Evolution Research

life-sciences-evolution.jpgEvolution research looks at heritable changes across successive generations of biological populations, speciation, phylogeny, adaptation, evolutionary ecology and genetics.

Our expertise

Ancient DNA

DNA technologies have expanded evolutionary studies by including ancient DNA from extinct species and populations in analyses. Our dedicated ancient DNA laboratory handles all types of degraded genetic material including herbarium and museum specimens.

Behavioural ecology

Behavioural ecology analyses the evolutionary context of animal behaviours associated with adaption to environments, and applies this knowledge to species conservation.

Coevolution and mutualism

This is the study of interdependency between plants and animals, including pollination and seed-dispersal mutualisms and the exploitation of plants for food (herbivory and seed predation).

Genomics, phylogenetics and systematics

We research evolutionary relationships among species from their morphological and genetic characteristics.We use bioinformatics to study biodiversity and systematics.

Speciation, hybridisation and adaptation

We study the process of evolution by natural selection. Population genetics are used to estimate gene flow, population size changes, historical distribution and species boundaries.

Learn more about evolutionary ecology at The Phoenix Lab.

For more information about our research activity, click on individual researchers' names below or see our research projects.

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