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Greek and Roman culture had a profound and lasting influence on language and thought, particularly in philosophy, law, politics, art and architecture. They also created and developed nearly every genre of literature.

Classical studies investigates the way the ancient world reacted to intellectual and physical challenges. Many of today’s issues that were first raised in the classical world remain unresolved. Studying the literature, history, art and society of the ancient world involves examining the important questions that arise from this heritage.


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Classical studies can be taken as a major or a minor in the Bachelor of Arts degree, or in a certificate or diploma programme


201.112 Greek History
201.113 Greek Mythology
201.114 The Roman Republic: Kings, Consuls and Conquest
201.115 Introductory Latin
201.117 Greek and Roman Warfare

201.201 The Pursuit of Happiness in the Classical World
201.211 Love and Sexuality in Ancient Greece
201.212 Intermediate Latin 
201.216 The Trojan War
201.218 Greek and Roman Religion
201.219 Greek Art and Society
201.220 Roman Art and Society
201.230 Ancient Multiculturalism: Egypt, Greece and Rome (NEW)

201.313 Myth and Greek Tragedy
201.314 Imperial Rome
201.316 Leaders and Leadership in the Classical World
201.318 Greek and Roman Religion
201.319 Greek Art and Society
201.320 Roman Art and Society

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