interaction with other dogs and humans. An attentive and calm dog is the goal.

Behaviour problems

Problem behaviours can have a traumatic effect on your pet and the whole household. Our veterinary behaviour team can help you manage and resolve these issues.

Problem areas we can help with include:

  • Training and education – undesirable behaviour such as jumping up, too excitable, digging and destruction
  • Understanding dog/cat body language for safe interaction, refining basic training commands
  • Fear and anxiety – e.g. noise phobias, dogs escaping, cats spraying or urinating inside, scratching, separation-related problems, fear in the vet clinic
  • Mild aggression – play aggression in cats, rough social interactions between dogs, food-related aggression, human-directed aggression.

Contact us

To use our service you may either:

  • Contact us, or
  • contact your usual vet or trainer for a referral.

Massey Animal Behaviour Service

Phone: (06) 350 5329

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