International Students

If you are an International Student please follow the process as per our International Students Office.

How to enrol in any of the papers and programmes:

1. If you have previously been enrolled at Massey University for a paper or course and you have an ID number, then you should be able to enrol for any of the papers through the internet


2. If this is your first time enrolling at Massey University it can be a little more complicated.

  • If you wish to just enrol for one paper for interest (for example the introductory 200 level paper 228.251) then you may also need to specify a qualification programme (such as the Bachelor of Applied Science or an Undergraduate Certificate course) even if you do not intend to undertake further study. Entry to these programmes is fairly straight forward and previous qualifications are not normally necessary.
  • If however, you intend to enrol for one of the more advanced 700 level papers (e.g. 228.7xx) you will need to demonstrate you have sufficient work experience or a suitable previous qualification. If uncertain, then it will probably be easiest to specify that you wish to enrol initially in a Graduate Certificate of Science and Technology or a Diploma of Rural Studies for which the entry requirements are less stringent. Then you can always apply to transfer to another programme (e.g. Masters or Post Grad Diploma) later on if you wish and if your work standard and grades to date are appropriate.
  • Most Degree and Diploma programme details are available for you to peruse at http://www.massey.ac.nz. Some programmes may seem restrictive at first, but there is often greater flexibilty in paper selections than first appears to be the case. Most qualifications can be done full or part-time either at one of the three Massey campuses or from you home or place of work.

For further information on Energy related courses as outlined above please contact:
Dr Phil Murray
Centre for Energy Research
Massey University
New Zealand
Email: P.Murray@massey.ac.nz
Phone:  +64 (06) 356 9099  ext. 84157

For information on any other Engineering and Technology programmes, please contact:
Email: AcademicAdvice@massey.ac.nz

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