MIMES workshops

Two MIMES workshops have been held to investigate ways to help make better decisions in New Zealand by integrating Natural Capital and Ecosystem Services values with Economics.

EERNZ first hosted a workshop with Dr Roelof Boumans, lead designer of MIMES on the Massey Manawatū Campus from 28 November to 2 December 2011. Research providers/users jointly learned-by-doing the MIMES platform using actual data on a case study area, which was the Manawatū River Catchment. “Do-ers” (modellers, data providers, scientists) developed skills related to MIMES and collaboratively proposed an expansion of MIMES in New Zealand.

What is MIMES? 

MIMES is a collection of coupled submodels simulating the dynamics of five “spheres” - the Biosphere, the Lithosphere, the Atmosphere, the Hydrosphere and the Anthroposphere (the human dimension) spatially across a landscape. MIMES simulates landscapes as a collection of these locations exchanging materials and information moved through water and air, biodiversity through the movement of individuals within species, and people through migration and travel patterns. Locations can be cells within a grid, polygons to represent political or ecological units, or segments in networks.

The second workshop was held 12-16 August 2013. This workshop was organised to progress the Manawatū catchment model and demonstrate to end-users the capability of MIMES to integrate existing models, model outputs and databases into an organising framework to connect ecosystem services supply and demand across the landscape and overtime. MIMES was demonstrated as an accounting framework to show how ecosystem services can link the economy and the environment. In addition, MIMES provides an integration capacity to overcome the problems associated with being data rich and information poor. How we put data together is becoming more important as data becomes more accessible and the ability to generate data grows in scale (big data).

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