MVM courses

Programme structure

The Master of Veterinary Medicine (MVM) is an online 120 credit (1200 hours) master’s offered online to domestic and international veterinarians. The MVM programme allows veterinarians to complete individual courses of study or put them together for a qualification. Each course in the MVM is 15 credits (150 hours).

The highest-level qualification is the Master of Veterinary Medicine. Other qualifications include the Postgraduate Diploma in Veterinary Science (PGDipVSc) (120 credits) and the Postgraduate Certificate of Science and Technology (PGCertScTech) (60 credits). The master’s degree and PGDipVSc allow a subject endorsement showing the emphasis of your study.

Schedule for MVM degree

The 120 credit MVM degree is made up for four or five x 15 credit courses. There are three ways to complete the final 45 or 60 credit research reports (called capstone courses). Two of these are research reports (45 and 60 credits). The third capstone option for the MVM is a 45 credit practicum paper designed for students to spend three full time months under supervision with an expert in any discipline of veterinary science.

Courses in the MVM programme

Most courses in the Master of Veterinary Medicine (MVM) programme are offered once every second year. Exceptions are the capstone courses (118.851, 118.852, 118.853), 118.761, Canine and Feline Emergency Medicine and 118.785 Principles of Veterinary Epidemiology which are offered every year. The duration of most courses is 24 teaching weeks over two semesters (seven to eight months total).

  • semesters 1 and 2 (late February to early November) or
  • semesters 2 and 3 (mid July to mid February).

Exceptions are the epidemiology courses, 118.785 and 118.786, which are single semester (either February–June or July–November)

Courses offered in July 2019




Courses offered in February 2020




Courses offered in July 2020




Key dates for courses

We advise you to enrol early in the enrolment period since student numbers are limited to 30. Early enrolment also ensures that you receive study materials before the course starts. Learn how to enrol

Contact workshop dates for 2019 can be found in specific course descriptions and here. 

Course Name Workshop date
118.752 Canine and Feline Endocrinology 27-29 Aug 2019
118.761 Canine and Feline Emergency Medicine  27-29 Aug 2019
118.762 Dermatology for Small Animal Veterinarians  27-29 Aug 2019
118.771 Advances in Ruminant Nutrition for Veterinarians  2-4 July 2019  9-11 July 2019
118.777 Veterinary Clinical Reproduction and Fertility 2-4 July 2019
118.785 Principles of Veterinary Epidemiology - sem 1 only 14-16 May 2019
118.756 Canine and Feline Neurology 19-21 Nov 2019
118.759 Ophthalmology in Small Animal Practice 19-21 Nov 2019
118. 763 Canine and Feline Orthopedic Surgery  19-21 Nov 2019
118.776 Lameness Investigation and Control for Cattle Vets 26-28 Nov 2019
118.786 Applied Veterinary Epidemiology – sem 2 only  27-29 Aug 2019

Capstone courses

118.851 Research Report (MVM) (45 credit)
118.852 Research Report (MVM) (60 credit)
118.853 Advanced Professional Practice in Veterinary Medicine (45 credit)

Weekly time commitment per course

Each course offered over 2 semesters involves about 5-6 hours of work per week – one-eighth of a full-time workload.

For each epidemiology course (15 credits) plan to spend 10-15 hours of study per week during the semester.
For business courses students should plan for 25 hours of study per week for the period of the course.

Business School Courses

The following 15 credit courses you are also able to integrate into your MVM studies and are run from Auckland Airport, Manawatu Campus or online.

115.764 Leadership and Teamwork 
115.765 Managing People and Organisations 
115.766 Managing Financial Resources 
115.768 Marketing Analysis and Strategy 
115.769 Business Economics 
115.774 Operations and Supply Chain Management 

115.791 Digital Transformation 
115.799 Digital Design and Disruption 

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