Auckland workshops

Workshop 1 - 8th September 2011

Workshop 2 - 24th November  2011

Workshop 3 - 15th March 2012

Mediated Model developed for the Auckland Region for you to run

Participants from diverse organisations in the region have agreed to participate in the workshops. An integrated Mediated Model (MM) will be built to identify the important linkages that need to be allowed for in the more detailed spatial decision support system being constructed as part of the SP2 project.  As with all modelling projects, assumptions need to be made and important links not covered made explicit.

The intention is for the MM workshops, while exploring a pre-determined topic of interest, to identify deficiencies in understanding and data. Decisions will then be made as to how these are best addressed in the overall SP2 project.

The MM model will be able to be used independently.

The goal is to up-skill people attending the workshops to a level at which they are able to take the MM model out to other groups to convey information and to be able to tell a complex story and simulate the same sets of scenarios. This may require additional workshops, but the three workshops planned for April-August will provide enough information for the participants to decide if/how such efforts should be directed.


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