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Both Chinese language and Chinese culture courses are available at Massey. Language study builds skills in oral and written Chinese from beginner to advanced level.

You can also choose from a variety of cultural courses, which examine topics such as Chinese history, society and film. Cultural courses do not require any previous knowledge of the Chinese language.

Chinese language study complements other disciplines relevant to New Zealand's relations with the Chinese-speaking world, such as business, development and social work.


Chinese can be taken as a major or a minor in the Bachelor of Arts degree, or in a certificate or diploma programme


241.101 Chinese 1A
241.102 Chinese 1B
241.103 Chinese Cultural World
241.105 Business Chinese
241.106 Chinese for Heritage Speakers A
241.107 China under Transformation: Economy, Society ad Contacts with Others

241.201 Chinese 2A
241.202 Chinese 2B
241.203 20th Century Chinese Literature and Society
241.206 Chinese for Heritage Speakers B
241.207 Chinese Diaspora
241.208 Contemporary Chinese Society in Literature and Film

241.301 Chinese 3A
241.302 Chinese 3B
241.304 Chinese Grammar
241.305 Translation from and into Chinese
241.306 Readings in Modern Chinese Literature
241.395 Individual Research Project II in Chinese Studies


French is spoken by more than 100 million people in France, Belgium, Switzerland, parts of the South Pacific, Canada and Africa, as well as Latin America. French culture and civilisation have long contributed to our own cultural and linguistic heritage.

Our French programme will enhance your understanding of French civilisation and allow you to communicate effectively in both spoken and written French.


French can be taken as a minor in the Bachelor of Arts degree, or in a certificate or diploma programme


243.101 Introductory French Language I
243.102 Introductory French Language II

243.201 Intermediate French Language I
243.202 Intermediate French Language II

243.301 Advanced French Language
243.304 Contemporary French Popular Culture
243.305 Close Encounters: Connections between France and New Zealand


Studying Japanese language and culture at Massey is just the beginning.

Our Japanese courses will equip you with advanced language skills in spoken and written Japanese, as well as a comprehensive understanding of the cultural background of this complex and powerful society.

Each language course builds upon the previous one. A completed major in Japanese will take you at least to a level equivalent to level two of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (Nihongo Noryoku Shiken).

Entry Guidelines for Japanese language papers.pdf (69 KB)


Japanese can be taken as a major or a minor in the Bachelor of Arts degree, or in a certificate or diploma programme


242.101 Japanese 1A
242.102 Japanese 1B
242.103 Introduction to Japanese Culture

242.201 Japanese 2A
242.202 Japanese 2B
242.203 Japanese Language and Society
242.205 Japanese Cinema

242.301 Japanese 3A
242.302 Japanese 3B
242.304 Reading and Writing about Current Japan
242.305 Readings in Modern Japanese Literature
242.306 Japanese Linguistics
242.307 Japanese-English Translation Techniques
242.390 Individual Research Project in Japanese Studies


Spanish is spoken in more than 20 countries including Spain, Latin America and Africa, and in many parts of the United States. A vibrant and captivating cultural heritage accompanies the language.

By studying Spanish, you will join a growing number of New Zealanders supporting our relationships with Latin American countries and discovering this cultural heritage.


Spanish can be taken as a major or a minor in the Bachelor of Arts degree, or in a certificate or diploma programme

Read about Massey's Spanish programme partnership with the University of New England. UNE Spanish Programme (1,872 KB)


245.101 Introductory Spanish Language I
245.102 Introductory Spanish Language II
245.103 Hispanic Culture and Heritage

245.201 Intermediate Spanish Language I
245.202 Intermediate Spanish Language II
245.203 The Sound of Spanish: Diction, Dialects and Diversity
245.204 Latin American Voices

245.301 Advanced Spanish Language
254.302 Theory and Practice of Translation
245.303 Latin American Rhythms and Politics: From Tango to Rock
245.304 Travellers' Tales: the Invention of Latin America
245.305 Spanish Conversation on Film

245.701 Latin American Cultural Identities  
245.702 Hispanic Postcolonial Representations


Asia Studies Scholarships

Prime Minister's Scholarships for Asia

Chinese Scholarships

Confucius China Studies Program

Japanese Scholarships

Sasakawa Undergraduate Scholarship
Scholarships are worth $1,000 p.a. for up to four years for students enrolled in the first year of a major in Japanese preferably alongside another degree or another major.

Read more information on Scholarships here.

Overseas study and other opportunities

Because our School has an international focus, we encourage students to make the most of opportunities to study overseas. It’s an ideal way to experience another language first hand or immerse yourself in the history and culture of another place.

Student exchanges

Massey University has exchange agreements with around 200 institutions around the world where you can study for a trimester or two. Credits gained count towards your Massey degree.

Read more about the Student Exchange programme

French language assistantships

French language assistant positions are available for New Zealanders in France and in New Caledonia. You will help French students improve their confidence in spoken English with interactive and recreational activities.

Read more

Study in France

There are many opportunities to study at universities in France. Overseas students are warmly welcomed. The programmes are managed by Campus France.

Various grants and scholarships are available to fund your study overseas. For example, eight Hexagone travel grants (2000 Euros) are available for New Zealand students to pursue postgraduate studies at Masters and PhD level in France.

Read more

French summer school

The Université de la Nouvelle-Calédonie offers an opportunity for students to up-skill in French with a three-week summer school in November/December.

Students study French and New Caledonian culture, history, biodiversity and politics. The sports and recreation programme includes visits to local beaches, museums and aquaria, cooking classes and French movie nights. Accommodation and food is included in the fee (around NZ$2900).

Contact France Grenaudier-Klijn for an application form.

Exchange with the University of Toulouse II Le Mirail - NEW

For Massey history/humanities students who have done French language at school or university, and would like more opportunity to use their French language, there is an exciting possibility to do an exchange with the History programme of the University of Toulouse II Le Mirail.

Read more here.

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