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Sociologist to receive highest honour at graduation

22 November 2017

Sociologist and Professor Emeritus Graeme Fraser will receive the University’s highest honour – the Massey Medal – to recognise his 50-year contribution, from social sciences pioneer to champion of distance education. He will be conferred the honour in the second of three ceremonies at which at total of 459 students will cross the stage of the Regent Theatre to be capped, including 47 doctoral and139 master’s students.  Professor Fraser is currently employed as the research mentor at the Centre for Defence and Security Studies.

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Research on women’s safety and security awarded

27 October 2017

Two women police employees have been awarded top honours for their Master of International Security research projects on safety and security issues that affect women’s lives here and overseas. 

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'It's very subjective' -  using 'terrorism" to describe attacks

02 November 2017

Dr John Battersby from Massey University says that the view of a particular group by a state can define whether it is a terror group.

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New era for China after Party Congress?

26 October 2017

As a new era of politics unfolds here, Asia politics expert Dr Marc Lanteigne has been observing China’s 19th Party Congress for policy directions and a new generation of leaders anointed this week.

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Terror and terrorism - a framework for understanding

12 October 2017

In the wake of the worst mass shooting the United States has ever experienced, it is useful to consider the dynamics of terrorism. What is it? When is terror not terrorism?

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Catalonia - catalyst for independence elsewhere?

03 October 2017

Catalonia’s vote for independence faces hurdles - namely the Spanish government and the European Union – before separation can become a reality. Whatever the outcome of the recent referendum, the Catalan cause might well be a catalyst for autonomy-seekers in Spain’s Basque region – and even Scotland.

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New Zealand and Terrorism: the case for new legislation

01 October 2017

The nature of terrorism has changed, and is continuing to do so. Despite this,New Zealand relies on terrorist legislation that is no longer fit for purpose.

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Short course focus on Pacific regional security

14 September 2017

The inaugural Pacific Security Dynamics professional development course held at Massey’s Auckland campus provided an overview of comprehensive security trends and issues in the Asia-Pacific region for 21 participants from 12 government agencies, security and defence organisations, as well as defence media.

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We need a private-public sector dialogue on security

25 August 2017

Professor Rouben Azizian spoke at the NZSA Security Industry Awards dinner at their educational seminars, where NZ Security interviewed him about National Security and Regional Responsibility: the need for new paradigms.

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Qatar cauterised? - Gulf diplomatic crisis in focus

24 August 2017

Global attention has been fixated lately on the sabre-rattling tensions between newly-nuclearised North Korea and the super-powered United States. Meanwhile, over the past two months, the Middle East region has been pre-occupied with its worst diplomatic crisis in decades. Dr Marc Lanteigne comments on the situation.

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US Government crisis communications: lessons learned

17 August

Robert (Bob) Jensen, Senior Managing Director of Strat3 LLC, a consulting firm specialising in strategic planning, engagement and response, presented on Wellington Campus recently.  He shared highlights from his 34+ years of experience with strategy development and communication operations in the US and around the world.  Most recently he served as the principal deputy assistant secretary for Public Affairs for the US Department of Homeland Security where he provided oversight and input to national risk assessments and strategy development, including cyber-security, natural disasters, pandemics, counter-proliferation and counter-terrorism.  

North Korea vs United States: what's real?

14 August 2017

US president Donald Trump broke with decade of convention when he used threatening language against North Korea, saying the US would respond with fire and fury, and that its military was "locked and loaded". Dr Marc Lanteigne, a lecturer at the Centre for Defence and Security Studies, at Massey University talks about what's rhetoric and what's real to Sunday Morning programme on Radio NZ with Wallace Chapman.

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North Korea diplomatic crisis – words and weapons

10 August 2017

Is the recent escalation of tensions between North Korea and the US more of the same posturing we've witnessed before? Or is there a real danger nuclear weapons could be used? Asia specialist Dr Marc Lanteigne was interviewed yesterday and offers insights and context to the latest developments.

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Pre-election forum held on international security, defence and trade

09 August 2017

CDSS, with support from the Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade Select Committee presented a pre-election public forum on international security, defence and trade last night at the Beehive. The speakers were Todd Muller, MP (National), David Parker, MP (Labour) and Barry Coates, MP (Green).  The chair and facilitator for the session was Professor Rouben Azizian.  

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China to uphold North Korea sanctions

09 August 2017

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi has said that China will pay the biggest price from the new UN sanctions against North Korea because of its close economic relationship with the country, but will always enforce the resolutions. Dr Marc Lanteigne from CDSS comments on the situation.

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3 new speakers announced for Pacific Security Dynamics course

08 August 2017

The Pacific Security Dynamics programme being held at Massey University from the 4th September has a further 3 respected experts in their field added to its line-up of speakers today - Dr Joe Burton from the NZ Institute for Security and Crime Science at the University of Waikato, Dr Jason Young from the NZ Contemporary China Research Centre at Victoria University of Wellington and Josie Pagani from the Council for International Development.

