Farm Services Clinic

The Massey University Farm Services Clinic provides on-farm treatment for all farm animals as well as in-clinic consultations as required. We have a large animal hospital in Palmerston North providing ongoing care as well as advanced diagnostic imaging, intensive care and surgery for our patients.

We also offer 24-hour emergency care either in the field or at our clinic. 


First-opinion medicine

The Farm Services Clinic is the first choice veterinarians for many farmers, providing routine health care and advice across a range of animals, including:


  • Cattle – Dairy/Beef

  • Sheep
  • Goats
  • Camelids
  • Pigs
  • Deer

Preventative herd health/investigations

We have experienced veterinarians who provide comprehensive services in the following areas:

  • Animal health plans
  • Milk quality consultations
  • Reproduction and fertility
  • Lameness/hoof trimming
  • Heifer and calf rearing
  • Nutrition/BCS Trace Elements

Specialist services

The Massey University veterinary hospital has more specialists than any other clinic in New Zealand, meaning we can provide expert services such as:

  • Farm Staff Training (eg Spring Skills for junior farm staff)
  • Post Mortems and Clinical Pathology service
  • Referral Surgery
  • Animal Welfare Assessment
  • Consultancy
Mrs Lisa Whitfield staff profile picture

Contact details +64 (06) 356 9099  ext. 85167

Lisa Whitfield BVSc, MVM (Distinction)

Lecturer in Production Animal Health (Academic Track)

Institute of Vet, Animal and Biomedical Sciences

Lisa graduated with a Bachelor of Veterinary Science
in 2009, and worked in rural private practice for 3 and a half years working
with all domestic species. Following this, a return to Massey University and
Palmerston North saw Lisa complete an Internship in Equine Clinical Studies in
Massey Equine. Currently, Lisa is employed as a lecturer and veterinarian in the Farm
Services Clinic of the Massey University Veterinary Teaching Hospital, involved
in the education of veterinary and veterinary technician undergraduate
students, as well as working with clients of the clinic.


Contact details

  • Location: 1.1, Farm Services
    Campus: Turitea


  • Bachelor of Veterinary Science - Massey University (2008)
  • Master of Veterinary Medicine - Massey University (2017)

Research Expertise

Research Interests

Production Animal Welfare, Mastitis, Reproduction


21st Century Citizenship, Health and Well-being, Future Food Systems

Area of Expertise

Field of research codes
Agricultural And Veterinary Sciences (070000): Veterinary Sciences (070700)


Veterinary Medicine, Production Animals, Equine

Research Outputs


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Whitfield, L., & Laven, R. (2017). A comparison of the effect of short-acting and long-acting cloxacillin-based dry-cow therapy on somatic cell counts after calving in cows also given internal teat sealants. (Master's Thesis)
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Fax (06) 350 5747 

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