collage_GIS.jpg Areas of expertise

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

GIS is a computer system for collecting, storing and analysing geographical data. We specialise in digital mapping and spatial analysis; our server hosts one of the largest collections of digital spatial data in New Zealand. Access it here. You may view and download topographical maps, orthophotos and satellite imagery of New Zealand for presentations and assignments. The GIS laboratory has computers with high-end graphics cards as platforms for ArcGIS, ENVI, ERMapper and IDRISI Selva.

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Remote sensing

Remote and proximal sensing are techniques for acquiring data. Everyone knows about Google Earth: we have been operating a similar website for two years longer, for New Zealand imagery and maps. Access it here. Satellite imagery of New Zealand is available to students and researchers for applications including coastal studies; monitoring volcanic eruptions; crop and pasture studies; forest management; land use change; and evaluating the impact of urban growth.

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Proximal sensing

Closer to the ground, we operate a number of hand-held or 4WD-mounted sensors that collect hyperspectral and multispectral data. Most notable are the ASD FieldSpec Pro and the ASD Handheld 2.

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We have expertise in deploying radio-controlled, multi-rotor helicopters (unmanned aerial vehicles or UAVs) carrying cameras and multispectral sensors to provide high-resolution data for new research initiatives.

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Geology research at Massey University focuses on the relationships between geologic processes, rocks, soils, landscapes and society.

Physical geography

Physical geography is the study of the natural features and processes operating at the Earth’s surface and their impacts on, and interaction with, human society. Our research focuses on fluvial, slope and coastal geomorphology, Quaternary biogeography, and environmental change.


Our research focuses on developing and integrating ongoing scientific advancements in volcanology within practical risk-management strategies in New Zealand and Southwest Pacific communities, business enterprises and government agencies.



  • Dr Kate Arentsen

    Dr Kate Arentsen

    Project Manager
    Research Development Advisor - Research and Enterprise


  • Prof Mark Bebbington

    Prof Mark Bebbington

    Professor in Geostatistics - Institute of Fundamental Sciences
    Professor in Geostatistics


  • Dr Alastair Clement

    Dr Alastair Clement

    Lecturer in Physical Geography


  • Prof Ian Fuller

    Prof Ian Fuller

    Professor in Physical Geography


  • Dr Katherine Holt

    Dr Katherine Holt

    Senior Lecturer


  • Associate Professor Gert Lube

    Associate Professor Gert Lube

    Associate Professor


  • Prof Mark Macklin

    Prof Mark Macklin

    Professor of Fluvial Geomorphology


  • Dr Sam McColl

    Dr Sam McColl

    Senior Lecturer in Physical Geography


  • Dr Stuart Mead

    Dr Stuart Mead

    Postdoctoral Fellow


  • Associate Professor Karoly Nemeth

    Associate Professor Karoly Nemeth

    Associate Professor


  • Dr Alan Palmer

    Dr Alan Palmer

    Senior Lecturer in Earth Science - School of Agriculture


  • Julie Palmer

    Julie Palmer

    Lecturer in Earth Science


  • Associate Professor Jonathan Procter

    Associate Professor Jonathan Procter

    Associate Professor


  • Associate Professor Bob Stewart

    Associate Professor Bob Stewart

    Associate Professor - School of Agriculture


  • Mike Tuohy

    Mike Tuohy

    Senior Lecturer


  • Prof Georg Zellmer

    Prof Georg Zellmer

    Professor in Earth and Planetary Sciences


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