Staff research interests

Psychology lecturer

Staff research interests are wide-ranging and provide many areas for potential research supervision. You can search for staff or research expertise using the Massey expertise search.

Auckland campus
Manawatū campus
Wellington campus

Head of School

Ross Flett, BSc, PGDipSci, PhD Otago
Health behaviour (exercise, diet, alcohol consumption, drug use); Bicultural psychology; Professional competencies; Positive psychology.

Auckland campus


Pereme Porter, Ngapuhi


Stuart C. Carr, BSc (Hons), PhD (Stirling), MNZPsS, RPsych
The Organisational Psychology of Poverty Reduction. This includes for example Job Specification for Capacity Development work; selection of local and expatriate employees for community development and aid project work; the interaction of socio-cultural and socio-economic (pay) diversity during international assignments; and competency flow as a mediator between migration and development.

Kerry Chamberlain, MA Cant.
Critical health psychology, social psychology, critical psychology, health in everyday life, psychological wellbeing, qualitative methodologies.

Professor James Liu, PhD (UCLA)

Social Representations Theory, especially Social Representations of History; Cross-cultural Psychology; Indigenous Psychology, particularly Chinese indigenous psychology and its interconnectness to other high-power distance, collectivist societies; Digital Influence (how mass media consumption influences attitudes, values, political ideology, and behaviour, and vice versa); Globalization; Prejudice and Intergroup Relations.

Associate Professor

Paul Merrick, BA, PGDipArts, PhD, DipClinPsych Otago, MNZCCPsych
Clinical Psychology; Cognitive behaviour therapy; Neuropsychology; Psychogerontology.

Senior Lecturers

Richard Fletcher, BA(Hons) Exeter; MSc Alberta; PhD N.Carolina
Psychometrics and sport psychology issues such as motivation, goal setting, social physique anxiety, self-presentational issues, physical self-concept, group dynamics and self-efficacy. Specifically, my research focuses on the application of various measurement models and statistical methods to these areas.

Beverly Haarhoff, MSocSc(ClinPsych) Natal, PhD Massey, MNZCCPsych
The evaluation of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy training programmes. Components of training such as case conceptualisation and the role of self-practice and self-reflection are a particular focus.

Angela McNaught, BA Otago, PhD, PGDipClinPsych Massey, MNZCCPsych
Death and dying; death anxiety; depression and anxiety disorders; Cognitive Behaviour Therapy; CBT for medically unexplained symptoms; CBT for chronic medical conditions; psychological assessment and consequences of bariatric surgery for obesity.

Mei Wah Williams, MA (Hons), DipClinPsych, PhD Massey, DipTchg, MNZPsS, MICP
Research interest in criminal psychology with particular emphasis on theories of crime, outcome evaluation of offender treatment programmes such as sexual offending against women and children, violence and assault, and relapse prevention, and most areas of criminal justice research. Clinical interests are also in pain assessment and treatment, neuropsychological assessments, and treatment of adult mental health problems.

Senior Professional Clinicians

Siautu Alefaio, MA Auck, PGDipEdPsych Massey, New Zealand born, Samoa descent.
Cultural-historical psychology; Pasifikology; Pasifika peoples and psychology; Pacific offending and rehabilitation; Psychological practice and Cultural supervision.

Anita Bellamy, MA, PGDipClinPsych Auck, MNZCCPsych
Clinical psychology; Assessment and therapy for anxiety disorders; Cognitive Therapy.

Robyn Vertongen, MA, DipClinPsych, PGDipCogBehTher Massey, MNZPsS


Heather Buttle, BSc(Hons), PhD Wales
Visual perception and cognition, including, familiarity; attentional blink; change blindness; repetition blindness; face recognition; semantic categorization, and consumer psychology.  Interests include emotion processing, cognition and mindfulness/meditation, and Buddhist psychology.

Veronica Hopner, MA, PGDipArts Massey
Defence and strategic Studies; Health Psychology; Critical Psychology; Military Psychology Coping and Psychological well-being.

Research Officers

Helen Madden, MA Massey

Centre of Psychology

Director and Senior Lecturer

Clifford van Ommen, BSc Wits, MA(Clinical Psychology) RAU, DLitt et Phil UNISA, SACNA, ISTP
My research and supervision interests include, broadly speaking, Critical Neuroscience and Critical Psychology. More specifically, I am currently focussing on the identity processes and sense making of and about South African migrants in New Zealand, a critical historical analysis of Psychology in New Zealand, and the intersection between music and subjectivity. I would also be interested in supervising projects focussing on various refugee issues and, within neuropsychology, the issue of concussion. Methodologically, I am always interested in supervising keen students interested in critical qualitative methods.

