In philosophy we ask questions and challenge assumptions: everything is open to challenge. Philosophy develops thinking strategies to achieve greater clarity and consistency in our thinking. It emphasises the reasons for ideas.

You will learn how to engage constructively in debate, to think in new ways and how to understand what you read rather than just remember it.


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Philosophy can be taken as a major or a minor in the Bachelor of Arts degree, or in a certificate or diploma programme


134.101 Knowledge and Reality
134.102 Great Western Philosophy
134.104 Practical Ethics
134.105 Philosophy of Religion: God, Freedom and Evil
134.106 Justice and Equality

134.201 Philosophy of Mind
134.203 Ethics
134.204 Aesthetics
134.205 Logic
134.207 International Justice*
134.208 Philosophy of Science*
134.215 Asian Philosophies*
134.216 Modern Philosophy*
134.218 Environmental Philosophy
134.220 Business and Professional Ethics
134.221 East Asian Philosophy*

134.302 Metaphysics
134.303 Ethics*
134.305 Meta-ethics*
134.308 Philosophy of Science
134.309 Ancient Philosophy
134.310 Philosophy of Literature*
134.312 Epistemology: Seeing and Knowing*
134.317 Recent and Contemporary Philosophy
134.318 Environmental Philosophy*
134.320 Business and Professional Ethics*
134.321 Indian Philosophy

700- to 900-level
134.703 Ethics of War and Peace*
134.710 Philosophical Research
134.740 Advanced Study of Philosophical Topics
134.750 Advanced Study of Philosophical Texts*
134.760 Advanced Philosophical Inquiry
134.798 Research Report
134.799 Research Report
134.816 Thesis (Part I)
134.817 Thesis (Part II)
134.899 MA Thesis Philosophy
134.900 PhD Philosophy

* Not offered in 2018

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