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History is a subject as large as our recorded past. Our cultural heritages, literatures, arts, religions, politics, economics, social behaviours, buildings and landscapes all derive from past influences.

The breadth of courses offered allows you to explore your own particular interests, such as the history of New Zealand and the Pacific, Britain and Europe, pre-industrial societies, colonisation, social and political history or contemporary history.


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History can be taken as a major or a minor in the Bachelor of Arts degree, or in a certificate or diploma programme


148.105 The World Since 1900
148.111 A History of the World
148.113 Early Medieval England
148.114 Making New Zealand: A Survey to 1914
148.116 Medieval Europe
148.120 Blockbuster and Biopics: History at the Movies
148.121 Early Christianity:  Jewish Origins to Imperial Religion

148.204 The New Zealand Land Wars
148.205 New Zealand Politics Since 1890
148.208 Revolutionary Europe 1750-1850
148.212 The Crusades
148.213 Modern United States History
148.216 The Tudors and the English Reformation
148.217 Victoria's World
148.218 The Vikings
148.220 The Second World War
148.221 The Black Death and Other Plagues 1300-1700
148.222 Popular Culture in Medieval Europe
148.251 A Military History of the First World War

148.301 English Radicalism
148.313 The French Revolution
148.316 New Zealand Between the Wars
148.317 New Zealand Religious History
148.324 Late Medieval England
148.329 Fascism
148.331 Germany's Long Century, 1871-1991
148.332 The Politics of Protest
148.333 The Napoleonic Wars
148.334 Sports History
148.335 The Great War and its Legacy
148.336 Urbanisation in the British Empire
148.337 Maori Responses to Colonisation
148.339 Court Culture in Late Medieval Europe

700 to 900-level
148.720 Advanced Historiography
148.730 Advanced Historical Methodology
148.799 Research Report (60)
148.816 Thesis (Part I)
148.817 Thesis (Part II)
148.899 MA Thesis History
148.900 PhD History

Student exchanges

Exchange with the University of Toulouse II Le Mirail - NEW

For Massey history/humanities students who have done French language at school or university, and would like more opportunity to use their French language, there is an exciting possibility to do an exchange with the History programme of the University of Toulouse II Le Mirail.

Read more here.

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