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CDSS contributors feature in international security commentary

20 July 2017

The Winter 2017 issue of the Line of Defence magazine features academics from the Centre for Defence and Security Studies commenting on international security issues.

View the articles here:

Fiji continues to look north for military cooperation
China’s expanding Belt and Road policies: Challenges for Oceania
Genocide Looming in South Sudan?

Young diplomats try to resolve Sudan conflict

07 July 2017

They reside a world away from the horrors of civil war, mass atrocity and refugee crises. But teenagers in Auckland and Manawatū flexed their diplomatic skills to try and resolve such issues in mock United Nations Security Council exercises at Massey University.

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Push to allow companies to 'hack back' to cyber attacks is misguided, experts say

15 June 2017

Massey University Centre for Defence and Security Studies senior lecturer Andrew Colarik says if it passes, the bill won’t stop in the US. In order to stay competitive and “maintain one’s sovereignty and national pride, you’re going to see legislation like this throughout the world.”

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Opinion: The terrorism challenge in the 21st century

08 June 2017

The United Kingdom has endured its third terrorist attack in three months, and others have occurred in France and Australia in recent days exposing the vulnerabilities of modern liberal societies. Modern terrorists, focused on the next world rather than this one, use the agency of killing and maiming to send a message few of us can actually fathom.

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Chinese lead on climate change as US support melts

06 June 2017

China is trying to develop a more positive image as a leader in environmental issues, including in Antarctica and the Polar regions, says Dr Marc Lanteigne, a Massey University expert on the Asian superpower.

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Graduate's extraordinary journey

31 May 2017

Wing Commander Gerrard Currie’s (Royal Air Force) journey to New Zealand to graduate with distinction at the May ceremony in Palmerston North could be described as extraordinary.  Not only did he travel over 18,500 km from Belgium to New Zealand specifically to receive his degree in International Security but he overcame the adversity of a significant head injury following a cycling accident in 2016.

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Cannabis harm prevention message a must – study

26 May 2017

Carrie Drake, who graduated this week with a Master of International Security, investigated the social harms from cannabis (aka marijuana, pot, weed, grass, dope) by interviewing police in countries where the drug is legally available. Her findings come amid public debate about possible law change in New Zealand.

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Royal Brunei Armed Forces graduands come to Auckland

01 May 2017

Four graduates from the Royal Brunei Armed Forces cohort who have completed the Master of International Security programme through CDSS came to Auckland to graduate on 27 April. The graduates were Azlina binti Muhammad, Mohammed Hairy Erwandy bin Haji Raya, Mohammad Irwan bin Yahya all from Brunei, and Eric Ng Weng On from Singapore. 

Premier of film, 'The Age of Consequences'

28 April 2017

The Reel Earth Environmental Film Festival will show a New Zealand premiere of a shocking and powerful film The Age of Consequences. The festival is being organised by the Palmerston North City Environmental Trust and Massey University.  The film will be presented by Mr Oiroa Kaihau, the External Relationships Manager at the Centre for Defence and Security Studies who will be sponsoring the showing scheduled for 6:30pm on Tuesday 09 May at Downtown Cinemas in Palmerston North.

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Not just and spies – a broader view of security

12 April 2017

Security in the 21st century will be determined as much by tackling income inequality and diminishing natural resources as countering terrorism, according to specialists in a Massey University video series on security.

See the video on Big issues in security - the changing face of security

Book launch for New Zealand National Security - challenges, trends and issues

11 April 2017

A successful  book launch was held in Wellington at the Wellesley Hotel last night. 'New Zealand's National Security: Challenges, Trends and Issues', has been edited by Dr Wil Hoverd, Dr Carl Bradley and Nick Nelson, all from the Centre for Defence and Security Studies (CDSS). The volume’s contributors include local and international academics alongside experts who have extensive New Zealand security-sector expertise in defence, diplomacy, national security coordination, intelligence, policing, trade security and border management.

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Opinion: Oamariki/Vulnerable Children - what’s in a name?

05 April 2017

What is striking about the new agency Oranga Tamariki/Ministry for Vulnerable Children is the difference in meaning between the Māori and English versions of the name. The Māori name means the well-being of children (implication = ‘all children’); the English name is about vulnerable children.

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Bike ride introduces refugee women to NZ great outdoors

05 April 2017

Learning to ride a bike has never been so much fun, as these refugee women found out with the help of Massey University and other Wellington organisations.  To coincide with International Women’s Day, Senior Lecturer, Dr Negar Partow and Tutor, Nicola Macaulay from the Centre for Defence and Security Studies at the Wellington campus teamed up with group including the non-governmental organisation Change Makers Refugee Forum, to offer the women new to Wellington the opportunity to try a new skill and meet others in a similar situation.

