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Taking an overview of the doctoral research cycle - Dr Frank Sligo

Dr Sligo is a dynamic and passionate speaker and in this presentation he talks about the Doctoral Research Cycle - how to maintain focus, enthusiasm, and passion for your research.

Refining academic research - Peter Adds (Victoria University of Wellington)

One of the most difficult issues doctoral students encounter is deciding on and then refining the topic for their thesis. There is an expectation that PhD candidates will already have some well developed ideas about their topics and that they may already be "experts" of sorts in their area - before they even approach a supervisor. This presentation will discuss these issues and more, and suggest some things that doctoral students should think about before they enrol.

Too much information, not enough time - Spencer Lilley

This presentation focuses on using Library resources and databases to their full potential so you can find the literature on your research topic and not be overloaded with information. Specific content will include crafting and applying the search strategy, using alert functions and other shortcuts to keep yourself up with the play and identifying journals to publish your articles in.

Keeping your research organised - Dr Ocean Mercier (Victoria University of Wellington)

All too often, the seemingly simple actions of storing and cataloguing information, ordering your research notes and recording your research process develop organically rather than intentionally. This can lead to unnecessary stresses when information is not easily accessible in the final stages of your PhD process. So, how do you avoid spending unnecessary time tracking down the details of missing references? And what record keeping practices can really help you with the writing process? This presentation suggests a range of strategies that may help you avoid research data chaos and maximise the value of your information gathering phases.Dr Sligo is a dynamic and passionate speaker and in this presentation he talks about the Doctoral Research Cycle - how to maintain focus, enthusiasm, and passion for your research.

The Doctoral Research Committee and the Graduate Research School - Jacque Koenders

This presentation will outline the role and the function of the Doctoral Research Committee is, what they do, and how they can assist you with your research.

Enhancing data quality and validity in qualitative studies - Dr Te Kani Kingi

This presentation explores ways in which researchers can enhance the validity of research data through utilising various triangulation protocols. The presentation does not describe a "rule of thumb" to be used in all studies but rather approaches you might want to consider as part of your research methods.

Pirates stole my assignment! - Dr Frank Sligo

In this presentation Associate Professor Frank Sligo attempts to traverse some of the slippery slopes of postgraduate study within the human and organisational sciences and beyond, into the landscape to which such study points, an academic career and life as a thinking and ethical citizen. Frank raises questions such as what is the relationship between "truth" and "stories" (can discourse be both true and a story?). Then, in the human sciences, can the richness of the human experience really be encapsulated within the confines of any particular academic discipline? In a pluralistic world with competing versions of what is considered true, what might truth comprise in postgraduate research and in everyday academic life? If a single version of truth proves itself elusive, what is a postgraduate student’s own responsibility for responsible research practice, and what tools for thought and for communication might exist from which we can build our ability to survive and prosper on the research journey?

Show me the money - Dr Te Kani Kingi

This workshop provided tips on how to improve your grant writing skills and increase your chances of funding.

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