Senior Clinical Psychologist

Natasha de Faria, MA, PGDipClinPsych

Manawatu campus


Turoa Haronga, BA, PGDipArts, MANZASW, MSW (Applied) Massey. Ngati Kahungunu-Ki Heretaunga


Fiona Alpass, MA, PhD Massey
Industrial/Organisational topics related to ageing and retirement; and health related topics with an emphasis on the older adult.

Mandy Morgan, BA, DipEd Curtin, BA(Hons), PhD Murdoch, DipEd Curtin
Critical and feminist psychology; postmodernism; poststructuralist theories; narrative; critical discourse analysis. Domestic violence interventions and services.

Christine Stephens, MA, DipSocSci (Distinction), PhD Massey, DipTchg
Health psychology; women's health psychology; work-related health; critical social psychology.

Associate Professors

Ross Flett, BSc, PGDipSci, PhD Otago
Health behaviour (exercise, diet, alcohol consumption, drug use); Bicultural psychology; Professional competencies; Positive psychology.

Senior Lecturers

Leigh Coombes, BEd, DipTchg, MA, PhD Massey
Critical psychology with a focus on issues related to violence against women, including intimate partner violence, and violence by women, including infanticide, with special attention to the historical, social and cultural conditions of gender and the effects of colonisation on particular communities; lived experiences of psychological wellbeing and the evaluation of interventions and their social and cultural effects; understanding the epistemological relationships between language, power and social justice, especially local issues of relevance for marginalised groups, disorder in communities, and interpersonal violence.

Dianne Gardner, BA(Hons) Adelaide, MPsychol(Applied) UNSW, PhD AGSM
I am interested in a range of topics related to industrial/organisational psychology, especially wellbeing at work. This can include the positive and negative outcomes of work demands, work-life balance, coping, resilience/ cognitive hardiness, generational differences at work, the role of optimism, self-esteem and social support in work-related wellbeing, emotional intelligence, learning from errors, and the effective management of hazards at work. My overall approach is that of positive psychology: the focus on human strengths and resources in the workplace.

Gus Habermann, MSc, MEd, DrUniv E.L.T.E., CSc H.Ac.Sc.
Cognitive psychology; psychology of language and communication. Psychometrics; testing, and assessment of individual differences.

Jocelyn Handy, BSc(Hons), MSc Birm. , PhD Lanc
Qualitative research in organisations; women and work (currently work/family issues and sexual harassment); health service organisations; occupational stress; psychological effects of shiftwork.

Stephen Hill, MA, PhD Cant, DipTchg
Embodied cognitive science, mental representation, relationship between language and thought, imagery, working memory, attention, cognitive development, cognitive neuroscience, evolution of cognition, philosophy of mind, philosophy of science, research methodology.

Joanne Taylor, MA, PhD, DipClinPsych Massey, MNZPsS, MICP
Clinical psychology, with a particular interest in anxiety disorders (e.g., driving phobia).

Senior Professional Clinicians

Barbara Kennedy, BA Qld.,DipEd(Inf/Prim) Arm, B.Psych(Hons), GCE, PhD JCU, MAPS, MNZPsS
Teaching and learning in higher education and professional practice; Supervision; Professional Ethics; Applied psychology (individual and organisational); Coaching, Process Facilitation; Soft Systems Methodology.


Natasha Tassell-Matamua, BA, MA, PhD Massey
Near-death experiences (NDEs), consciousness, mindfulness, cultural psychology, indigenous ethics, Maori health and well-being, humanitarian workers.

Junior Research Officer

Vicki Beagley, BA, MA

Massey University Psychology Clinic, Palmerston North


Shane Harvey, MSocSci, PGDipClinPsych, PhD Waik., MNZPsS
Emotional environments and the impact these environments have on emotional development, client recovery, and/or treatment outcome; Emotion regulation; Emotional intelligence; Mapping and model development; Treatment outcome research.

