School of Humanities news

Rutherford Discovery Fellowship success
Thursday 4 October 2018
Two Massey University academic researchers have been awarded prestigious Rutherford Discovery Fellowships that will allow them to further their research in different fields of science and innovation.
Know how to ‘ni hao’ - Chinese language in the Pacific
Thursday 20 September 2018
An educational summit at Massey University's Auckland campus will look at issues and innovations in teaching and learning the Chinese language in Pacific countries in schools, universities, workplaces and homes.
Book explores sporting history of NZ
Thursday 6 September 2018
Historian Dr Geoff Watson's new book, Sport and the New Zealanders - A History, explores why so many are compelled to play, watch, read and talk about sport and why it is integral to our national identity.
What can the Ancients teach us about merging and mixing?
Thursday 23 August 2018
Democracy and citizenship are ancient ideas, still evolving in our time. Massey University Classical Studies specialists will share insights on how outsiders were integrated into Ancient Greek and Roman societies and explore parallels and pointers for today's world.
Community partners not ‘degree factories’
Wednesday 15 August 2018
Disruption. Transformation. Innovation. Inclusion. Collaboration. Community. Just some of the buzz words evoking changes afoot in the tertiary education sector - the focus of Professor Chris Gallavin's two-month stint as an Eisenhower Fellow.
Opinion: Free speech or 'no platform'? - a classicist’s plea
Wednesday 15 August 2018
Classical Studies lecturer Dr Jonathan Tracy is "disturbed by the recent push toward censorship - or, in the current euphemism, "no-platforming" - of dissenting viewpoints, both at Massey and in New Zealand and the Western world as a whole."
Top humanities and social sciences talent celebrated
Thursday 5 July 2018
The value of travel, pursuing creative passions and volunteer work alongside academic goals were among the experiences shared by top humanities and social sciences students celebrated at ceremonies across Massey's three campuses in recent weeks.
Children’s book faces shame and pain of Vietnam War
Wednesday 20 June 2018
War historian Professor Glyn Harper has written a number of well-loved children's books about the Anzacs and First and Second World War themes. His new children's book is on the Vietnam War of the 1960s - a conflict less venerated or discussed.
Ambassador’s award for Japanese language student
Tuesday 12 June 2018
Learning another language not only teaches you how to communicate with people of another culture but makes you more tolerant and understanding of cultural differences generally, says Asian languages student Chelsea Higgins.
Disarmament campaigner in social entrepreneur role
Tuesday 22 May 2018
Disarmament activist Thomas Nash been appointed the first Social Entrepreneur-in-Residence for the College of Humanities and Social Sciences at Massey University.

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