Applied ecological economics paper 132.705

This paper was taught for the first time in Semester 3, 2011 by Ecological Economics Research New Zealand at Massey University. This was the first of three ‘atelier courses’ in the context of our research programme “Integrated Freshwater Solutions (IFS)”. The teaching component covered:

  1. A 5-week, on-line introduction to Ecological Economics concepts and tools.
  2. A 10-day workshop where challenges regarding the Manawatū River catchment were presented by lecturers and stakeholders. Students selected a topic of interest, chose a ‘solution’, and collaboratively worked hands-on to address the challenge applying the concepts, tools and information learned on the course.  Abstracts were written and solutions were summarized in an outline for a manuscript.
  3. The 5-week follow up on-line component consisted of finalizing the literature review and writing of the manuscript.

Three manuscripts evolved from this 2011-2012 paper:

  1. Flood protection
  2. Recreation as an Ecosystem Service
  3. Scenario Planning for Peak Oil

The ‘Flood Protection’ manuscript has been accepted for publication, pending revisions, and is therefore not yet included until final publication. [A web link will be provided when published.] The other two are linked. It should be kept in mind that these manuscripts are developed by students as part of this paper and should not be used as ‘expert advice’. However, the manuscripts reflect critical thinking and creative ideas and are made available in the hope that they add value to those who generously provided their time and input. If there are any further questions or concerns, please, don’t hesitate to contact me.

A/P Marjan van den Belt 


I thank the students for their hard work and wish them the very best in their academic journeys. I wish to that acknowledge Vicky Forgie for preparation of the on-line STREAM component and logistics around the paper. Prof Robert Costanza and two students from Portland State University, USA, enriched this collaborative paper with their perspectives and energy. Prof Steven Wratten from Lincoln University contributed 3 days of his expertise in agro-ecology and teaching to this paper. The contributions of the 9 other lecturers/field trip speakers were invaluable.

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