Field Trip Leaders and Lecturers

Dr Karoly Nemeth

Associate Professor

Role on the course: Course coordinator.
Leads the trip in the Nelson area, Otago, East Coast on the South Island, and around Rototua on the North Island.

A Hungarian-born geologist, completed his MSc in Geology in Budapest, then worked on his PhD on the South Island of New Zealand at Otago University of Dunedin. After his PhD he has worked mostly on volcanic geology projects in Mexico, Chile and Central Europe.

He has been participating in exploration mapping in Libya. He has spent time on volcanology research in the SW Pacific, dominantly in Vanuatu where he was involved in volcanic emergency management and undertook basic scientific research on various types of volcanic eruption styles. He has spent a great deal of time understanding magma and water explosive eruption types, and their signs, in the geological records in Japan, Korea and the US. Recently he has been involved in volcanology research in Saudi Arabia where he spent a full academic year in 2012/13. He is the course coordinator of the Field Camp and is happy to show you around New Zealand and get you close to an evolving land where geological processes act in front of our eyes in a most vivid way.

  Karoly Nemeth 2018

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Nicholas Riordan

PhD Research Student
Role on the course: Leading geological mapping in the South Island and guide field trips to the metamorphic core complexes in the West Coast

A born and raised Alaskan, I grew up exploring the outdoors, skiing competitively and playing lots and lots of classical music on the cello. Upon leaving home, I worked my way through a B.A. in geology at Carleton College and a M.Sc. in geology from Queen's University, having grown enamoured with understanding and reconstructing modern and ancient environments from earth's sedimentary record. For the last four years I've been living in New Zealand, teaching on a variety of geology field programs for New Zealand and American universities. Also endeavouring to understand the geologic history of New Zealand's West Coast as part of a PhD at the University of Canterbury in Christchurch. I'm excited to meet you guys and explore some of this amazing country with you!

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Dr Robert B. Stewart

Associate Professor
Role on the course: Leading volcanology field trips in the Taupo Volcanic Zone in the North Island

Bob is an Associate Professor in Earth Science at Massey University and the main focus of his research is the petrology of volcanoes, including stable isotope geochemistry, mineral chemistry and volatile contents in magmas and their effect on the impact of volcanic eruptions. He has also been involved in research into correlation of the climate change records preserved in land and deep-sea sediments. Investigations into the uptake of metals, including gold, by plants is an adjunct to his consulting for mining companies on the reclamation of mine sites.


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Dr Jon Procter

Senior Research Officer
Role on the course: Leading volcanological mapping in the Ruapahu region.

I grew up in New Zealand and gained my PhD from Massey University, New Zealand.  Throughout my career I have worked as a GIS and remote sensing technician, and as a teacher.  My PhD focused on the computer simulation of volcanic mass flows and hazard mapping which has been applied to a number of recent volcanic eruptions.  I am one of the only volcanologists in New Zealand that is Maori and regularly work with Iwi. 

My research has concentrated on identifying and characterising volcanic mass flows. I integrate various geological and geomorphological field and laboratory methods with remote sensing and GIS to analyse and interpret flow transport and emplacement mechanisms, as well as the potential future hazards from volcanic mass-flow events. I have also studied matauranga maori in relation to volcanoes, landscape evolution and environmental management. 

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Szabolcs Kosik

PhD research student
Role on the course: Research Assistant (Geomorphology) and logistics support.

Mr Kosik is a Hungarian geographer and geologist who completed his Masters degrees at Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest, Hungary. Following his Masters studies, he taught tectonic geomorphology, landscape evolution models and physical volcanology at Eötvös Loránd University and conducted volcanology research, focusing on volcanic debris avalanche and block-and-ash flow deposits of the Miocene volcanic regions of Hungary. He also has supervised undergraduate research projects. He gained experience in active volcano monitoring during a 6 month long research exchange program at Colima Volcano Observatory in Mexico. He has also worked as a volcanology expert and geo-tour operator at The Kemenes Volcanopark Visitor Center, Celldömölk, and as a GIS expert for the Agricultural and Rural Development Agency, Budapest. Currently he is a PhD research student in volcanology in the Volcanic Risk Solutions research group at Massey University. His research focuses on understanding the eruption mechanisms and future eruption scenarios of small volume satellite volcanoes in the Central North Island. He will assist with your field mapping, show tricks of geomorphological mapping of various New Zealand landscapes; and will organise logistics during the field camp. He will share his expertise in volcanology, mostly in the North Island.


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