MVM enrolment and fees

We advise you to enrol early in the enrolment period, since student numbers are limited to 30 per course and courses are often full. Check key dates to determine your deadline for enrolment.

Early enrolment also ensures that you receive study materials before the course starts.

Information on how to enrol in the Master of Veterinary Medicine (MVM) programme and how much each course costs is included below.

Enrolment—Master of Veterinary Medicine programme

All students entering the Master of Veterinary Medicine programme must enrol online.

Students new to the MVM programme

The enrolment system at Massey University has recently changed and there is now a two-step process:

  1. Application for admission to the MVM programme (or one of the qualifications within the programme). Once you have been approved for admission you will then need to:
  2. Enrol online in the particular course (for example, 118753 Canine and Feline Oncology) you want to study.

International students

Apply for admission to the programme here:

Once your application has been submitted please email to advise what course you want to study in so we can check later to make sure you have been registered on the course.

If you are unsure of your enrolment situation, please answer the questions below to work out which procedure is right for you.

First check if you meet the MVM entry requirements.

  1. Have you studied courses or qualifications at Massey University before?
    If yes, apply for enrolment. As a returning student (please use your original student ID. You will very likely need to get a new password – please follow the steps to do this. 
    If no, go to question 2.
  1. Are you a New Zealand citizen?
    If yes, apply for enrolment. If you gained your veterinary degree at an overseas institution you will be required to submit additional documents – these are outlined as you go through the enrolment process.
    If no, go to question 3.
  1. Are you a New Zealand resident (with a New Zealand resident’s visa) or an Australian citizen?
    If yes, go to question 4.
    If no, follow the instructions for new international students.

  1. Do you currently live in New Zealand?
    If yes, apply for enrolment. 
    If no, go to the guide to MVM enrolment for new international students.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

Fees – Master of Veterinary Medicine programme

At Massey University, students pay tuition fees and non-tuition (administrative) fees. Below are provisional tuition fees for 2018 MVM courses. Non-tuition fees range between $200-$400 NZD; they vary according to where you live and how the examination is delivered.

all students

International students
(excluding GST)*
Domestic students
(including GST)**
MVM 15 credit courses $6,746 $1,575.30
118.851 Research Report (MVM)
(45 credit)
$14,778 $4,725.90
118.852 Research Report (MVM)
(60 credit)
118.853 Advanced Professional Practice in Veterinary Medicine
(45 credit)

* international students living outside NZ are not liable for GST
** domestic students are subsidised by the NZ government and pay GST if they live in NZ

Fees (combined tuition and non-tuition fees) include the cost of:

  • In-depth teaching and study support over the course duration (usually 8 months)
  • Printed study guides, posted to you
  • Access to online teaching material and discussion areas (no software required).
  • Registration for the contact workshop (contact course), including practical sessions
  • Access to the library, including online journals
  • Holding the examination in a centre near you.

Fees do not include the costs of textbooks that you may need to buy (some courses only), or travel, accommodation, and meals to attend the contact workshop.

Domestic students

Fees for domestic students are subsidised by the NZ government. See fees information for domestic students

Cancellation of courses

We may cancel courses if there are insufficient enrolments, but this is highly unlikely. We advise affected students before the course starts, and we will offer places in other courses or refund your fees.

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