Sample Submission Guide

 1. Sample Preparation

  • A minimum of 3µl of each sample should be provided. This will provide sufficient volume, should a repeat run be required.
  • Samples should be provided in either 0.5ml or 1.5ml microfuge tubes.
  • Sample tubes should be clearly labelled with your Name, and the Sample Name, from the submission form.
  • Samples should be supplied at a concentration within the range outlined in the table above. Please quantify your samples using either a spectrophotometer or a fluorimeter, to make sure they fall within the concentration range of one of the two LabChip assays above.
  • Please securely wrap your samples so as to prevent potential breakages during transit.
  • RNA samples should be re-suspended in RNase free water. Salt (≥10mM TRIS) can interfere with analysis.

 2. Sample Submission

  • Customers are required to download and complete the attached Bioanalyzer Sample Submission Form. Please complete the sample submission form electronically (i.e. you can type your details into the form), sign the form, and e-mail this request through to Xiaoxiao Lin. Please supply a signed copy with your samples for sample identification.
  • Bioanalyzer Service Request Form - Nano LabChip (64 KB)
  • For request processing and invoicing purposes, the MGS requires you to be a registered user of the service, to use the Bioanalyzer Service. If you are not a registered user, you will first need to register before filling in the Bioanalyzer Sample Submission Form. Your username, which you create when you register with the MGS, needs to go onto the submission form.
  • All external customers must supply an Order Number on the submission form, for invoicing purposes, which you obtain from your accounts department.
  • All internal customers must supply an Account Number on the submission form, for internal transfer purposes. School of Veterinary Science customers must supply both an Order Number and an Account Number.

3. Sample Delivery

  • Please send RNA samples by overnight courier on dry ice to the following address:

Massey Genome Service
Massey University
c/- IFS Inwards Goods
Science Tower A, Level 1,
Columbo Road
Turitea Campus
Palmerston North, 4410
New Zealand
Attention: Xiaoxiao Lin

Phone: +64 6 951 9080

 Customs are welcome to hand deliver samples, please contact Xiaoxiao Lin for instruction.

  • Please supply a signed copy of the submission form with your samples for sample identification.
  • The Massey Genome Service DOES NOT accept international sample deliveries.

 4. Turnaround Time

  • The standard turnaround time for this service is a maximum of 2 weeks (10 working days) from when the facility receiving the samples to receiving the results via e-mail. This is to allow for sufficient samples to be received in order for our service to fill a LabChip. LabChips will be run earlier if sufficient sample numbers are received. Therefore, you may receive your results earlier than the specified 2 week turnaround time.

 5. Results Delivery

The Bioanalyzer results are sent to customers via e-mail. You will receive the following documents:

  • Bioanalyzer Report Summary:  PDF document generated from the Bioanalyzer.
  • Bioanalyzer Service QC Report: Excel document generated by the MGS
  • Data Files: Sent to you as .xad files, which can be opened using the Agilent 2100 expert software. This is the same software used by our service. Below is the link to downloading this software.

Download ‘2100 Expert Software version B.02.08 (SR2)’ from the Agilent website

This software download is free.

NOTE: This software cannot control an instrument without a license, but can be used on a stand- alone PC with Windows 7 and Windows XP operating systems.

For information on checking the quality of the data, the ‘Bioanalyzer Report Summary, and ‘Bioanalyzer Service QC Report’, please refer to the attached MGS - Bioanalyzer Service Technical Bulletin.pdf (535 KB) .

  MGS - Bioanalyzer Service Technical Bulletin - January 2017.pdf (534 KB)







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