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China Premier’s visit – time for NZ to be assertive?

23 March 2017

Is it time for New Zealand to be bolder and more assertive as an Asia-Pacific regional power and independent trading partner in dealing with China during an era of shifting power balances, military tensions and the US’s “erratic isolationism”?

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Attacks becoming harder to detect, says New Zealand expert

23 March 2017

Unsophisticated terrorists are unpredictable, and make it harder for governments to detect and foil attacks, a New Zealand terror specialist says.

Massey University teaching fellow, John Battersby, speaking after the terror attack in London that killed at least 4 people - which included the offender - and injured dozens, said the problem for intelligence agencies was that the attacker "only does it once, and with technology that is readily available".

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Defence Magazine brings attention to Massey University's 'Year of Security' 

20 March 2017

The Autumn 2017 issue of Line of Defence Magazine brings attention to Massey University's 'Year of Security'. Through its Centre for Defence and Security Studies, the university will be inspiring new thinking on New Zealand's security.

View the articles here:

Massey University's 'Year of Security' 
Q&A: A comprehensive approach to national security and a more assertive New Zealand in regional security 
New challenges require a rethink of security 
REVIEW: Security challenges in a globalised world

Dr William Hoverd on new book on New Zealand national security

15 March 2017

Dr William Hoverd, co-editor of New Zealand National Security: Challenges, Trends and Issues, answers questions about the newly released book.

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10 Questions with Dr Andrew Colarik on the new book on cyber security and policy

3 March 2017

Dr Andrew Colarik answers questions about the newly released book, Cyber Security and Policy: A Substantive Dialogue?

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CDSS visited by staff from University of North Georgia

17 February 2017

Senior members from the Institute for Leadership and Strategic Studies at the University of North Georgia made a visit to the Centre for Defence and Security Studies in Palmerston North. The delegation was led by retired colonel Dr, Billy Wells, who is the Executive Director of the Institute, and included Dr. Chris Jespersen, Dean of the College of Arts and Letters and Professor Bryson Payne, Director of the Centre for Cyber Operations Education.  The CDSS Director and staff discussed with the visiting delegation various collaborative opportunities between the two institutions.  The visit was arranged by the Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs, Tom Ormond who is originally from New Zealand and is a graduate of Massey University.

Visit from delegation from Indonesian Ministry of Defence

08 February 2017

A high level delegation from the Indonesian Ministry of Defence visited CDSS on Wellington Campus.  The purpose of the visit was to exchange perspectives on regional security in the Asia-Pacific.  Director of CDSS Professor Rouben Azizian and other CDSS staff members offered their views on the subject and shared several ideas on defence education cooperation between the two countries.  The Indonesian delegation consisted of Air First Marshal N Pongang Djawato, Director of Strategic Analysis, Lieutenant Colonel Samsul Bahari, Head of West Asia Section, Sub-directorate of Asia Pacific Affairs of the Directorate of Strategic Analysis as well as senior officials from the Indonesian Embassy in Wellington. CDSS staff involved in the round table included Oiroa Kaihau, Dr Marc Lanteigne, and Dr Anna Powles. 

Cyber security and policy book published

07 February 2017

A new book co-edited by Dr Andrew Colarik from the Centre for Defence and Security Studies discusses cyber security and cyber policy in an effort to improve the use and acceptance of security services. It argues that a substantive dialogue around cyberspace, cyber security and cyber policy is critical to a better understanding of the serious security issues we face.

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Disaster, diaspora, distrust in politics – lecture series

03 February 2017

The Our Changing World series is a response to “unprecedented world events that call for a better understanding of the country we live in,” says Distinguished Professor Paul Spoonley, Pro Vice-Chancellor for the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, which is hosting the free public lectures at the Auckland campus in Albany.

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Publication on New Zealand National Security - challenges, trends and issues

02 February 2017

New Zealand faces a range of serious security challenges in a globalised world — are we prepared for them?  Three CDSS academics have published a book which aims to provide New Zealanders with a critical awareness of the various salient security trends, challenges and opportunities to initiate a ‘whole of society’ discussion of security.

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Opening of 7th course for Royal Brunei Armed Forces/Massey University partnership

14 January 2017

The seventh 40-week course at the Royal Brunei Armed Forces Command and Staff College, delivered in partnership with the Centre for Defence and Security Studies at Massey University, was opened on Friday.

The Commander of the Royal Brunei Armed Forces (RBAF) Pehin Datu Pekerma Jaya Major General Dato Paduka Seri Mohd Tawih bin Abdullah yesterday officiated at the opening.  The course aims to broaden the professional and academic knowledge, develop command, analytical and communication skills of mid-level officers to prepare them for higher command and staff appointments.

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