EpiCentre is the largest veterinary epidemiology training and research centre in Australasia, and one of the leading groups worldwide.

EpiCentre offers expertise in the understanding and control of disease in animal populations, the transmission of disease from animals to humans, and hazards in food of animal origin.

We are closely aligned with Massey University's mEpiLab with whom we provide research, training and international consultancy in epidemiology and veterinary public health.

Together we are recognised by the World Assembly of the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) as a Collaborating Centre for Veterinary Epidemiology and Public Health. Collaborating centres provide scientific expertise and excellence in specific designated fields of competence and are consulted by the OIE to provide specialised input, advice or opinion.

Our expertise

Diseases of New Zealand livestock

We investigate endemic infectious diseases in farmed livestock (cattle, sheep, deer, pigs) including Johne’s disease, leptospirosis, bovine tuberculosis and salmonellosis. We also research mastitis and lameness in dairy cattle, and respiratory disease in pigs and sheep.

Diseases of global importance

We have provided expert advice on disease control strategies and researched major global animal disease issues, including bovine spongiform encephalopathy, foot-and-mouth disease and avian influenza.

Veterinary public health

In conjunction with mEpiLab and human-health colleagues, we are working on zoonotic diseases (i.e. those transferred from animals to humans) of global and national importance including human studies on salmonellosis, toxoplasmosis, VTEC and leptospirosis.

Animal health software

We have developed commercial software for the management of animal health at herd level, including DairyWIN, CamDairy and PigWIN.

Software for decision support

We have developed software and tools to provide decision support for the control of infectious disease. The most commonly used tool is Interspread-Plus, a spatially explicit infectious disease tool that has been used to model the spread of diseases including foot-and-mouth, avian influenza and equine influenza nationally and internationally. We have also developed IRIS, a web-based data-management solution for veterinary and human health data.

Surveillance and risk management

We are developing risk-based disease surveillance tools to facilitate ef´Čücient use of surveillance resources and evaluation of passive surveillance systems. We are involved in the development of new methods to conduct risk assessments to help risk managers in industry and government agencies.

Companion animal diseases

We are investigating health problems in working dogs and horses. Our work with the Hong Kong Jockey Club – eg, examining risk factors for musculoskeletal injuries – will affect equine health and welfare worldwide.


We have an international reputation for delivering short courses in epidemiology, disease surveillance and risk management. Courses are taught domestically and internationally, including Bangladesh, Korea and Vietnam.

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