The staff expertise, equipment and facilities that are available allow a wide range of research projects to be carried out. Some examples of our capabilities are described below.


Epidemiology is the study of factors affecting the health of populations. An epidemiological study assesses the risk factors for a particular disease so that a logical approach is taken to treatment. Study design, statistical analysis and computer modelling are important aspects of epidemiological studies.

Clinical research

Clinical research is carried out to determine whether newly-developed drugs or treatments are safe and effective by selecting animals that are suitable to include in the study. This type of research is typically carried out in an equine hospital setting.

Controlled trials

This methodology is similar to clinical research except that a second group of animals, known as the control group, is included. The control group is matched as closely as possible to the treatment group (similar age, weight, etc) but they do not receive the treatment. In this way, a comparison of the efficacy of the treatment can be made and any side-effects evaluated.


Biomechanics involves applying the principals of biomechanics to the study of biological systems. Equine biomechanics researchers are interested in how the external forces acting on the horse influence his limb movement and action.


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