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An important task of any research project is to make the results available to those who will be interested in the information, and have the potential to benefit from it. There is a need to make the results of Massey Equine Research more available and accessible to the racing and breeding industries. The aim of this project is to identify ways to transfer relevant findings to members of the racing and breeding industries, allowing appropriate resources to be developed. First, we need to establish the preferred methods of receiving information and the type of research information that people would like see. This would facilitate the spread of knowledge throughout the industries, leading to increased awareness of research information and the potential for adaption of industry practices. This project will involve a survey of people in the equine industry, developing and updating the Equine Research Centre website, and designing new ways of transferring information gained from research projects within Massey Equine Research.


 An online survey was designed to find out what horse information people would like to know about and the best ways of disseminating the information to them.  The survey was available to complete during May 2012, for people in the racing and breeding industries in New Zealand. There was a great response to the survey, with over 600 surveys completed. Most people were from the Thoroughbred sector (53%) of the industry with most respondents being breeders (45%). Respondents were most interested in research-based information on feeding and nutrition, injuries and lameness, health and exercise, and training. Veterinarians, websites, friends or other horse owners, and printed magazines were used most often for obtaining information on equine research; these sources were also rated as most preferred. Social media and other online sources (videos and forums) were rarely used. The survey results highlighted opportunities to better utilise and adapt current industry sources of information to ensure that research information is being disseminated to the racing and breeding industries in New Zealand. The results of this study have been published in Journal of Equine Veterinary Science.

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This work is funded by the Equine Trust.

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