Senior Clinical Psychologists

Don Baken, BSc(Hons), PhD, PGDipClinPsych Massey, MNZPsS

Maria Berrett, MA, PGDipClinPsych, MNZPsS, MICP

Lisa Cherrington, MA, DipClinPsych Massey, MNZPsS

Lizzy Kent, MA, PGDipClinPsych Massey, MNZPsS, MICP

Kirsty Ross, BA(Hons), PhD, PGDipClinPsych Massey, MNZPsS

Clinical Psychologists

Sarah Malthus, BA, MA, PGDipClinPsych Massey

Renee Seebeck, BA(Hons) Sussex, MA, PGDipClinPsych Massey, MNZPsS, MICP

Wellington campus


Turoa Haronga, BA, PGDipArts, MANZASW, MSW (Applied) Massey. Ngati Kahungunu-Ki Heretaunga


Ian M Evans, BA, BA(Hons) Witw., PhD Lond. FRSNZ, FAPA, FAPS, FNZPsS
Clinical psychology, especially the theory and practice of behaviour therapy; principles of behavioural assessment; people with intellectual disabilities and challenging behaviour; children's emotional development and pro-social behaviour; effective care giving and the roles of staff in positive behavioural support for people with significant mental health needs.

Janet Leathem, BA Massey, BA(Hons), MA, PhD Well., MNZCCPsych
Human neuropsychology particularly head injury; assessment and therapy in clinical psychology; behavioural medicine.

Antonia Lyons, BA(Hons), PhD Massey
Social Psychology, Health Psychology, gender and health; drinking, alcohol and identity; theorising embodiment and physiology; media representations of health and illness.

Associate Professor

Keith Tuffin, MA, DipSocSci, PhD Massey, DipTchg
Social psychology; social constructionism, discursive psychology and critical social psychology, and the language of racism.

Senior Lecturers

John Fitzgerald, MA Keele, MSc B’ham, PhD Waikato, FNZPsS MICP MNZCCP
Non-suicidal self-injury, suicide risk and suicidal behaviour; monitoring change and measuring clinical outcomes; mental health and visual impairment; clinical psychology in primary healthcare settings; professional practice and ethics; various topics associated with Evidence Based Practice.

Linda Jones, BA(SocSci) Massey, BA(Hons), MA Victoria, PhD Massey, DipTchg Well., MNZPsS, MRSNZ
Occupational health psychology and environmental influences on well-being, including health interventions that involve manipulating the environment rather than the person. Psychomotor skill and tremor assessment in occupational settings. Current projects include “The emotional life of the dentist”, an occupational stress study; “Dental Jungle”, a children's dental anxiety and coping intervention project; and “Mercury Matters”, a scoping study for people occupationally exposed to mercury.

Ruth Tarrant, BA(Hons), MA Victoria, PhD Massey, DipTchg, ATCL
Psychosocial aspects of disasters and adverse events (e.g., community and school education programmes, preparedness, coping, recovery); schools coping in disasters and adverse events; anxiety management.

Ian de Terte, BBS, BA, PhD Massey, MSc, PGDipClinPsych, CertCJP Cant., MNZCCP
Psychological resilience, posttraumatic growth; PTSD, traumatic stress, high-risk populations; and intellectual disability.              

Wellington Psychology Clinic


Ruth Gammon, BA(Psych), MSW, PhD Calif. MNZCCPsych, MNZPsS
Family therapy training, creating effective learning environments for schools (teachers and students, behavioural interventions for youth, child abuse treatment, juvenile corrections.

Joint Centre for Disaster Research


David Johnston, BSc MSc (Hons) Canterbury PhD Massey. MInstD
Social and economic impacts of disasters, warning systems, hazards education design and evaluation, improved individual and community preparedness and community recovery.

Associate Director

Bruce Glavovic, BSc, Agric Natal, MSc Cape Town, MP, PhD Virginia, MNZPI
Building sustainable hazard-resilient communities, coastal hazards, collaborative planning and hazards, hazards and poverty-environment linkages, adapting to climate change.

Research Associates

Sarbjit Johal, BSc, PhD Wales, D.Clin.Psy, C.Psychol., UCL MRSNZ AFBPsS
Disaster mental health, psychosocial recovery.

Ruth Tarrant, BA(Hons), MA Well,  PhD Massey, DipTchg, ATCL
Psychosocial aspects of disasters and adverse events (e.g., community and school education programmes, preparedness, coping, recovery); schools coping in disasters and adverse events; anxiety management.

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